The Jerry Lewis Show (1963)

ABC (ended 1963)





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  • Two hour live variety-talk show hosted by Jerry Lewis.

    How anyone thought spending TWO HOURS with Jerry Lewis every Saturday night would be a good idea is beyond me. I understand Jerry had impressed network suits with his hosting of "The Tonight Show" but this big, bloated show I'm sure is not what they had in mind. Watching episodes on Youtube, the show seems more like a 36 hour telethon than a 2 hour talk show. To his credit, Jerry had some interesting guests (Muhammed Ali for one) but its all too Jerry heavy. While others might toss to taped bits or in the case of Steve Allen, his cast of regulars like Don Knotts, Tom Posten and Louie Nye, Jerry has just himself. I had read somewhere he even did the camera switching live as he did the show from a specially made desk. It's interesting that the ABC executives allowed Jerry to do a LIVE show or two even AFTER he got the word he was cancelled. Talk about taking a big chance!