The Jerry Lewis Show

NBC (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • September 12, 1967
      On Jerry's premiere show his guests are Lynn Redgrave, Sonny & Cher, Harold Sakata (who played the part of 'Oddjob' in "Goldfinger") and the Baja Marimba Band.

      Musical Highlights: Cher sings, "You Better Sit Down, Kids" Jerry sings, "I Like You" Sonny & Cher perform "What Now, My Love?" Jerry and the Baja Marimba Band perform "Comin' in the Back Door" and "What Now, My Love?".

      Sketches: A nervous husband (Jerry) finds his secret-agent wife (Lynn) being attacked by an assassin (Harold). Jerry also plays the trumpet and mimes a maintenance man who takes over a business meeting as chairman of the board.moreless
    • September 19, 1967
      Jerry's guests are Martha Raye and "Dragnet" stars Jack Webb and Harry Morgan.

      Comedy Sketch: Miss Raye sings and appears in a sketch as a USO entertainer sent to cheer a lone soldier at an Arctic outpost. Webb and Morgan join Jerry for an Orient-oriented talk-off on Dragnet.
    • September 26, 1967
      Jerry's guests are Al Hirt and Nanette Fabray.

      Comedy Sketch: Jerry, as a poor soul character, gets a job as a hotel doorman. Jerry and Nanette play a husband and wife; he's a kleptomanic, she's a policewoman.

      Musical Highlights: Nanette sings "Stout Hearted Men" and joins Jerry in a madcap medley. Al Hirt is featured in two trumpet solos.moreless
    • October 3, 1967
      October 3, 1967
      Episode 4
      Jerry's guests are Janet Leigh and Ben Gazzara.

      Ben Gazzara makes his singing debut, and he and Janet Leigh join Jerry in two comedy sketches, one involving an exploratory trip through an ancient Egyptian tomb, the second about a comedy team named "The Mothers Brothers."
    • October 10, 1967
      October 10, 1967
      Episode 5
      Jerry's guests are Barbara Feldon and the Doodletown Pipers.

      Comedy Sketch: Jerry portrays the timid son of a lumber tycoon forced to fire a ferocious foreman, and a delivery boy who tangles with a girl rebounding from a ruined romance. In "A Man from Chicken Yum Yum" sketch, Jerry portrays a chicken delivery boy who meets Miss Feldon and must contend with her ravenous appetite - for a husband!moreless
    • October 17, 1967
      October 17, 1967
      Episode 6
      Jerry's guests are actor Laurence Harvey and singer/dancer Joey Heatherton.

      Comedy Sketch: "The Low Chaparral," and Jerry plays a "poor soul" patient who finds that he shares a hospital room with a handsome film star. Also a sketch about the adventures of a grizzled prospector and a villainous gunslinger.
    • October 31, 1967
      October 31, 1967
      Episode 7
      Jerry's guests are Dorothy Provine, comedian Don Rickles and Sergio Mendes and the Brasil '66.

      Comedy Sketch: In "Sidney of the Supermarket," Jerry is an incompetent clerk who is suddenly elevated to the position of manager.

      Musical Highlights: Sergio Mendes performs "Watch What Happens" and "The Frog".
    • November 7, 1967
      November 7, 1967
      Episode 8
      Jerry's guests are Shirley Jones and the Lennon Sisters.

      Musical Highlights: The Lennon Sisters sing "What Now My Love" and "Sunny." Shirley Jones sings "Where Is Love?"
    • November 14, 1967

      Jerry welcomes Audrey Meadows and the music group The Buckinghams.

      Comedy Sketch: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Clyde" In a spoof the film "Bonnie and Clyde," Jerry and Audrey portray a bank-robbing hoodlum and his cigar-smoking moll.
      Jerry recreates the misadventures of the "Poor Soul".

      Musical Highlights: The Buckinghams perform "Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song".

    • November 21, 1967
      November 21, 1967
      Episode 10
      Jerry's guests are Metropolitan Opera soprano Anna Moffo, pianist Roger Williams and Actor Harold J. Stone.
    • December 5, 1967
      December 5, 1967
      Episode 11
      Jerry's guests are Frank Gorshin and the McGuire Sisters.

      Comedy Sketch: Frank Gorshin imitates famous personalities and joins host Jerry in a sketch about a haunted house inhabited by monsters.
    • December 12, 1967
      December 12, 1967
      Episode 12
      Jerry's guests are Imogene Coca and Richard Kiley.
    • December 26, 1967
      December 26, 1967
      Episode 13
      Jerry's guests are Connie Stevens and Dick Shawn.

      Comedy Sketch: Jerry is an American tourist in France; a wallflower at a high school dance. An old-time medicine show with Shawn playing the barker, Connie his assistant and Jerry a stage struck sheriff who arrives to run the elixir peddlers out of town, but joins them when they offer to launch him in a show business career.moreless
    • January 2, 1968
      January 2, 1968
      Episode 14
      Jerry's guests are Nanette Fabray and Sergio Franchi.

      Musical Highlights: Sergio sings, "Time Alone Will Tell" and "The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady". Nanette sings, "Doin' the New Low-down".

      Comedy Sketch: Nanette plays a fading actress trying to relive her fame as a child star. Jerry is a lonely apartment dweller preparing for a birthday without friends; and the nutty professor (Jerry) returns from an expedition on the night before his wife (Nanette) is marrying another man (Sergio).moreless
    • January 9, 1968
      January 9, 1968
      Episode 15
      Jerry's guests are Anne Baxter and Jack Jones.

      Musical Highlights: Anne sings, "Horses" and "All I Do Is Dream of You". Jack sings, "Live for Life" and "Free Again".

      Comedy Sketch: Anne plays a socialite race horse owner at the track with her trainer (Jerry), and a seductive Honky-tonk girl with evil designs on Jerry's football hero (Jack). In vignettes, Jerry auditions to be a radio announcer, and explains the difference between sound and noise.moreless
    • January 23, 1968
      January 23, 1968
      Episode 16
      Jerry's guests are Thelma Ritter and Noel Harrison.

      Comedy Sketches: Thelma chaperones her 30-year-old baby (Jerry) on his first date. Noel shows how he got on the show with Jerry playing executive producer Bob Finkel, headwriter Ed Simmons, choreographer Nick Castle and himself. A vignette concerns a henpecked husband (Jerry), his domineering wife (Dodo Denney) and a wishing well.moreless
    • January 30, 1968
      January 30, 1968
      Episode 17
      Jerry's guests are Ricardo Montalban and The Osmond Brothers.

      Comedy Sketches:
      The Osmonds play Boy Scouts who are learning survival skills from their troup leader, the Nutty Professor.
      A New Wave director (Ricardo Montalban) thinks he's found the perfect model for a hair spray commercial. His discovery is delivery boy Sidney (aka "The Man from Yum-Yum").

      Musical Highlights:
      The Osmonds sing "Then I'll Be Happy."
      Ricardo Montalban sings "I Don't Think I'm in Love."
      The entire cast joins in on "A Banda" and "Before the Parade Passes By."moreless
    • February 6, 1968
      February 6, 1968
      Episode 18
      Jerry's guests are Ernest Borgnine, the Baja Marimba Band, 10-year-old singer Donnie Osmond and Victoria Carroll.

      Comedy Sketches:
      A young man (Lewis) enrolls in a dancing school.
      In a pantomime segment, a hobo tries to get some sleep in a flophouse.
      Ernest Borgnine plays Winthrop Dow Jones, a gruff business tycoon who receives a visit from his daughter's timid boyfriend. The boyfriend hopes to ask for the daughter's hand in marriage, if he could only get the tycoon's attention away from business and those non-stop phone calls.

      Musical Highlights:
      Jerry Lewis sings "If You Could See Her."
      The Baja Marimba Band perform "Maria Elena," "Fowl Play," "Sunrise, Sunset" and "Brazilia."

    • February 13, 1968
      February 13, 1968
      Episode 19
      Jerry's guests are Zsa Zsa Gabor and Peter Lawford.

      Comedy Sketches:
      Zsa Zsa plays a spy who tries to seduce two World World I pilots.
      In the Garden of Eden, the Nutty Professor lectures Adam and Eve (Zsa Zsa and Peter Lawford) on marriage.
      Jerry does a pantomime as Sidney, the operator of a rundown newsstand who faces competition by a superstand that employs beautiful women.

      Musical Highlights:
      Zsa Zsa and the Dancers perform "Oo La La."
      Peter Lawford sings "Music to Watch Girls By."moreless
    • February 20, 1968
      February 20, 1968
      Episode 20
      Jerry's guests are Tony Randall and Nancy Ames.

      Comedy Sketches:
      Tony hosts a TV game show that turns loving couples into greedy, bitter enemies.
      The Nutty Professor (Jerry) gives a speech on the history of dancing.
      Jerry works at a store where "The Salesman is Always Wrong."

      Musical Highlights:
      Nancy sings "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" and "See the Friendship There."
      Tony sings "They're Wearing Them Higher in Hawaii."
      Nancy & Jerry duet on "Meditation."moreless
    • February 27, 1968
      February 27, 1968
      Episode 21
      Jerry's guests are Bobby Darin and Jane Powell.

      Comedy Sketches:
      Jerry plays a hapless handyman working at a senior citizens' center.

      In a parody of variety shows, Powell, Darin and Lewis play unusual musical instruments, attempt celebrity impressions and do an acrobatic routine. Also, Bobby Darin and Jerry Lewis play violinists whose duet turns into a duel.

      Musical Highlights:
      Bobby sings "Talk to the Animals" and "Sixteen Tons."
      Jane Powell sings "Chattanooga Choo Choo."
      Jane Powell, Bobby Darin and Jerry Lewis perform "Epicurean Delight."moreless
    • March 12, 1968
      March 12, 1968
      Episode 22
      Jerry's guests are Don Rickles and Michele Lee.

      Comedy Sketches:
      Don plays an abrasive talk show host whose guests are a fashion designer and a guru (both played by Jerry).
      Michele Lee and Don Rickles do a parody of daytime soap operas.
      An Adam and Eve sketch with Michele Lee and Jerry Lewis.

      Musical Highlights:
      Michele Lee sings "Yesterday" and "L. David Sloane."
      Jerry Lewis - "If You Could See Her Now."
      The George Wyle Singers and The Nick Castle Dancers join together in a "Time" production number.moreless
    • March 19, 1968
      March 19, 1968
      Episode 23
      Jerry's guests are Barbara Eden and Merv Griffin.

      Comedy Sketch: Jerry Lewis plays a hillbilly named Jethro, and Barbara Eden plays his girlfriend Minnie, with Merv Griffin playing a wealthy city man.

      Musical Highlights: Barbara Eden sings the song "Beautiful Things". Jerry Lewis sings the song "Smile", his theme song for The Jerry Lewis Show.moreless
    • March 26, 1968
      March 26, 1968
      Episode 24
      Jerry's guests are Arthur Godfrey, Kaye Ballard, and Honey Ltd., a vocal quartet from Detroit.

      Comedy Sketches:
      In his attempts to make a sale, a hapless shoe salesman (Jerry) turns his store into a complete disaster area.
      A mother (Kaye Ballard) tries to get her uncooperative son (Jerry) to bond with his new foster father.

      Musical Highlights:
      Kaye Ballard - "Don't Call Me Sophie"
      Honey Ltd. - "Tomorrow Your Heart" and "Come Down."
      Arthur Godfrey sings "A Man Needs to Know," and joins Jerry for a medley of Hawaiian songs ("White Silver Sands" "Pearly Shells" and "Tiny Bubbles").moreless
    • April 9, 1968
      April 9, 1968
      Episode 25
      Jerry's guests are Nanette Fabray and Mel Torme.

      Comedy Sketches:
      A recently divorced man-about-town (Torme) hires Hari Kari (Jerry) to be his houseboy.
      At the urging of his wife (Nanette), a has-been safecracker attempts a comeback. But instead of safes, the husband resorts to robbing parking meters.

      Musical Highlights:
      Mel Torme - "We've Got a World That Swings" and "A Man and a Woman."
      Nanette Fabray - "House of Fire" (production number with dancers).moreless
    • April 16, 1968
      April 16, 1968
      Episode 26
      Jerry's guests are Mel Torme and
      Count Basie & his 16-piece Orchestra.

      Comedy Sketches: In a parody of Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts, Jerry "explains" the music of Count Basie's Orchestra.

      Musical Highlights:
      Mel Torme sings "Blusette"
      Mel Torme and Jerry Lewis sing "Bring Back the Bands"
      Count Basie and orchestra - "Splanky"
      Jerry Lewis - "Singing in the Rain"
      Jerry Lewis and the Count Basie Orchestra - "Nose Cone"moreless
  • Season 2