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The Jeremy Kyle Show (UK)

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The Jeremy Kyle Show has been around for almost two years and viewers have seen the show's host assist a wide range of people with their relationships, families and overall quality of life. Through harsh love and lie detector tests, partners find out the truth, children get the parents they never knew they had and everyone's eyes are opened to some some hard-hitting realities.

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AIRED ON 6/22/2007

Season 3 : Episode 10

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  • My review on the Human lie detector

    I really hate talk shows, and this one is no exception. It is the same show as Jerry Springer is, Just swap the host with Jeremy Kyle, Remove the chanting and add british people. It has more swearing than Jerry Springer does, and this airs in the morning!!! What the (Expletive)? DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW UNLESS YOU LOVE TALK SHOWS! Lowest rating so far! 1.5 OUT OF (EXPLETIVE) 10!
  • You're doin' my 'ed in old chap.

    I've just read autobiography. He's public-school and university-educated. His family mixed with the Royal Family. He's talking down to his guests. He's patronising them. He drops his aitches (when he remembers to) and says things like "e's doin' my 'ead in". He never uses the long words he must have grown up with. Why? Does he assume his guests won't understand?

    What's next? Stained or missing teeth, scruffy jeans, hoodies, tattoos, shouting while other people are shouting and lolling with knees splayed as if throw into the chair from a great height?moreless
  • Jeremy Kyle - Bully-boy or Badly Informed?

    Jeremy Kyle does a lot of good for a lot of misguided couples and those who have missed opportunities, and I would be the last person to say otherwise. However, while we have to remember that this is just a TV show, setting out to get ratings, and not a support group, we should also remember that these are people's very real lives that Jeremy is meddling with. He should be instructed to take depression and it's connotations into consideration and stick to the route to mediation.

    I watched Jeremy cruelly tear into a woman, who had clearly suffered bereavement and deep depression, in his defense of her daughters. with absolutely no thought for the state the mother must have been in, either on the show or at the time of her misdemeanors,

    While I do not in any way condone the mother's behavior, I was shocked that Jeremy did nothing to encourage her daughters to be more open minded to the damage that depression does to the sufferer.

    I realise that not all of his guests are depressed, but he does also regularly berate and humiliate those that are, for their lack of emotion - I will point out that one of the most obvious symptoms of depression is that very thing. It is a self-preservation mechanism. It is also a side effect of medication taken to combat depression. He should not be allowed to punish them for that. If his team truly are experts then they should be amply qualified to identify that particular issue. Too many obvious cases are having to suffer personal humiliation for the sake of the show's ratings.moreless
  • KYLE you are out of order!!!!!

    9 TV the Jeremy Kyle Show


    He is a hypocrite. A fool. Stupid. Why? Okay think of it this way. Lie detectors or polygraphs are not as he puts it 97% accurate as if they were then why does NO court system on the planet use them?

    But let us say he believes in it. So here is why he is a hypocrite. 100 people fail and he says they all are liars. But that is impossible as it is only 97% accurate so surely 3 people are telling the truth. Or maybe 97 of the 100 are telling the truth and 3 are lying. Make your own mind up. Let us also say I was on the show for one. And I passed which is easy. As I can do it 100 times a1000 times and can beat it if am lying. It is easy.

    Then there is FACEBOOK which he hates yet he has his own page which you can follow him on. Which makes him a hypocrite again.

    The worst I feel is when he says "have you got a job" I mean there are loads out of work and probably some in the audience daily. Yet he goes on about his taxes pay. Kyle you pay a smidgen towards it. Get over it as your boring us.

    Now the best until last. I am 45 and still do not know who my dad is. I contacted the show in 2010 and they failed miserably. LIVERPOOL where I am from is a connected city of people and I asked could I go on the show and appeal in public as there would be a good chance somebody would know of the family. And if not dead there is a bloke out there also who knows I am out there somewhere.

    The Kyle show responded that I could not do this. IT WAS EITHER THEIR WAY OR NO WAY.

    Very caring hey.

    My story would make good viewing and give me a chance to find him. I wish the show TRISHA was still on as I could appeal on there.

    So the JEREMY KYLE show yes helps people after he has humiliated the visitors. Remove the bouncers and he is nothing and he knows it.

  • doesn't know what he is talking about

    Jeremy Kyle doesn't know what he is talking about. One drug addict who is local to me and smokes cannabis around her three kids and doesn't clean the house was praised on the show for being such a good called 'youve slept with 3 men who's the father' and apparently it's not right to call her a slag but she constantly sleeps around hahaha Jeremy Kyle shouldn't be on tv.

    Advert joke for Corrie's Lewis