The Jerry Springer Show

Season 15 Episode 107

Boxing, Werewolves, and Babysitters

Aired Weekdays May 31, 2006 on

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  • His Day show bites and his pay per view does not deliver what it promises

    In general all his shows are a rip;

    i.e. I've rented off my TV on demand several of Springers so called naked Catfight type videos such as naked Rumble Vicious which is by far the biggest rip so far.
    Although he lets the fem fighters get nude, the goons he has on stage barely let them touch one another....the descriptions in his videos are just one big line of BS after another. If you like to see muscle bound goons roughing up women then this is your cup of tea.

    The goons he has on stage do more harm than if the ladies were allowed to simply tangle up and roll around a little.

    Take my warning you see more catfight action watching the Spanish Soap operas in one day than you do on any of Springers so called uncensored rumble videos.

    The very first couple of videos he had out actually had a little cat wrestling, now you\'ll see some big muscled up jar head actually falling on the chicks while breaking them up, actually you can\\\\\\\'t even call it that since they never get a chance to touch one another...well actually they had on two 350+ pounders that they had a rough time that was funny!! .

    Whats even a bigger rip is that when some action does heat up 99% of the time they cut away to some tatooed bimboe on the pole. It is just such total crap it\\\\\\\'s unbelievable. DO NOT waste your money!! there is NO fighting what so ever!

    hey I just like to watch and engage in catfights