The Jeffersons - Season 11

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Red Robins
    Red Robins
    Episode 24
    George is eyeing to win the Dry Cleaner of the Year award but finds he's short on the community service portion. This leads him to take over as "nest mother" of Jessica's Red Robin troop where he gives the girls irresponsible tips on how to sell candy.
  • Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway
    Louise and Helen need quick cash to save their Disabled Youth Services program down at the Help Center. To raise money, they decide to put on a talent show, while George thinks it'll be a great way to promote his business.
  • The Odd Couple
    The Odd Couple
    Episode 22
    Florence is tired of being alone and decides to place an ad in a personals column. However, the one response she gets is from someone who you would least expect, Mr. Bentley.
  • The Truth Hurts
    The Truth Hurts
    Episode 21
    Louise is all excited about the completion of her painting in art class. However, everyone who views her painting lies about how they really feel about it, leading Louise to believe she has created a masterpiece and she later decides to put on an art show.
  • And Up We Go
    And Up We Go
    Episode 20
    When Louise and Helen go to a spa for the weekend, they leave behind two bored husbands. To pass the time, George and Tom decide to break a record and the record they choose is how many times they can go up and down on the elevator.
  • State of Mind
    State of Mind
    Episode 19

    Louise is up in arms over the new "young" tenant whose just moved into 12C. The young woman's constant partying prompts Louise to call a tenants meeting but ends with Louise discovering a little bit about age when the tenants accuse her of being an "old" fuddy-duddy.

  • That Blasted Cunningham
    George is in yet another advertising war with Cunningham Cleaners and each has vowed to out promote one another. However, the festivities go too far leading to Cunningham's death and leaving George to deal with his vengeful widow.
  • A Secret in the Back Room
    George and Louise's anniversary party comes to a screeching halt when they learn that Charlie, the bartender, has a drinking problem, which caused his separation from his wife.
  • Hail to the Chief
    Hail to the Chief
    Episode 16
    Tom is up for a promotion to president of Pelham Publishing and he's disappointed when it looks as if he's not going to get it. However, when he does get promoted, he finds the responsibility too overwhelming and considers resigning.
  • The Gang's All Here
    The Gang's All Here
    Episode 15
    When Charlie goes out of town for the weekend, Louise agrees to be the bartender for a party he had previously booked. However, Louise quickly finds herself in over her head when the party is for a reunion of a biker gang.
  • Last Dance
    Last Dance
    Episode 14
    George's assistant, Clark doesn't have a date for the prom and Florence agrees to go with him. However, once there Florence runs into the man whom she wanted to go to her prom with but he never asked her.
  • Sayonara (2)
    Sayonara (2)
    Episode 13

    After hearing the news of the divorce, George and Louise get into a big fight with Tom and Helen and the fight continues all the way through Family Night at Jessica's school. The constant bickering leads Jessica to run out of the school and onto the streets of New York.

  • Sayonara (1)
    Sayonara (1)
    Episode 24

    Lionel and Jenny return to New York after a trip to Japan and they have a very important announcement. This leads Louise, George, Tom and Helen to assume that Jenny is pregnant. However, no one is prepared for their real announcement. They've decided to get a divorce.

  • Chairman of the Bored
    When George, Louise and Helen are busy for an evening, an ignored Tom gets all the attention he could want from the sister of Mr. Bentley's girlfriend. This leads Tom to daydream what it would be like to get all the attention all the time from five Playboy Playmates.
  • The Unnatural
    The Unnatural
    Episode 10
    George undergoes constant insults and humiliation after dropping Reggie Jackson's home run hit at a baseball game. This leads Louise to make attempts to boost his floundering self-esteem.
  • You'll Never Get Rich
    Needing some quick cash to fly to a family get together, Florence accompanies George and Louise to Atlantic City where Florence is struck by gambling fever. Meanwhile, Louise is determined to see some celebrities. Unknown to her she is running in to them everywhere she turns.
  • Try a Little Tenderness
    After catching vandals trying to break into his store, George and Louise stake it out and are surprised when two young kids break in. George wants to call the police but Louise bets George that if she can't turn them around, he won't have to give her $2,000 to save the Help Center's children's counseling program.moreless
  • They Don't Make Preachers Like Him Anymore
    Florence is all excited since she and her church choir are going to Ohio for a competition. However, Florence loses her faith in God when the Reverend steals the money they needed to enter the competition.
  • The Gift
    The Gift
    Episode 6
    Louise is all excited that for once George has remembered her birthday after she sees him sneaking around with party favors. However, George, who overhears Helen and Louise, realizes that he has forgotten her birthday and scrambles to buy her a gift before it's too late.
  • Some Enchanted Evening
    George, Louise, Tom and Helen go out to a big charity ball where Florence's favorite soap star is scheduled to make an appearance. However, Florence is left behind because tickets for the event where sold out. This leads Florence to daydream a "Cinderella" story of ending up with a prince charming.moreless
  • A House Divided
    A House Divided
    Episode 4
    Louise is running for tenant council president and is sure she's going to win, that is until she discovers someone is running against her, George.
  • Bobbles, Bangles and Booboos
    Louise and Florence have the perfect plan to get the best of George. They've got the hidden video show, Boobles, Bangles and Booboos coming over on the pretense of an interview for George. However, Louise and George begin to doubt the validity of them when the apartment is robbed.
  • Ebony and Ivory
    Ebony and Ivory
    Episode 2
    The snobby socialite that beat Louise out of a Volunteer of the Year award is back and brags about how her grandson is going to win a piano recital. This leads Louise to enter her granddaughter, Jessica in the recital with the intent of beating the snobby competition.
  • Blood and Money
    Blood and Money
    Episode 1
    The Help Center is having a blood drive and Louise tries to get George to give some. However, a leery George pays Ralph to give blood in his name. But when, the blood saves the life of Mrs. Whittendale, her husband decides to pay George back for his good deed and of course Ralph wants in on the "payback."moreless
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