The Jerry Springer Show

Season 14 Episode 131


Aired Weekdays Jul 04, 2006 on

Episode Recap

While at a local dollar store shopping for presents for their kids, Rodney met Krystal, and actually had the 'coins' to ask for her number! When Rhoda found out, she left him and took the kids, so Krystal moved in! But, after Rodney apologized, Rhoda took him back again! Now, Rhonda is ready to break the cycle and confront Krystal! Next...Dirty Little Secrets! Amanda is a transsexual prostitute who wants to come clean to her friend, Vonnie, She's going to tell her that Tony, Vonnie's girlfriend, has been paying Amanda for sex! Tony says he was curious what sex with a transsexual was like, but he's not gay because Amanda is more of a woman that Vonnie ever was!

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