The Jerry Springer Show

Season 15 Episode 107

Boxing, Werewolves, and Babysitters

Aired Weekdays May 31, 2006 on

Episode Recap

Antwyne has been cheating on his girlfriend, Shaneen, for about four months with their babysitter, Terri! He wants to stop the affair and stay with Shaneen, but needs her to be more supportive. Shaneen is heart broken that Antwyne would cheat on her with one of her friends and doesn't know if they can work it out. Terri wants to be with Antwyne and sees a future with him. She says they will continue to sleep together even though Antwyne says its over! Next...Rebecca has been fooling around with a video store owner behind her boyfriend, Johnny's back. She wants to be with the owner, Mike, but Mike doesn't share the same feelings. Johnny can't understand why Rebecca would cheat on him and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay with her.