The Jeffersons - Season 4

CBS (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • The Grand Opening (1)

    George is getting ready for a party to celebrate the opening of his new office. However, while George is in Charlie's bar, two men overhear George brag about his wealth and decide to make a move on his apartment. Later, a phone call puts a damper on the office party with news that Louise has been kidnapped for ransom.

  • The Grand Opening (2)

    George hurries to cough up the ransom money that is being demanded for Louise's safe return. However, both George and the kidnappers quickly learn that they have the wrong person, when Louise returns to the apartment. It seems that kidnappers have accidentally kidnapped Florence and now Florence is left wondering if George indeed will pay to get her back.

  • Once a Friend
    Once a Friend
    Episode 3
    George is excited when he learns that an old Navy pal is in town and wants him to stop by at his hotel for a visit. However his old pal, Eddie, has a big surprise for George, his name is now Edie and he has undergone a sex change operation. Meanwhile, confusion with Eddie's name leads Louise to believe that George is having an affair with a woman named Edie.moreless
  • George's Help
    George's Help
    Episode 4
    Helping out at the Help Center, puts Louise in the middle of new program which gives street kids jobs with businesses. This leads to a street kid getting a job at one of George's stores and soon George discovers an expensive suede jacket is missing.
  • George's Legacy
    George's Legacy
    Episode 5
    George becomes obsessed with the idea that he's going to die and nothing will be left to remember his name. George insists on being immortalized and comes up with ways on how to go about doing it. He finally decides on having a bust made of himself. However, his family and friends find the bust to be a hilarious joke.moreless
  • Good News, Bad News
    Louise is eyeing a job opening down at the Help Center, which would make her editor of the Help Center newsletter. However, when her supervisor discovers how much experience Helen has, she is hired leaving a jealous Louise on the sideline. This is the perfect opportunity for George, who uses Louise's anger toward Helen to turn her against her.moreless
  • The Visitors
    The Visitors
    Episode 7
    One evening, after Florence wipes the floor with George at poker, two unexpected house guests arrive at the Jefferson's door in the form of Florence's parents who have come for a visit. Their constant bickering keeps George, Louise and Florence up all night and proves to be a burden on the Jefferson household. It seems Florence's parents are planning to get a divorce, something that she isn't quite ready to accept.moreless
  • The Camp-Out
    The Camp-Out
    Episode 8
    To avoid a weekend visit from his mother, George leaves Louise to deal with her when he decides to take an unexpected camping trip with Marcus. However, Louise just may have the last laugh, when Mother Jefferson cancels her plans and Louise and Helen unexpectedly land Stevie Wonder tickets. Meanwhile, George and Marcus learn to rough it in the great outdoors.moreless
  • The Last Leaf
    The Last Leaf
    Episode 9
    When Louise loses her lucky wedding corsage, she becomes convinced that her marriage is over. This leads George to bend over backwards to prove that their marriage is far from over.
  • Louise's New Interest
    Louise's latest interest is working at a museum where she has been working side by side with an attractive single archeologist. She gets invited to go on an archeological dig and discovers that it will be a trip with just him and her. Helen becomes worried when Louise doesn't tell George this fact and pleads with her to reconsider this trip fearing it may hurt her marriage.moreless
  • The Costume Party
    The Costume Party
    Episode 11
    Louise and George are invited to a costume ball being put on by an organization that promotes inter-racial peace as well as inter-racial marriages. When George learns this, he is set against attending but then he gets an idea that would drum up work for his dry cleaning business.
  • Florence Gets Lucky
    Florence Gets Lucky
    Episode 12
    George is once again after a big business deal. However, when negotiations don't seem to be going his way, he gets Florence to constantly insult him because the only thing the man he's doing business with enjoys is Florence's sharp tongue.
  • George Needs Help
    George Needs Help
    Episode 13
    Louise is fed up with George's constant working which leaves little time to spend with her. This leads her to try to get George to hire a general manager, something he's set against. So when, he puts an ad in the newspaper, advertsing for the job, and gets a ton of applicants, he becomes extremely choosy, which drives Louise right up the wall.moreless
  • The Jefferson Curve
    The Jefferson Curve
    Episode 14
    Marcus takes a lesson from George and throws a pretty girl the Jefferson curve, which is to bend the truth to get what you want and Marcus tells the girl that he's Lionel. This eventually leads George and Louise to believe that Lionel is having an affair.
  • 984 W. 124th Street, Apt. 5C
    It's the Christmas season and the 1st wedding anniversary of Lionel and Jenny. However, George is sneaking around sending gifts to a mysterious address in Harlem. This leads Louise to follow him and she is shocked at what she discovers.
  • George and Wittendale
    George and Louise discover that the landlord, Mr. Whittendale, may not be renewing their lease. This prompts George and Louise to invite Whittendale over to discuss this matter. However, just before he comes over, Harry drops his ant farm in the middle of the Jefferson's living room.
  • Lionel Gets the Business
    George is ecstatic when Lionel joins the family business, however ecstatic is not the word to describe George when Lionel begins making major changes and even puts into effect a half price sale, a change that could put George out of business.
  • The Blackout
    The Blackout
    Episode 18

    While George and Louise are trying to rearrange the living room furniture, a blackout sweeps over the city. This prompts George to rush down to one of his stores when he hears about looting in the neighborhood. Once their, George and Marcus try to save some of the clothes from the looters but are arrested by mistake, landing them in jail.

  • Florence's Union
    Florence's Union
    Episode 19
    Florence is named the head of the maids union in the building and wants to hold a meeting in the Jefferson's apartment. George is all for it until he discovers, H.L. Whittendale is set against it. So this prompts Louise and Florence to get George out of the apartment for the evening so the meeting can be held.moreless
  • George and Jimmy
    George and Jimmy
    Episode 20
    After learning that Jimmy Carter stays at "ordinary" people's homes while on trips, George intends to invite him to stay at the Jefferson's abode. However, Secret Service agents show up at the Jefferson's door after George makes a phone call to the White House which sounds threatening to Jimmy Carter.
  • Thomas H. Willis & Co.
    Helen is all excited for Tom when he plans on starting his own publishing firm. However, her happiness turns to anger when she gets into a fight with George and then later finds out Tom is going to get George to co-sign a loan. Meanwhile, Louise accidentally drops her wedding ring down the sink and George tries to retrieve it.moreless
  • Uncle George and Aunt Louise
    George and Louise's have a houseguest, George's nephew, Raymond. Raymond is staying with them for six weeks and proves to be a handful. When George's attempts to entertain the tyke fail, George takes him horseback riding, but when that fails, Raymond runs away.
  • George and Louise in a Bind (1)

    Louise and George have yet another one of their infamous fights which leads to Louise storming off to the Willis'. Soon after she leaves, a burglar holds George hostage and ties him up. Louise also gets tied up when she returns. This leads to George and Louise reminiscing about their lives and the time they've spent together.

  • George and Louise in a Bind (2)

    As the burglar loots the apartment, Louise and George sit in the kitchen tied up. They continue to reminisce about their lives (via flashbacks). Memories include, Louise putting up with Mother Jefferson and their lives when they lived across the street from Archie Bunker.

  • George and Louise in a Bind (3)

    Memories continue as Louise and George are being held hostage. Later, the burglar finally leaves and Florence arrives home to discover what happened. The excursion proves to have brung George and Louise closer together.

  • Jenny's Thesis
    Jenny's Thesis
    Episode 26
    Jenny needs a topic for a thesis that she's writing. However, her idea could lead her into danger when she decides her topic will be street gangs. This leads her to go to Harlem and meet Marcus. Unknown to her, Tom and George are following her.