The Jeffersons

Season 5 Episode 24

The Freeze-In

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 1979 on CBS

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  • The gang plays a "game" that gets personal

    Everybody is over George and Louise's apartment since it's the only one in the building that has any heat. Mr. Bentley suggests they play a game in which a person is blindfolded and everyone else moves around in their chairs. Whoever the blindfolded person points to, he or she has to tell that person (the person chosen) what they like best about that person, and what they like least about that person. Helen tells her husband that she feels he has no will power over what he eats. He gets upset. The George tells Helen he thinks she is the most attractive woman "of her age" that he knows. So Louise gets upset. The bed arrangements get twisted around until finally Louise ends up with George again. He wants to give her a diamond necklace as the anniversary of their first date, a date he usually forgets.
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