The Jeffersons - Season 3

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Louise's Physical
    Louise's Physical
    Episode 24
    George, Tom, Helen, Harry and Florence are all sneaking around to set up a surprise birthday party for Louise. However, Louise is not exactly in a party mood after she comes back from a checkup at the doctor's office. It seems the doctor has told her that she will probably live to be 100 and this gets Louise thinking about she has nothing fulfilling in her life.moreless
  • George the Philanthropist
    George is in the running for a prestigious award and is out to beat a fierce competitor by pledging more to a charity than his competitors. He pledges his money to open up a youth center in Harlem, however, when he learns he lost, he plans to withdraw his pledge.
  • Jenny's Opportunity
    Jenny's Opportunity
    Episode 22
    Jenny has just won a scholarship to study for the summer at Oxford in England and she is hesitant to accept the offer. Lionel thinks it would be a great experience for Jenny, that is until he learns his company won't transfer him there. When Lionel, voices his opinions, a brawl ensues with Louise, Helen and Jenny versus George, Lionel and Tom, the men wanting Jenny to stay put and the women wanting Jenny to able to decide for herself.moreless
  • The Old Flame
    The Old Flame
    Episode 21
    Mother Jefferson invites a secret guest over for dinner and Louise and George are curious. When George learns that the guest is his old girlfriend, Harriet Johnson, he goes all out getting ready, to Louise's dismay. However, George quickly learns Harriet has her own secret agenda, and quickly puts her plan into action, by making the moves on George, when Louise steps out to help Mr. Bentley.moreless
  • Louise's Friend
    Louise's Friend
    Episode 20
    Louise is taking French lessons and makes a friend with one of her classmates. However, when George discovers that her friend is a man, he is furious and can't believe that a woman can be just good friends with a man. This leads to yet another argument which leaves George sleeping on the couch.moreless
  • The Marriage Counselors
    After learning that Tom and Helen are taking a course on how to improve their marriage, and seeing their results, Louise tries to get George to take the course with her. However, George refuses to consider the possibility that their marriage could use improvement.
  • Louise vs. Jenny
    Louise vs. Jenny
    Episode 18
    Lionel falls ill while visiting his parents and Louise goes all out to take care of him. When Jenny comes over, she wants to take care of her sick husband which leads to a battle between who gets to take care of him, Lionel's mother or Lionel's wife.
  • A Case of Black and White
    George's latest business deal is with a black man married to a white woman, so when he invites them over for dinner, he also has Tom and Helen come over, to make it look like he doesn't have racial prejudices. However, when Tom and Helen discover his plot, they storm out before the guests have arrived. This leads to George having Florence and Ralph impersonate Tom and Helen.moreless
  • George's Guilt
    George's Guilt
    Episode 16
    George feels guilty for not staying in touch with the members of a childhood gang, after the death of one of the members. This leads George to hold a reunion at the apartment which also leads to a confrontation with the leader, JoJo, who has always dished out the orders and George has always willingly obeyed him, no matter what. Meanwhile, Florence fends off the advances of one of George's ex-gang members.moreless
  • Jefferson Airplane
    Jefferson Airplane
    Episode 15
    Louise is fed up with George's workaholic attitude and urges him to get a hobby. However, the hobby he chooses has her worried sick, he's decided to take up flying. George goes right down to a small aircraft airport to learn how to, but he doesn't even make it onto a plane after he has second thoughts. Louise, however, has a change of heart and decides that she too would like to learn how to fly.moreless
  • Bentley's Problem
    Bentley's Problem
    Episode 14
    Harry is having problems with the person who parks his car next to him in the garage. Seeking advice, Harry goes to George. However, George's advice lands Harry in jail, after he punches out a police officer. Meanwhile, Louise is looking forward to a trip to San Francisco where George is scheduled to speak at a convention, but the Bentley debacle may stand in the way of them actually going.moreless
  • Louise Forgets
    Louise Forgets
    Episode 13
    Louise is reading a book to try to help her to remember things, but the one thing George doesn't want her to forget, she does. She forgets to call his broker to invest some money, after he gets a stock tip. Then she must tell him that she forgot when the stock goes sky high. Meanwhile, Florence takes a Judo class.moreless
  • The Christmas Wedding
    Everyone is in the Christmas spirit that is except Tom and George. Christmas Eve brings disharmony to the Jefferson household when George argues with Tom over the preparations for Lionel and Jenny's wedding. A group of carolers lead by a minister gives Louise a great idea to stop the feud between George and Tom.moreless
  • Florence in Love
    Florence in Love
    Episode 11
    One early morning, Louise and George are startled to discover a man in the kitchen, it isn't until after George threatens to beat him with a trophy, that he learns that Florence let him spend the night. This leads to a major argument resulting in Florence quitting her job.
  • The Agreement
    The Agreement
    Episode 10
    George interferes in Lionel and Jenny's relationship by suggesting to Lionel that he have Jenny sign a pre-nuptial agreement. This leads Jenny and Lionel to get into an argument which ends in them calling off the wedding. Meanwhile, Louise makes a bet with George that Lionel will be furious by his suggestion, but George tries to hide Lionel's reaction from Louise.moreless
  • Jenny's Discovery
    Jenny's Discovery
    Episode 9
    Jenny comes down with a case of premarital jitters and begins to doubt her feelings for Lionel. Meanwhile, Mr. Bentley has tickets for a football game but cannot use them, so he gives them to Tom who invites Lionel and George to the game. Later, Jenny's feelings are put to the test when George, Tom, and Lionel all appear to have been in a bus crash on their way to the football game.moreless
  • Tom the Hero
    Tom the Hero
    Episode 8
    George becomes indebted to Tom after he gives George the Heimlich Maneuver at Charlie's bar, when George begins to choke on some popcorn. However, George quickly finds a way to end the debt after everyone makes a fuss over Tom's good deed.
  • Lionel's Pad
    Lionel's Pad
    Episode 7
    Lionel breaks the news that he is planning on getting is own apartment in the village and plans to move out of George and Louise's apartment. Both George and Louise don't want him to go but when they find out that Jenny is planning on moving in with him, they don't want him to go even more.moreless
  • The Retirement Party
    George is ready to sell out to a big corporation after a company makes him a lucrative offer. This would make him a vice president however, after reading over a booklet on the rules and regulations, George discovers that this would also mean some of his best workers will be forced into retirement.moreless
  • George's Diploma
    George's Diploma
    Episode 5
    Lionel's company prints out a pamphlet welcoming all the new workers and the blurb under Lionel's name includes a section stating that George graduated from Harvard. Thinking that Lionel is ashamed of him not finishing high school, George sets out to get a diploma. Meanwhile, George does battle with Florence in a betting war.moreless
  • The Lie Detector
    The Lie Detector
    Episode 4
    Lionel is ecstatic about his first day at his new job and Louise and George are just as excited. However, when he is forced to take a lie detector test to verify everything in his portfolio, he promptly quits. Meanwhile, Louise and George plan for a family portrait to be taken but when Lionel comes home with the news, the photo session is quickly put on hold and an argument happens in its place.moreless
  • Louise Suspects
    Episode 3
    George is sneaking around trying to hide the fact that he's opening another store. He goes so far as to convince Louise he's having an affair after she discovers a love letter she thinks is to him from a woman named Adele. However, Adele is really Bentley's girlfriend, and Adele wrote the letter to Bentley.moreless
  • Louise Gets Her Way
    Florence breaks down and tells Louise that she's losing her apartment due to the fact that the building is going to be torn down. This leads Louise to offer Florence a live-in maid position at the Jeffersons. Now the only problem is to get George to allow her to accept the job.moreless
  • George and the President
    George's rival in the dry cleaning business, Cunningham, is running a campaign and is using a Bicentennial celebration theme. This prompts George to come up with his own campaign with the help of an advertising man and decides to dress up as Thomas Jefferson to lure in new customers.