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    • CIA Guy on Springer
      CIA Guy on Springer
      Season 17 - Episode 41
      Robert just found out that his girlfriend Nicole slept with his brother Coy. He says that it was just a one time thing but Nicole wants it to be more! Next...Ricky Joe says his mother's boyfriend Matt abuses her and won't get a job but his mom is fine with that and just wants Ricky Joe to stay out of it. Last... Jerry has a new host! Lil Jerry!moreless
    • Return of Jason!
      Return of Jason!
      Season 17 - Episode 1
      First! Jason's twin, Jaime, doesn't approve of him being gay! Next...Sherry is in love with her 16 year old cousin, Monica. Last! Charlie doesn't approve of his daughter, Monica, wanting to marry Josh.
    • My Ant's a Horse!
      My Ant's a Horse!
      Season 17 - Episode 38
      Monica is going around her neighbourhood passing out fliers telling everybody that her aunt Suzy has been sleeping with every man she can find! Next... Holly and her sister Delinda have been sleeping with the same man for the past 8 years. Now they want him to choose which one he wants to be with. Last...Steven confronts his boyfriend Vincent after he finds him cheating with a woman.moreless
    • Ride 'Em Cowboy!
      Ride 'Em Cowboy!
      Season 17 - Episode 40
      John comes to the show because his brother Nick gets all the attention and now he's sleeping with John's fiance Rachel! Next... Terese is always losing her men to her 19 year old daughter Kayla. Now she wants to get back by stealing Kayla's boyfriend Jeffrey! Last... Shaun met a girl named Kiki in a bar and took her home only to find out she is a man! Now Kiki's been stalking him because he thinks Shaun is truly gay!moreless
    • Steve and the Angry Women!
      Steve and the Angry Women!
      Season 16 - Episode 30

      (from Steve is in charge today! It's written in the Tarot Cards! Randi says Kayla, a young girl, has no right to sleep with her husband! Randi's been married to Keith for over 5 years and already has children with him. Now Kayla has been having an affair with Randi's husband, and Randi claims she knew 2 weeks before she caught them because the Tarot Cards told her so! Next...Pregnant woman, Jo Jon, is tired of walking the streets and working as an adult film actress! Michelle, Jo Jon's mother, is on the show to confront her and tell her to quit prostituting and get a good job for her baby! The only problem is Ernest, Jo Jon's baby's father, wants her to stay in adult films and prostitution! Can Steve help?moreless

    • Jerry's Diner
      Jerry's Diner
      Season 17 - Episode 15
      Kenny has been dating Jean for 2 years but she doesn't like him hanging out with Trish. Jean promises she'll stay with him if he stays away from Trish but Trish won't let that happen without a fight! Next...Kala and Kela are twins that do everything together, including Xavier! The only problem is Xavier has been dating Trina and she doesn't like that idea at all. Lastly...Leroy is the manager of a deli and soon after his wife died he began dating again. David, his son, doesn't approve of it and wants to tell him on the show.moreless
    • Catfish Fights!
      Catfish Fights!
      Season 17 - Episode 36
      Jimmy comes to the show because his brother Billy has been sleeping with his wife Bethany while he was in jail! Billy says he paid her to sleep with him and Bethany confirms that it was just for the money. The brothers' mother Linda isn't happy with all of this and wants it to stop. Next...Kevin loves Cindy but she moved in with his friend Jim. Cindy says she doesn't want to be with Kevin and she also finds out Jim has been sleeping with Dana.moreless
      Season 14 - Episode 102
      Paris is confused as to what she wants to do with her life. Keep prostituting or get her life in order. She is forced to make a decision when her pimp is brought onto the show to confront her. What decision will she make? Watch Jerry for the results.
      Season 14 - Episode 141

      Hello my name is Bo, aka William Odies Willis

      This is wrong!! for one the show aired 2005 because i was 20 and we flew on 9/11 to chicago

      not long after the show aired in october 2005.

      Bo wants to put his red neck on the line to win back his girlfriend, Jeannie. He's a good ol' country boy who's good at hunting, fishing, and most of all, frog giggin! The one thing Bo isn't good at is commitment!

    • The Sound and the Fury
      The Sound and the Fury
      Season 16 - Episode 41
      Naomi confronts her sister Ally about having an affair with her fiance.

      (from Lying, cheating and stealing! First...Boiling points! Naomi is on the show to confront her sister Ally because she caught her in a compromising situation with Naomi's fiance, Jose! When Jose confronted he says he doesn't want to be with either of them! Next...Leah hates the family of her boyfriend, Chad. Chad's mother doesn't like Leah, and neither does Chad's brother Jason, who likes to dress up as a woman. Watch out when Jason tries to protect his mother from Leah's fury. And then really watch out when Jason gets angry with the audience and the Springer staff! The sparks really fly!moreless

    • Classic Springer: Why Did You Cheat?
      Classic Springer: Why Did You Cheat?
      Season 16 - Episode 48
      Jerry visits an old show and talks about what was going on. (from Clinton's job as a musician frequently takes him out of town. But when he came home from his last trip, he discovered that his wife, Stacy, had packed her bags and moved in with Clinton's best friend. Stacy and Clinton have since made up, but now Stacy is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is! Clinton says it had better be his! Next...Terri Lynn knows she made a terrible mistake when she cheated on her boyfriend, James. He says he can't forgive her and to move on until he meets the man with whom she cheated. Today James will have that chance!moreless
    • Jerry's Casting Couch
      Jerry's Casting Couch
      Season 17 - Episode 14
      David is gay and ever since he was little has enjoyed being in a body cast. He finds this erotic even though his boyfriend, Rob, finds it strange. Rob comes to the show because he doesn't want to put up with it anymore. Next...Billy Joe likes to keep it in the family! Billy started dating Charity but then began sleeping with her aunt, Melinda. Now Charity will do anything to get Billy Joe back. Lastly...April has been brought to the show by her husband, Marty, because he's been sleeping with his boss's wife! When his boss Jason finds out, the action really heats up!moreless
    • My Lesbian Mom Stole My Girlfriend!
      My Lesbian Mom Stole My Girlfriend!
      Season 16 - Episode 31

      (from A lesbian mom who steals her daoughter's girlfriend! Sarah reveals her lesbian affair with Angelisha's mother, Belinda. Belinda is going to confess to her daughter, but can this family forgive and forget? Later, Qaneshia, Angelica's sister, fights it out with Sarah for causing problems within her family. This family feud will get emotional, but who's going home with whom?moreless

      Season 14 - Episode 135
      Steve hosts the show today!
    • Wedding Day Battles!
      Wedding Day Battles!
      Season 16 - Episode 17
      (from Wedding day battles! DeeDee wants to marry her boyfriend, Marc, but she suspects he is cheating on her! Special guest Ernie Rizzo shows up to announce lie detector results from questioning Marc, and DeeDee finds out about Marc sleeping with her roommate, Nicole! Next...David says it is time to tell his fiance, Andria, that she needs to stand up to her father, Fred, for being with him. Later...Walter, a cross-dressing man, is ready to come out of the closet and admit he is gay, but first his godmother wants to add her opinion! Finally...Rev. Shnorr pays a visit to marry Walter with his current boyfriend, Willy.moreless
    • Wild Family Affairs!
      Wild Family Affairs!
      Season 16 - Episode 12
      Two confused women try to get revenge on each other by sleeping with each other's man for revenge. The problem is they both claim the other did it first! Also a gay man feels he shouldn't be tied down to one man. Watch as couples fight it out in Wild Family Affairs! (from Fed up lovers! Alex says that her husband, Matt, made her cheat! After finding out that Matt is having sex with her stepsister, Jan, Alex was pushed into another man's arms - Jan's husband, Greg! But Jan says the story is backwards! She says that she slept with Matt only after Alex slept with Greg! Who betrayed whom first? When Matt and Greg come to apologize to their wives, Jan and Alex have to make a decision as to whether or not to take them back! Next... Lying lovers! Star is here to say he's too good to be with just one man! He's going to tell his boyfriend, Tino, that he's been messing around with an old high school friend, James! Although Tino feels betrayed, Star claims that he needs someone to take care of him! Tino isn't going to take this lying down and won't let James leave with Star! Later... Confessing lovers!moreless
      Family squabbles! Sierra is here because her son wants to reveal a huge secret! David is going to tell his momma that he's gay and likes to dress like women! When David's girlfriend Katrina joins the fun, she feels embarrassed that David is gay and says he's needs to be drunk to have sex with her!moreless
    • Three Pigs in a Trailer - Part II!
      Three Pigs in a Trailer - Part II!
      Season 17 - Episode 8
      Scarlett is here today to show you Rowland and his two friends who live their lives based on the "Three Pigs in a Trailer" episode. These three live together in a trailer. They never shower and eat anything! The Springer-Cam returns as the public gets a glimpse of how these pigs really live! A new twist appears when Christina comes onto the show. She's overweight and helps these men live out the fantasies that skinny girls can't give them! Don't miss this terrible mess!moreless
    • I'm in Love With My Uncle
      I'm in Love With My Uncle
      Season 14 - Episode 120
      Mike's never been comfortable in his own skin. Especially since he's really a woman! He's here to let his mom know that she needs to accept him for who he is. His mom, Alice, has news for Mike...she raised a young woman, and that's what she expects Mike to be, or else!moreless
    • Temper's Ignite!
      Temper's Ignite!
      Season 16 - Episode 10
      Steve's hosting again! One man sleeps with his brother's fiance and might have gotten her pregnant! The twist: He's got his own girlfriend to worry about. Temper's Ignite as the couples fight it out! (taken from Steve takes over the show, as tempers ignite! Denny is ready to confess to his brother, Billy, that he slept with Billy's fiance, April. Denny might have impregnated April! Billy hears everything backstage and runs out infuriated! Then Trisha, Denny's wife, is just as furious because she finds out her husband has been cheating on her. Next...Crystal is going to confront her husband's new fiance Amanda. She wants him back in her life. Backstage action occurs when Crystal confronts DJ behind the scenes!moreless
    • Jerry's Marrying Marathon!
      Jerry's Marrying Marathon!
      Season 16 - Episode 6
      Wedding days or not, we will see!!!
    • I Have Something To Tell You
      I Have Something To Tell You
      Season 14 - Episode 206
      People sleeping around No baby in sight.End of the road.
    • I'm Happy I Cut Off My Legs!
      I'm Happy I Cut Off My Legs!
      Season 16 - Episode 29

      (from Bizarre Confessions! Sandra is a transsexual, who cut off her own legs with a saw over 6 years ago because she decided she no longer wanted them! Sandra says she decided at the age of 14 that it never felt right to have legs, and finally took action to get rid of them. Now, Kenny, a previous guest born without legs, wants to confront Sandra for her stupidity and ungratefulness for cutting her legs off! Next...Amy wants to tell her future mother-in-law, Sherrie, to stay out of her life. Amy hired and also fired Sherrie from her job, and says she hasn't liked her since! Amy and Josh, Sherrie's son, are now engaged, and both want Sherrie to stay out of their lives. Tempers flare when the two confront each other! Will Sherrie let Reverend Shnorr marry the happy couple?moreless

    • Steve and the Tough Guys!
      Steve and the Tough Guys!
      Season 16 - Episode 35

      (from Steve takes over the show! Kelly says her boyfriend, Jose, is a deadbeat dad and is over-controlling. However, Maria, Jose's sister, wants to confront Kelly for mistreating Jose. Also, Jose claims that Kelly will not let him see his baby girl. Steve and Jose go head-to-head over the disagreement! Next...Penny is heartbroken because she claims her husband, James, has been cheating on her by bringing another woman, Bobbie, into her house! Not only that, but Penny claims she has to sleep on the couch!moreless

    • Attack Of The KKK Dad
      Attack Of The KKK Dad
      Season 16 - Episode 2
      Tonya confronts her KKK father and brother. She has a hispanic 6 year old child which they pick on. Things aren't as simple as that when she rats out her brother to her dad for sleeping with an African American! Tonya tries hard to keep her family together but the outcome doesn't look good.moreless
    • Ragin' Maniacs II!
      Ragin' Maniacs II!
      Season 16 - Episode 37

      (from Dysfunctional families! Jennifer says her relationship with her sister is at an all-time low. Jennifer doesn't want her children around her sister, Michelle, or Michelle's lesbian lover, Lisa. Now, Jennifer confronts Lisa to tell her to stay away from her children and her sister! Next...Meddling mothers! Lori has a faceoff with her son Josh and his girlfriend, Nicole. Lori claims that Nicole has been cheating on Josh! But Josh thinks that all his mother is really doing is causing problems for him and Nicole because he's in love with Nicole. Josh asks Nicole to marry him on the show, and Reverend Shnorr begins the ceremony! Last...Family squabbles! Georgi will do anything to destroy her daughter's marriage. She claims her daughter's husband, James, is a bum and a drunk! However, Georgi's daughter, Miliann, wants her mother to butt out of her business! Can this family survive?moreless

    • Battle of the Evil-Doers!
      Battle of the Evil-Doers!
      Season 16 - Episode 23

      Cheaters confronted! Nikki suspects her cab-driving boyfriend, Jhamir, of cheating on her with a fellow cabbie, Cookie! As the wigs come off and the battle rages on, Jhamir confesses the truth to both women. That's the way the cookie crumbles! Next...More cheaters! Jane is tired of her fiance Andy's cheating ways! Jane has proof that Andy has been taking pictures of half-naked women, and Jane is sick of it! However, not only has Andy been cheating, but now Jane receals that she's also been sleeping with their roommate, Jeremiah - and Andy OK'd it to keep her happy! The most shocking twist is that she's now pregnant, and doesn't know which one of them is the father!moreless

      Season 14 - Episode 145
      Trouble in the work place! Model's Tatum and Shannon hate each other! Tatum accuses Shannon of copying everything she does, including going to modeling school and trying to steal her boyfriend, Rodney!
    • Steve Attends an Unhappy Wedding!
      Steve Attends an Unhappy Wedding!
      Season 16 - Episode 47
      A man clashes with his new stepfather.
    • Ex-Lovers & a Backstabbing Brother
      Ex-Lovers & a Backstabbing Brother
      Season 18 - Episode 37
      In this episode, a love triangle is flared up again when an estranged father wants to get back together with his ex-wife and children. Later, a brother has to confess to his sister that he slept with one of her best friends.
    • Springer Carnival!
      Springer Carnival!
      Season 17 - Episode 37
      Denny wants to be with his longtime fishing buddy Harold. A recent fishing trip had the two of them having a one night fling and Denny claims he's in love. Harold says he was taken advantage of while drinking and wants to stay engaged to Sherrie. When Sherrie finds out about this, she is not impressed! Next...Michael has a fetish where he loves pregnant women. He has his own "baby belly" and his girlfriend Tanya wants it to stop. Finally...Sandra's daughter Tavisha won't stop sleeping around. She has a boyfriend, Rodney, but says that she loves to sleep around more than she loves him!moreless
    • A Stupid Show
      A Stupid Show
      Season 17 - Episode 22
      Troy is 29 and wants to get married to Sherrie who is 47. Sherrie's son Josh doesn't approve of their relationship because of the age difference and how Troy treats her. Reverend Shnorr then comes to wed both Troy and Sherrie. Next...Shannon thinks that her boyfriend Jason has been sleeping with Kim. Kim is overweight and to help her find the stage, Shannon lays out a trail of muffins. Jason then admits that he sleeps with Kim because she satisfies his food fetish.moreless
    • The Case of the Missing Panties
      The Case of the Missing Panties
      Season 18 - Episode 29
      In this episode, a woman tells her other female lover that she's hooking up with a man. Later, a man asks the mother of his child to get back together with him. However, the woman is with another man. To make matters more complicated, he has been seeing another woman that is pregnant with his child.moreless
      Season 14 - Episode 134
      An unforgettable affair! For months, Antwan has been fighting back his love of men, but now he's openly gay! His mother, Belinda, strongly disapproves of her son's lifestyle, especially after she caught him in the act!
    • Invasion of the Little People 17 1/2
      First there's a dance off between a big guy and a little guy! Next... Phillip is a midget stalker who sends Lynell, his ex-girlfriend, his hair and fingernails. But Lynell is on the show to marry her boyfriend Bobby! Lastly, Jay is a grown man who likes to dress like a baby!moreless
    • Steve Meets the Angry Lesbian!
      Steve Meets the Angry Lesbian!
      Season 16 - Episode 15
      Another episode where Steve tries to aid those more controversial topics: beating your wife. He also tries to help a mother to understand her daughter and her lesbian lover. (from Steve is in charge today when the "Angry Lesbian" attacks! Momma Ruth-Ann is here to break up her daughter Corra and her lesbian lover, Mel! After finding them in bed together, she kicks Mel out, and Corra left with her! Now that they've moved back into Ruth-Ann's home, she's ready to kick them out again! Will Corra and the "Angry Lesbian" take this lying down? Or are they going to strike out on their own! Next... Feuding brothers! Jamie is going to confront his brother Mike because he claims he's a lazy bum who beats his wife, Diane! When Mike is confronted, he doesn't even want Diane anymore! Jamie is going to come to Diane's defense because he's now in love with her!moreless
    • Steve and the Angry Family Reunion
      Steve and the Angry Family Reunion
      Season 16 - Episode 20

      Steve takes over today and comes to the rescue! Elizabeth is a former prostitute who has contracted AIDS. She has one last wish, and needs Steve's help. She wants ho see her children who were taken away from her long ago. Her first daughter, Bernadette, confronts Elizabeth for not taking care of her and her siblings. Then Lisa, Elizabeth's other daughter, confronts her mother for beating and abusing her as a child. Finally Elizabeth's other daughters Lissette and Maryann confront their mother and confess their deeply rooted childhood trauma they have kept inside. The family has an emotional reunion, and the four sisters make a plea to the cameras to help them find their remaining siblings.moreless

    • Classic Springer: I'm Pregnant By My Brother
      Reverend Shnorr takes a look back at a more controversial episode where a woman is in love with her step-brother and got pregnant by him.
    • Attack of the Country Folk!
      Attack of the Country Folk!
      Season 16 - Episode 32

      (from Attack of the country folk! Sally has been kicked out of her trailer for fighting, and now lives in a bus. She's furious because she claims her husband, Gary, has been cheating on her! Now, Rev. Shnorr steps in to help them both! Next...Thomas, a previous guest, insists that he is not the father of Mary Lou's child. Now he's ready to confront Mary Lou and tell her to leave his life! Before he's finished, Bobbie, Thomas' current girlfriend, is ready to give Mary Lou a piece of her mind! Last...Star is tired of sharing her ex-husband and his girlfriend, Melissa. She's going to confront Melissa and tell her to leave her kids alone! The only problem now is that Aaron, father of Star's children, wants to be with Melissa now!moreless

    • I Have Five Wives
      I Have Five Wives
      Season 18 - Episode 3
    • I'm Dating My Son's Grandfather
      I'm Dating My Son's Grandfather
      Season 18 - Episode 7
    • Wedding Day Explosions!
      Wedding Day Explosions!
      Season 16 - Episode 33

      (from Weddings - Springer style! Anez is on the show to propose to her stepsister, Wendy. But Wendy isn't buying it - she caught Anez in bed with her previous boyfriend. Fireworks ensue as wedding-day bliss goes out the window! Next...Fred is going to declare his love for Tine. However, Tina has other plans - she's dating Fred's best friend, Jeff! Can she choose between the two? Later...Michael is on the show to get married - but to whom? David, Michael's lover, thinks it's going to be his day to get married, but Michael has a female lover backstage, Tara! The story gets more bizarre as David reveals that he's actually in love with Michael's brother, Joshua! Let the nuptials begin!moreless

    • Jerry and the Jailbirds!
      Jerry and the Jailbirds!
      Season 16 - Episode 34

      (from Serving hard time is harder than they thought! Shannon is not giving up on her boyfriend Tom, even though he's been serving time in jail. But them why is Michele claiming Tom wants to marry her? Shannon is mad and wants Michele to leave Tom alone! Next...Marriage isn't what he thought it would be! Donald recently married Rose, but now says he doesn't want to have sex with her and no longer loves her! Donald's mother Addie forces him to confess his interest in women's lingerie and more! Finally...Jojo says jail opened his eyes to his love for Season, who is currently dating Jojo's boss, Bobby. Now Jojo is ready to confront his boss and his love for Season!moreless

    • Steve and the Dummy!
      Steve and the Dummy!
      Season 16 - Episode 40

      (from Steve takes over! Although Andrew and Heather are now married, Andrew used to date Heather's mother! Heather has her own secret to confess - she's been sleeping with Josh, Andrew's friend! Josh claims that Andrew always mistreats Heather and that he's a better lover to her! Andrew apologizes to Heather for mistreating her, and she accepts his apology, stating she will never sleep with his friends again! Next...Bizarre secrets! Cathy is embarrassed by her husband, Tony, because he always carries puppets around with him! Tony brings out one of his puppets named Rusty. Now Cathy is ready to confess to Tony that she has been sleeping with his cousin, Charles, as well as his brother, Chris. Family feuds reach a boiling point!moreless

    • Angry Women Smackdown!
      Angry Women Smackdown!
      Season 16 - Episode 39

      (from Guests are ready to put the past behind them! Casey wants to put her fiancee's ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth, in her place! But Elizabeth says she's moved on and is in love with her ex-boyfriend, Aaron. Next...Marriage mayhem! Josh says his wife, Cherie, drives him crazy and intimidates him. He says his wife sits on him and pinches him, and shows the bruises to prove it! Now Josh is ready to confess to Cherie that he recently had sex with a man, Joel! Cherie is ready to confront both men for making her husband gay!moreless

    • Viewers VS. Springer Guests II!
      Viewers VS. Springer Guests II!
      Season 16 - Episode 38
      Viewers confront past Springer guests! Lu confronts past guest, Sara, for being disrespectful to her own mother-in-law on a previous show. Will Sara listen to Lu and change her ways? Next...More confrontations! Brandy is upset with previous guest Violet because she says Violet is an irresponsible mother to her children. Now, Brandy is ready to straighten her out! Next...Dating, Springer-style! Past guest Chris gets setup on a date with Karen, a cross-dressing Springer-fan! Finally...Battling Bigotry! Deronda, a black woman, feuds with former show guest Michelle, who is a self-professed white supremacist!moreless
    • Sisters Explode!
      Sisters Explode!
      Season 17 - Episode 35
      Sheena is here to confront her little sister Sheila. Sheila's been sleeping with her boyfriend Dale while she's at work. They don't hold back and their mother joins in the battle! Next... Flaco's a "Mexican Pimp" who has trouble with his business. His girls keep fighting and one of the girls' mother found out what she's been doing and gets angry that she's not making more!moreless
    • Ragin' Maniacs!
      Ragin' Maniacs!
      Season 16 - Episode 36

      (from Rhonda and Nicole reveal that they hate Mandy because they claim she is a compulsive lar! In addition, Kim, Donny's ex-girlfriend, is furious with Donny for being in a relationship with Mandy now! Donny confesses his love for Mandy, and proposes to her, while Reverend Shnorr marries the couple! Finally...Jerry gives his final thoughts on the family feuding situation, and states the importance of letting family members find true love with whom they want to be with.moreless

    • A Gay Mobster & a Tractor Guy
      A Gay Mobster & a Tractor Guy
      Season 18 - Episode 1
    • Lil' Cousins, Big Problems & a Tranny
      In this episode, an ex-convict confronts his cousin when he hears that he slept with his girlfriend when he was in prison. Later, a godmother is discovered to be sleeping with her godchildren's father. Finally, a couple reveals to each other that they had a one-night stand with someone.
    • Steve's Wedding Day!
      Steve's Wedding Day!
      Season 16 - Episode 21
      (From Steve takes over! Guests want to get married and nothing will get in the way of their wedding day! Joe wants to stop his ex-wife, Joyce, from marrying her current boyfriend, Gary. Joe and Joyce were married for over 13 years and share 7 children together! Twenty-one year-old Gary still lives with his mother but feels he's mature enough to marry Joyce, who is 10 years older than him! Will Reverend Shnorr fulfill Gary's wish? Next...Marcel loves food - lots of it! He weighs 600 lbs and wants to marry his fiance, Linda. However, Marcel's mother, Barbara, and sister, Maxie, don't want Marcel to marry! Also...Rev. Shnorr marries 2 girls and an old man in the audience!moreless
    • Springer Confessions!
      Springer Confessions!
      Season 16 - Episode 19
      (from Springer guests confess their seven deadly sins to Reverend Shnorr! First up, Lesbian curiosity! Ting-Chi is a beautiful Asian woman who's curious about lesbian love - and we're just the show to give her the opportunity to experience it! Will the sparks fly when we set Ting-Chi up with Tabby on a first date? Next...Leading double lives! After shedding 200 pounds, Jeremy says that women can't resist him! In the past, he was walked all over by Charlotte, his girlfriend of seven years, but after meeting Christina on a chat-line, he married her two days later! now, Charlotte and Christina are both pregnant and Jeremy is going to come clean! Later...Strippers on a rampage! Rachel feuds with past guest Honey for being a home-wrecking stripper and for giving Chicago strippers a bad name!moreless
    • Update: Springer Cross-Dressers!
      Update: Springer Cross-Dressers!
      Season 16 - Episode 18
      (from Cross-dressing Harold is back! When he first visited the show in October 2004, he wanted to reveal his secret to his cousin, Donna. Not only is he a cross-dresser, but he also wears his dead mother's underwear and clothing! Now he's on the show to beg Donna to be a part of her life! Next...More cross-dressing updates! Brian is back on the show to get his girlfriend back! A self-proclaimed drunk, Brian says Cheryl threw him out because of his wild ways! But in a strange twist, when they're reunited, there's a happy ending! Later...Don't ask, don't tell!! Ex-military man, Jerry, is on the show because he wants to share his secret with the world - he's a bisexual cross-dresser! In fact, he was married four times and all the break-ups happend when he revealed his dirty little secret! Now, he wants his son Bradley to truly accept him - even though Jerry dressed as a woman to Bradley's graduation, humiliating him! Bradley says he's "freaked out", and Jerry's other son, Jerry Jr., can't understand why he wants to go through with the surgery to become a woman! Jerry's ex-wife, Tammy, joins him and comes to his defense!moreless
    • Foolish Lovers!
      Foolish Lovers!
      Season 14 - Episode 1008
      Reaching out for affection, she's been sleeping with his buddy!
    • Wasting Technology!
      Wasting Technology!
      Season 16 - Episode 16
      (from Crys is on the show to tell her sister, Tory, to stop being a lesbian! She says it goes against everything they were taught growing up! Crys also wants to push 'Clyde' away - Tory's transsexual lover! But, when push comes to shove, the three women team up to defend each other - against the audience! Next...Angry giants! Shannon is a giant woman who married the love of her life, William. However, after recently finding out that he's been cheating on her with Robin, Shannon is crushed! The moral of the story - Never upset a giant! Later... Divine intervention! James had goetten into lots of trouble, but after finding a higher power, has changed his ways! He now sees religious symbols all around him, including scriptures, Lucifer, and angels - he even finds them in the audience! Now that Janes has been 'saved', he sees his friend Chris going down the wrong path and wants to push him in the right direction!moreless
    • Midgets Fight and Todd Dates a Tranny!
      (from Guests say that their relationships fell short! Nicole is ready to step up and take a chance at love! Nicole is a midget who works at a bar, and recently met Josh, another midget, online. Joe, also a midget, is Nicole's ex-boyfriend, and still wants to be with her. He confronts Josh for trying to steal his ex-girlfriend! Next...Thanks to a request from a fan, Stage Manager Todd goes on a date with a transsexual truck driver, Tracy Savannah.moreless
    • Broken-Hearted Battles
      Broken-Hearted Battles
      Season 18 - Episode 27
      In this episode, a man living with his girlfriend in a tent isn't happy to find out another man is trying to take his spot in the sleeping bag. Later, a minister's daughter reveals that she's given up on men and has been dating other women, and then a man finally does right to her. Plus, a woman that reveals to have been engaged eight times is told her boyfriend is sleeping with her sister. Finally, a woman falls in love with her mother's current boyfriend.moreless
    • Jerry's Halloween Special!
      Jerry's Halloween Special!
      Season 16 - Episode 27

      (from It's Jerry's Annual Halloween Special! Family feuds! Matthew wants to stand up to his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Buddy and tell him to leave them alone! But Buddy says he is already over her, and that Sonia is not over him! Kathy, Sonia's mother, joins in and tells Buddy to leave her daughter alone! But Jessica, Buddy's sister, has another point of view. She says that Buddy is not the problem, and that Sonia is! Next...Embarrassing secrets! Alana wants to confess on the show that she has done adult films! Also, she says that she's been sleeping with Ralph, even though he's dating Carmen. Now Ralph is embarrassed and is ready to apologize to Carmen for sleeping with Alana, an adult film star! Last...Dirty Little Secrets! Wendy is tired of her stepbrother, Peaches, because he's trying to be like her and dress like her. Not only is Peaches a transsexual, she also confesses that she's a prostitute!moreless

    • Jerry Dances, We Rest!
      Jerry Dances, We Rest!
      Season 16 - Episode 26

      (from Jerry's not at work, so he told the guys to take the day off and go to the beach! The problem is, it's almost November in Chicago! So while Todd and the guys make the most of their frigid day at the beach, viewers at home enjoy fun in the sun with wild clips from The Jerry Springer Show's past trips to Jamaica: cheaters, midgets, food fights and more. It's Springer in paradise at its best!moreless

    • Fightin' Love Triangles
      Fightin' Love Triangles
      Season 18 - Episode 26
      In this episode, an unfaithful man wants to reunite with his girlfriend, but she doesn't find that he's mature enough yet to stay faithful. Later, a man asks his wife to come back to him even after she cheated with her best friend's fiance. However, she has other plans for the both of them.moreless
    • Bad Fathers Confront Steve!
      Bad Fathers Confront Steve!
      Season 16 - Episode 25

      (from Steve's hosting the show as Austin says his five and a half month old daughter has ruined his life. He wishes she had never been born and wants nothing to do with her or the baby's mother, Theresa. Then, Miranda is a pregnant teen who has come to the show to ask Steve's help telling her dad, Walter, that she's going to have a baby. Steve helps mend the divide this pregnancy causes between father and daughter.moreless

    • The Adventures of Todd and Tony!
      The Adventures of Todd and Tony!
      Season 16 - Episode 24

      Steve takes the reigns in the studio.Latasha is dating Sharon's ex-boyfriend Richard and Sharon is not happy about it. She's bound and determined to win him back! But, when Latasha finds out Richard has continued to sleep with Sharon, she demands the cheating stop 'right here and right now', but even that's not enough to save their relationship! Next, Patrice wants to get married on the show but her fiance, Daniel has a secret - he wants to be the bride! Plus, the Springer Show has gone to the birds when Todd and Tony monkey around at a zoo.moreless

    • Jerry's Rap Off!
      Jerry's Rap Off!
      Season 17 - Episode 34
      David wants to win the heart of a woman he had a one night stand with. But she has no interest in David and says he's stalking her and trying to destroy her relationship with her boyfriend. Then David's boyfriend comes out angry at David. Next...Kevin wants to confront Levi who is staking his wife. They then have a rap battle to win her love.moreless
    • Steve Explodes!
      Steve Explodes!
      Season 16 - Episode 42
      Steve takes over and helps people with their relationships.

      (from Steve takes over! Guests say it's time to take over their relationships! Gina hates her daughter's boyfriend Matt. She says he is a liar, cheat, and a bum. Steve has to intervene to stop Matt from fighting with Gina! Then Amber, Gina's dauughter, wants her mother to butt out of her life and her relationship with Matt. Amber reveals the bruises that Matt gave her, and Steve gets in Matt's face! Matt backs down and starts crying! Finally, Steve kicks Matt off of the stage.moreless

    • Cross Dressing Carny!
      Cross Dressing Carny!
      Season 17 - Episode 9
      Charlie loves to cross dress and wants to join the fair to become a bearded lady. His twin brother, Kenny, and sister Jennifer don't want him to continually embarrass the family. Next...Jason has a child with Stephanie and another one on the way. It turns out that Jason has been sleeping with Ashley and she loves him. Stephanie wants to confront her but since she's pregnant, the audience join in.moreless
    • Classic Springer: Wives Battle Mistresses!
      Reverend Shnorr hosts a look back at Classic Springer moments. Vicki is angry at her husband Jason because he's been sleeping with another woman. She destroyed his clothes and even burned up their wedding pictures. Next... Anna stole Misty's husband once before and now she's trying to do it again. Misty is not going to allow this and will stop her at all costs.moreless
    • You Give Me a Haddock!
      You Give Me a Haddock!
      Season 17 - Episode 7
      Paul lives in his brother John's living room but Betty, John's wife, thinks he's setting a bad example for their kids and wants him out of there. Next...Mike got Melissa pregnant but now wants to be with her friend Stevie instead. Last, JD and Constance have been dating for a while, but now she would rather be with his friend, Charlie!moreless
    • Rockin' Reverend!
      Rockin' Reverend!
      Season 17 - Episode 6
      Rachel has been with Andy for 3 years and they're going to get married. It turns out that Andy had a one night stand with Jenny and she doesn't want them to get married. Will the good Reverend perform the wedding today? Next...Rashawn says he's in love with Britney but at the same time has been sleeping with Shawnta. Britney isn't happy with what's been going on, but can the Reverend make it work out? Lastly, Richard comes out on the show in a wedding dress wanting to remarry his wife, Sarah, as a woman! She's not so sure if it's religiously correct. Can Reverend Shnorr show her the right path?moreless
    • Jerry Meets Mr. Vee
      Jerry Meets Mr. Vee
      Season 17 - Episode 4
      Mr. Vee met Tracy online and hasn't been completely honest with her. It turns out that Mr. Vee is really a woman! Next...Norvalla wants her ex-boyfriend, Joseph, to stay away from her, but Joseph wants to help take care of his daughter.
    • Talk to the Paw!
      Talk to the Paw!
      Season 17 - Episode 10
      Sheryl's brother Kevin won't stay out of her life and she even tried to run him over with a truck! Sheryl also doesn't like his girlfriend, Jessica, because she thinks Jessica sleeps around. Kevin eventually proposes to her on the show. The Reverend Shnorr comes out to marry them. Next...Mary Lou just had a baby with Brian but Alisha, his sister, thinks Mary Lou sleeps around and doesn't think the baby is really his! Another twist arises when Mary Lou's mother comes out and claims she used to date Brian and still loves him!moreless
    • Update: Hillbilly Smackdown!
      Update: Hillbilly Smackdown!
      Season 17 - Episode 12
      Two fishing buddies, Todd and Danny, have been sleeping with the same woman! Crystal is with Todd but while he's away she sleeps with Danny. Danny reveals that he's in love with Crystal but she claims it was just a fling. Next...Frank's family doesn't approve of his fiance, Jessica. Frank's parents think that she's making life very difficult for them but Jessica says they're always interfering.moreless
    • Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On
      Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On
      Season 17 - Episode 13
      Keila is a prostitute while attending school and her sister, Candy, takes care of her two children. Devone, Keila's pimp, doesn't like her being in school and tries to get her to stop. Next...George met his girlfriend at the bowling alley but has a secret to confess. He likes to wear women's lingerie. Tangy, his girlfriend, doesn't like the idea and wants him to stop. Lastly... Nina is dating Gloria but finds out she's been cheating on her with Pricilla. Gloria decides that she wants to be with Pricilla and is done with Nina.moreless
    • Jerry and Ray Ray
      Jerry and Ray Ray
      Season 17 - Episode 17
      Nothing yet.
    • Eat Your Tomatoes
      Eat Your Tomatoes
      Season 17 - Episode 19
      A woman throws tomatoes at her future mother in law on the show. Also, there's a clown porn star, and two freak show guests.
    • A Sheepish Guy
      A Sheepish Guy
      Season 17 - Episode 16
      nothing yet.
    • Foot Boxin'
      Foot Boxin'
      Season 17 - Episode 20
      Nothing yet.
    • Dancin' With Gay Guys
      Dancin' With Gay Guys
      Season 17 - Episode 21
      Dana comes to the show because her neighbors, Joseph and Richard, are gay and like to do things with their door wide open. They claim that Dana likes but both her and her roommate, Judy, want them to move out. The reverend then comes out to marry Joseph and Richard. Next... Monica's friend, Jessica, needed a place to stay. Monica took her into her home but then Jessica started sleeping with Paul, Monica's boyfriend. Monica then wants to get married on the show by Reverend Shnorr.moreless
    • Kung-Fu Hillbilly!
      Kung-Fu Hillbilly!
      Season 17 - Episode 26
      Sarah has come back to the show to get Jonathan. Lana, her friend, is the only thing that stands in her way since she's dating him! Sarah has previously tried to ruin Lana's life by stealing money from her and even sleeping with her son! Next... David wants his little brother, Lil Wayne, to know that he's been sleeping with and even pimping out his girlfriend Ashley. Ashley wants to tell Lil Wayne that she's happier with David and also might be carrying his child.moreless
    • Hillbilly Hullabaloo!
      Hillbilly Hullabaloo!
      Season 17 - Episode 27
      Debbie's been sleeping with Justin, her friend Crystal's husband! Debbie is also married and has two kids but she wants to start over with Justin. Next... Mackie's in love with someone else other than his wife! He's leaving Mary for his mistress, Cindy, who is the wife of his cellmate.
    • Classic Springer: I Want Your Lover!
      Classic Springer: I Want Your Lover!
      Season 17 - Episode 28
      Heather wants to confront the woman who is stealing her fiance, Dan. Dan is engaged to Heather but will dumb her for his girlfriend! Next... David and Rhonda have been married for three years but Rhonda's been having an affair with her ex. The men are going to make her choose, but she doesn't want either of them! Last... Jeff has to decide between his current girlfriend and secret lover.moreless
    • 3000 Episode, 15 Year Rockin' Celebration
      A look back at all the things that made The Jerry Springer Show what it is today.
    • *
      Season 0 - Episode 1
    • Audience Attacks!
      Audience Attacks!
      Season 16 - Episode 45
      A man tells his wife he wants to be homeless. A mean caretaker of a disabled women is faced.

      (from Cynthia was born with no hands and only one leg! Cynthia hired Chad to help her around the house, but he was awful to her! When the Springer Team goes to Cynthia's Tennessee home to see what's going on, the results are shocking! Watch as the studio audience comes to Cynthia's defense and challenges Chad to a fight! Next...Home is not where the heart is! Billy wants to leave his wife Amy because he was most happy when he was homeless! Billy claims that he used Amy for the money and a place to live for the last two years. In fact, she was his social worker! Tune in as the Springer Team follows Billy to see what life is like on the streets!


    • Heartbreaking Secrets!
      Heartbreaking Secrets!
      Season 16 - Episode 44
      A girl who is sleeping with a man finds out from her ex- convict mom that he is her cousin.

      (from Time for the truth! Heather met a guy named Sam, and has been sleeping with him. However, now that her mother, Rayma, is out of prison, she confesses to Heather that Sam is actually her cousin. The big problem now is that Heather is pregnant with her cousin's child! Next...John says it is time for change in his relationship with his girfriend LaQueesha, because he is gay! LaQueesha has been with John for over two years, and now has a child with him. John then confesses that he is gay, and has been sleeping with another man, Corey!moreless

    • Jerry's Thanksgiving Special!
      Jerry's Thanksgiving Special!
      Season 16 - Episode 43
      Guest's who hate their relatives have a chance to have one last Thanksgiving dinner with them.

      (from Guests say welcome to Thanksgiving Holiday Hell! Guests are sick of being forced to spend time with family they can't stand! First...Mike wants to spend Thanksgiving with his ex-wife Brandy, but she doesn't want to be back with him. John, who is currently married to Brandy, says he wants Mike to leave his wife alone! A Thanksgiving dinner food fight breaks out! Next...One family is thankful that after the show they may never have to see each other again. Tranis and Lynelle are happily married, and are tired of Travis's sister, Samantha. Travis is upset his sister is always pawning her kids off on him and his wife. Last...Meranda doesn't care if her brother, Shawn, has to spend Thanksgiving alone. Meranda is tired of her brother dressing up like a woman, and tells him to act like a man!moreless

    • Jerry and the "Whooars"!
      Jerry and the "Whooars"!
      Season 17 - Episode 33
      Renee was on the show before because her husband cheated on her and now she's back for the same thing! Her husband has been letting Krystal stay with them and when Renee goes to work, they start getting busy. Renee is going to confront both her and her husband. Next...Rain is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Scott but he left her for Carrie. He says he doesn't want anything to do with Rain and he wants her to stop being obsessed.moreless
    • My Man is Becoming a Woman!
      My Man is Becoming a Woman!
      Season 15 - Episode 97

      (from Secrets exposed! Ron claims that he's a 37-year old woman trapped in a man's body - and wants to be known as "Veronica!" He's on the show because he wants to be honest with his bi-sexual wife, Angie, even though she's been cheating on him! "Veronica" hopes that by becoming a woman, his wife will be more attracted to him and stop fooling around! Next...Dirty secrets! Saki wants to come clean with her lover and tell him that she was born a man! She's looking to move in with Lonnie and wants to be honest before the relationship goes any further! Will Lonnie forgive Saki for lying to him and accept her?moreless

    • My Grandma is My Pimp!
      My Grandma is My Pimp!
      Season 15 - Episode 96

      (from Crazy family traditions! Former-hooker, Diane, is now a grandmother - and pimping out her granddaughter, Kita! When Kita's mother, Annette, Diane's daughter, confronts them both, the family tree gets shakin'! Granddaughter Kita is proud to follow in her grandmother's footsteps and wants to continue turnin' tricks! And that's not all - Kita's boyfriend, John, is furious when he finds out what's going on! Can John talk Kita out of prostituting - even after she reveals that she's pregnant again? Next...Cheatin' Lovers! Chucky wants to admit to his girlfriend, Amy, that he's been cheating on her multiple times with 10 different women! Every time he gets out of jail, he spends his first month hitting the bars and sleeping with as many women as possible! Later Tron says he's pissed off at his girlfriend, Naomi, he just found out that she's a HE! As it turns out, Naomi is really a transsexual! Although Tron feels like he was lied to, he still loves Naomi and says he'll stay with her if she goues through the operation and becomes a woman! Can he convince her?moreless

    • Demolition Derby
      Demolition Derby
      Season 16 - Episode 102
      Coming Soon...
    • Classic Springer: I'll Fight for My Man!
      Revisiting old episodes this week! (from Rochelle says she was heartbroken when the father of her two children, Nathan, left her suddenly after three years together. As it turns out, Nathan dumped Rochelle for one of Rochelle's friends from parenting classes. Today Rochelle and the other woman will face off. Next...Liz is furious that another woman is pregnant by her man and she says she'll stop at nothing to ruin their relationship! Later...Jennifer says her world was destroyed when her first love, Jason, left her for another woman. Now both women may be pregnant by him!moreless
    • Guests Collide
      Guests Collide
      Season 17 - Episode 29
      Akim had a baby with Princess but Princess' friend, Ingram, has also been sleeping with Akim. Akim claims he doesn't want either of them and they don't like that idea. Next... Clayton is married to Leanne but he's cheated on her many times. Leanne wants him to stop cheating on her.moreless
    • Jerry Springfield!
      Jerry Springfield!
      Season 17 - Episode 30
      Mosias came to America to learn English but he's learned a lot more from his teacher Jenypher! Now he's become her "Mexican Sex Machine" and she wants to leave her husband to be with him. Next... Scott wants to confront his brother Keith about sleeping with his wife Elizabeth. Keith claims he's getting payback for Scott turning him in to the police.moreless
    • The Deer Hunter!
      The Deer Hunter!
      Season 17 - Episode 31
      C.W. loves to hunt and is in love with Mary Jane but she's living with her current boyfriend Bobby Joe. Also C.W.'s son, Charlie has been sleeping with Mary Jane! Charlie wants to be with Mary Jane but in the end she chooses C.W..
    • Meat Me on Springer!
      Meat Me on Springer!
      Season 17 - Episode 2
      Paige has been sleeping with her friend Brianna's boyfriend and she wants to convince him to be with her instead. Since he wants to be a chef, she thinks tying pieces of meat all over her body will help to convince him. Next...Crystal gets turned on by rolling around in the mud and wants her boyfriend, John, to make her squeal like a pig! Last! Lisa's brother doesn't approve of her being a stripper but the truth comes out when he reveals that he has stripped with her fiancé!moreless
    • Transsexuals Attack!
      Transsexuals Attack!
      Season 16 - Episode 13
      More tranny triangles! A man fights to keep his old lover while fending off the old one! Also a mother wants her son to stay a man while he wants to become a full blown woman. And lastly, one man doesn't want his old boyfriend dressed in drag? Check it out in today's episode of Transsexuals Attack! (from Love stories of transsexual relationships! Keon, a hay man, wants his old boyfriend, Lamar, back. However, Lamar is currently dating a transsexual man, Tyanni. Things heat up once Keon brings out Savannah, his current lover! Next, Erica was born a male, but now wants to get a full sex change operation to completely be a female. Lavetta, Eric's mother, wants Erica to stay a male, and wants to stop his operation! Can she stop him from getting the "snip-snip"? Lastly... Shane, a transsexual man who wants to be a woman, wants his old boyfriend back, Daniel. He says they broke up when Shane went to jail, but they really broke up after Sane started dressing in women's clothing! Now, Daniel argues that he won't take Shane back if he continues to dress like a woman! Watch as lovers collide!moreless
    • Honey...I'm Gay
      Honey...I'm Gay
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      Season 14 - Episode 127
      Melissa's upset that her boyfriend of two years, Cody, is sleeping with Dona. Cody only slept with Dona because of a dare, and it turns out he took her virginity behind a chicken coop! Unfortunately, Dona's in love, and wants more than just an explanation!
      Season 14 - Episode 125
      Andreya has always been jealous of her cousin, Shan's, lifestyle. Andreya wants her life, her clothes, and now, she even wants her man!
    • My Man Is A Woman
      My Man Is A Woman
      Season 14 - Episode 124
      Henry is here because he's tired of living his life to please other people, and wants to make a change.
    • Families Face Off!
      Families Face Off!
      Season 14 - Episode 123
      Carla and her sister-in-law, Beverly, just can't seem to get along. Keith is the man that's caught in between his sister and his wife.
    • Between Iraq And A Hard Place
      Between Iraq And A Hard Place
      Season 14 - Episode 122
      Veronica is on the show today because she wants to hear the truth from her cousin, Shawna! Veronica is in love with David, a soldier who had to leave to go serve his country in Iraq.
    • A Stripper Stole My Man
      A Stripper Stole My Man
      Season 14 - Episode 121
      Jennifer wants to meet the woman that's destroying her marriage. Her husband, Dennis, is constantly cheating on her. He used to try and hide his indiscretions, but now he chooses to throw it in her face.
      Season 14 - Episode 129
      Steve hosts the show today! Returning guest James wants to get a piece of Steve! James was on the show a few weeks ago to tell his wife that he's been cheating on her! Now, he wants to stand up to Steve because James thinks women should be put in their place! James won't back down easily, but Steve's not gonna take his attitude and neither will James wife.moreless
      Season 14 - Episode 130
      Tan and Joe's relationship is full of surprises! They've been together for over 2 years and were planning on marrying soon.
      Jerry revisits one of his most controversial guests - The Klan! Racist women tell us why they're against "race mixing" and why they're raising their children to be white supremacists. They feel it's their responsibility to have as many children as possible to secure the future of the white race and the Ku Klux Klan!moreless
      Season 14 - Episode 143
      Crystal has been keepin' busy while her husband was "locked away" - she's been cheating on Todd with the neighborhood ice cream man! Now Crystal is ready to leave Todd and warm up her ice cream man, Rick!
      Season 14 - Episode 142
      Family love triangles! Colleen has been with her current boyfriend Mark for over 2 years. She thought she found the man of her dreams, until he admitted to sleeping with her cousin!
      Season 14 - Episode 132
      Never givin' up on love! Kathlyn is on the show to confront her ex-lover David – because he left her for one-armed Trudie! Kathlyn claims that David left her because Trudie said she is pregnant with his child! Trudie maintains the child she is carrying is his!
    • There's A Mistress In My House
      There's A Mistress In My House
      Season 14 - Episode 4
      Some people never learn! Rhoda's on the show to tell Krystal to stay away from her man, even though Rodney has cheated on her five times!
      Season 14 - Episode 119
      Amanda just turned 18 and has come to the realization that she is finally legal! She has been sleeping with her boyfriend's step-father, Scott, in celebration of this new freedom. Today, Amanda is here to tell her boyfriend, Josh, that she wants a real man in her life. Josh still wants to be with Amanda and says he can be just as exciting as Scott, but Amanda can't guarantee that she won't cheat again.moreless
      Season 14 - Episode 118
      Chrystine is supposed to marry her boyfriend, Jonathon, in two weeks, but there is trouble in paradise. She recently moved out of their house after finding a naked woman lying on the couch! Chrystine still wants to marry Jonathon, but only if the other woman, Jenny, leaves!
      Season 14 - Episode 109
      Today guests on Jerry have done outlandish and unforgivible acts to their friends and families. They have hurt the ones they are supposed to love. Can there guests find forgiveness from their loved ones? Watch Jerry for the results.
      Season 14 - Episode 108
      On Jerry being married to a transsexual can have it's downfall. Jermaine is married to his transexual wife but claims he is not gay and is having an affair with other women to prove it. But will his excuses be enough to have "his wife" stay or will she leave? Watch Jerry for the results.moreless
    • Return of the Past Guests!
      Return of the Past Guests!
      Season 15 - Episode 100
      Jerry Brings back past guest from the past that shocked the audiences. He will give his updates on them and tell us what they are up to now. Watch Jerry for the results.
    • Pimps, Hos, and Larry!
      Pimps, Hos, and Larry!
      Season 15 - Episode 105
      Jerry confronts women who pimp their bodies out for money to support their families and to have money coming in. Their husbands want them to stop. Will the guests choose their lifestyle or their husbands? Watch Jerry for the results.
      Season 14 - Episode 104
      On today's Jerry show these guests have secrets they want to get off their chests. They have been living with them to long and it's time to come clean. But will their partners want to hear what they have to say? Watch Jerry for the results.
      Season 14 - Episode 103
      Will today's Jerry guest get to live out their dreams of their weddings with their same sex partners? They are here on Jerry to be married but when it comes to the question of does anybody object what will happen? Watch Jerry for the results.
      Season 14 - Episode 110
      On today's Jerry Tianeea caught her boyfriend, Charles, screwing around with another woman, Rosie, and wants to confront them about it. Watch Jerry for the results.
    • A Baby, A Plumber, & a Fat Guy
      A Baby, A Plumber, & a Fat Guy
      Season 15 - Episode 111
      Marissa and Jeff have been together for 2 years. Jeff left Marissa for another woman named Shannon. Marissa will not leave unless Jeff comes home with her. Jeff will not be an easy one to convince.
      Season 14 - Episode 117
      Reggie and his girlfriend, Adrian, have been together for six years until she took off with their kids, leaving nothing but a note behind! Now Adrian has moved back in town, but with another guy, and Reggie wants to know what is going on.
      Season 14 - Episode 116
      Casey suspects that her husband, Joe, is cheating on her again. She confronts her friend, Tamara, who admits to sleeping with Joe and further says that he is the missing piece of her puzzle.
      Season 14 - Episode 115
      On todays Jerry, Tawana is angry with her cousin, Natasha, because Natasha is lazy and expects Tawana to take care of her own family.
      Season 14 - Episode 114
      On todays Jerry Ebony let her sister, Iesha, move into her home only to find out that she was sleeping with her boyfriend, Chris! This isn't the first time Chris has cheated on Ebony - it's the 7th time! Watch Jerry for the results.
      Season 14 - Episode 113
      Stephanie is here today on Jerry to confront her boyfriend, Harold, because he has been cheating on her with Jennifer. Harold is helping Stephanie raise her child, even though she had it with another man. Watch Jerry for the results.
      Season 14 - Episode 112
      John and his wife Elizabeth are engaged to be married. Elizabeth can't have children and John wants kids. So together they decided to have a child through a serogate mom. But it turns out that Fallan, the suragate, starts to make advances to John.
    • Brother and Sister and Iraq and a Red Dress
      She met him at a party and they had sex even though she has a boyfriend. But the catch is this new guy is her brother.
    • Cheating
      Season 14 - Episode 147
      Is her husband mad cause she is cheating or is he mad cause she is cheating with a little person?
    • I'm Leaving You
      I'm Leaving You
      Season 14 - Episode 3
    • Man Stealers Confronted
      Man Stealers Confronted
      Season 14 - Episode 209
      Sleeping with the baby sitter Sleeping around
    • Love Hurts
      Love Hurts
      Season 14 - Episode 2
    • Heartless Home Wreckers
      Heartless Home Wreckers
      Season 14 - Episode 207
      People sleeping around money talks.street walkers.
    • Fools In Love
      Fools In Love
      Season 14 - Episode 205
      People sleeping around they could all go home alone.Sexual Identity.
    • I'm Breaking You Up
      I'm Breaking You Up
      Season 14 - Episode 2004
      Sleeping around Never ending love.Travel of love.There's know respect.
      Season 14 - Episode 101
      Can a mother save her daughters soul? LaDonna is on Jerry today just to try and do that. She has found out that her daughter has been less then honest about where she spends her time. Watch Jerry for the results.
    • You Broke Up Your Family
      You Broke Up Your Family
      Season 14 - Episode 203
      Everyone is cheating friends sleeping around.Fighting over a pet.
    • Jerry's Tranny Special
      Jerry's Tranny Special
      Season 16 - Episode 1
      The Season 16 Premiere all about transsexuals! First a woman wants to become a barber and tests her skills out on the audience. After shaving somes chests, they find out she also shaves her own! A woman confronts her pre-op transsexual cousin to stay a man. Lastly we've got Springer's Blind Date, a new twist where a straight man dates a transsexual and likes what they have in common!moreless
    • Furious Bad Girls!
      Furious Bad Girls!
      Season 16 - Episode 3
      Children in the middle.Who's your daddy....
    • Jerry's Columbus Day Special
      Jerry's Columbus Day Special
      Season 16 - Episode 11
      Family dinners are never normal on Springer. Families sit down to a nice meal only to argue and throw it in each others' faces! First a man's family hates his wife, but he tries hard to get everyone to get along. (More to come once the episode airs)
    • Steve And The Drunken Felon
      Steve And The Drunken Felon
      Season 14 - Episode 217
      Fooling around ,and getting pregnant.No baby in site.
    • Please Dominate Me!
      Please Dominate Me!
      Season 16 - Episode 9
      A woman tries to save her marriage by learning to dominate him. Things get turned around when the dominatrix dominates her! A son wants to know if his mom's a lesbian and two neighbours fight over one man. (taken from Guests are tired of wearing the pants in their relationships! Sarah wants to saver her marriage with Richard, who is a cross-dressing male! Cleo joins in to teach Sarah how to be a dominatrix and punishes them both - and even includes Stage Manager Todd in a paddle session! Next...Mike wants to find out if his mother, Julie, is sleeping with her roommate, Melanie! Is his mother a lesbian? Julie defends herself and says that she is tired of men treating her wrong - and she is really interested in women. Finally...How neighborly! Jessica wants to be with Anthony, but her neighbor, also named Jessica, had his baby! The feud heats up with the twi Jessicas confront!moreless
    • Steve and the Drunken Felon
      Steve and the Drunken Felon
      Season 16 - Episode 8
      Steve hosts today's show with an engaged man sleeping with his cousin. Also a woman lies to her man about a baby. (taken from Steve takes over the show! Tina found out 3 days ago that her fiance, Robert, has been sleeping with his cousin, Mellissa! She claims that Robert is a cheating alcoholic, but she still loves him - even though Robert has gotten two other women pregnant, including his cousin! Things really heat up when all the sordid details are revealed! Next...Lying lovers! Lori is keeping a secret from her husband, Raymond, and must now confess that she had her tubes tied! But why does Raymond still think she is going to have a baby?moreless
    • My Mom's a Drunk!
      My Mom's a Drunk!
      Season 14 - Episode 216
      Drunk in the family,ending relationships.Engaged to two brothers.
    • Steve and the Girl on Heroin
      Steve and the Girl on Heroin
      Season 16 - Episode 5
      Street walker in need .
    • Viewers VS. Springers Guests
      Viewers VS. Springers Guests
      Season 16 - Episode 4
      Standing up for your woman, Embarrassing times.Bringing up child, big crush.
    • Everyone Knows But You
      Everyone Knows But You
      Season 14 - Episode 202
      Someone gets pregnant know family Know relationship.Gay and transsexual relationship Sleeping around.
    • Burbin' Love!
      Burbin' Love!
      Season 14 - Episode 201
      Father does not like boy friend, There is a big secret.People who are sleeping around. Watch Jerry to find the answers.
      Season 14 - Episode 152
      Jerry Brings back past guest from the past that shocked the audiences. He will give his updates on them and tell us what they are up to now.
    • Siblings Fued and Tangeling with TV Hosts
      Steve tell of two completely different stories heard on todays show.
    • Taking the Law
      Taking the Law
      Season 14 - Episode 150
      Men acting like police or not?
    • Steve's Lesbian Audience
      Steve's Lesbian Audience
      Season 14 - Episode 149
      Steve approaches the guest who have secrets of who's sleeping with who..
    • Skocking Secrets Revealed to Mom.
      Skocking Secrets Revealed to Mom.
      Season 14 - Episode 148
      Vanessa has a shocking secret to tell her mom. Will her mom be able to take it? Tracy has some shocking news for her mom as well.
      Season 14 - Episode 153
      Jerry confronts women who pimp their bodies out for money to support their families and to have money coming in. Their husbands want them to stop. Will the guests choose their lifestyle or their husbands?
    • It"s All your Fault
      It"s All your Fault
      Season 14 - Episode 200
      There is a lot of people who are sleeping with other than their partners on todays Jerry show.Will promises be made to be true from now on to I want to leave cause I can't control myself.Watch Jerry to find out all the answer.
      Season 14 - Episode 154
      On today's Jerry show these guests have secrets they want to get off their chests. They have been living with them to long and it's time to come clean. But will their partners want to hear what they have to say?
    • Classic Springer: Dump Your Lover...You're Mine!
      The last day of looking back at old episodes. (from Raymond has two girlfriends and they're both confident that when he's forced to choose, the "other woman" will be the one who's dumped! But Raymond has been lying to both of them and he'll be forced to come clean today. Next...Tina didn't know it at the time, but her ex-boyfriend Dustin had been stalking her for a year before they actually met! Tina didn't find out how mean Dustin was until it was too late - she was already two months pregnant when he kicked her out of their home! Tina then got back together with her first love, Matt. Today, Dustin will try to win back Tina's heart and prove that he's changed. But, Tina and Matt have other plans!moreless
    • A Godfather, a Tranny, & a Midget
      A Godfather, a Tranny, & a Midget
      Season 18 - Episode 25
      First, a woman cheats on her husband with the godfather of their child. Later, a transexual dancer tries to take another man's woman away. Finally, a father of four ends up falling in love with a woman that already has a man in her life.
    • Last Chance For Love
      Last Chance For Love
      Season 14 - Episode 5
    • Bizarre Fetishes!
      Bizarre Fetishes!
      Season 15 - Episode 98

      (from Food fetishes! "Mr. Gravy Man" Bill has a food fetish that he just can't live without - and he ha senlisted the services of Kabani, a large black woman, to fulfill his fantasies! How will Bill's wife respond to his alternative life style? Domineering Dominatrix! Next...Eric wants to tell his girlfriend a dirty little secret - he sees a professional dominatrix on a regular basis! He explains how seeing Goddess Cheyenne has changed his life, and makes him feel more confident! Even after Eric's girlfriend finds out, she pleads with him to stop-then Goddess Cheyenne offers to teach her a few things! Last...Family squabbles and pregnant strippers! Returning guest Liz, a pregnant stripper, is on the show to get her husband back - from his stepsister, Alice! When they were first on the show, Randy was leaving his wife for his stepsister! Now that Liz is pregnant, she wants Randy back to help take care of her, because she's tired of stripping!moreless

    • Uncle Bob/Aunt Robin
      Uncle Bob/Aunt Robin
      Season 17 - Episode 11
      Carolyn is sleeping with her stepfather, Chuck, and thinks she's in love with him. Her step mom, Kelly, had no idea and is not happy at all with what's happening. In the end, Chuck doesn't want to be with either of them! Next...Robin was born a man and came wearing a wedding dress wanting to get married to Vincent. Amanda, her niece, doesn't like the idea of them getting married and tries to stop the Reverend from performing the ceremony.moreless
    • You Can't Afford Me Baby
      You Can't Afford Me Baby
      Season 18 - Episode 28
      In this episode, a man complains that his girlfriend is a gold digger, but later has more issues on his hands when he finds out she's sleeping with his friends. Later, a woman has to break the news to her boyfriend that she's leaving him for another woman. Finally, a hooker wants to leave her pimp and the lifestyle behind her.moreless
    • Katrina, God and a Rapper!
      Trina, a devoted Christian, tries to stop her mom and sister from there wrong ways. After Hurricane Katrina, Walter has resorted to male stripping and prostitution for money and his wife Jamie wants him to stop.
    • Angry Women Attack
      Angry Women Attack
      Season 18 - Episode 39
      In this episode, a man is tired of his girlfriend so he decides to sleep with her best friend. Later, a man confesses to his girlfriend that he was born a woman. Finally, a woman tries to warn one of her male friends about his current girlfriend.
    • I'm Pregnant By A Transsexual
      I'm Pregnant By A Transsexual
      Season 7 - Episode 1
    • A Spin on Weddings!
      A Spin on Weddings!
      Season 17 - Episode 55
      Autumn has been with Josh for 4 years but she just found out he's been sleeping with Brandy! But when Jerry brings out Brandy so Autumn can confront Brandy, she comes out in a wedding dress and says she's going to marry Josh! Next... Oak and his son David both have feelings for Pearl! Now she has to choose between the two but Pearl wants Reverend Shnorr's advice. But everyone's shocked when Pearl's sister in the audience says she's been sleeping with David! Lastly, who's got a foot fetish? Zigg comes to the show looking for feet! He's been married to 24 sets of feet and now he's looking for his 25th in the Springer audience.moreless
    • Jerry and the Pope!
      Jerry and the Pope!
      Season 17 - Episode 32
      Jerry (not the host) is a pimp and also says he's the pope! His daughter, Selethia, doesn't like what he's doing and Reverend Shnorr tries to reason with him. Next... Cousin's love Summer! Don has been sleeping with his cousin's wife, Summer. She then says that she wants to be with Don instead!moreless
    • Classic Springer: I Have a Surprise...I'm Cheating!
      Jerry visits on old episode (from Candice and Matt have been together for two years, but today Matt will tell her that he's been cheating with Candice's best friend, Nicky. Next...Moon has been cheating on her boyfriend with another man...and another woman! Later...A mistress surprises her man's girlfriend when she blows the whistle on the affair!moreless
    • Update: I'm Marrying My Sister!
      Update: I'm Marrying My Sister!
      Season 1 - Episode 28

      (from Outrageous nuptials! Returning guest Mario is a proud father and is ready to marry his baby's mother - who's also his half-sister, Octavia! When they were first on the show, they were proud of their love and weren't going to let anything keep them apart. When their other sister, Otisha and her fiance, David, confront Mario and Octavia, they have to fight to keep their love! Will Otisha and David let Reverend Shnorr marry Mario and Octavia today? Next...Springer Woddings! Tiffany is on the show because, although she's married, she never got her dream wedding - and wants it today! However, her husband, Kevin, left her to live with Tiffany's friend, Lisa! Tiffany is going to do anything to get her husband back - even sing him a song! Find out if the Springer Security Team can hold these two former-friends apart long enough for Reverend Shnorr to earn his pay and give Tiffany the wedding she's been hoping for - but the big surprise is whom Tiffany is going to try and marry!moreless

    • My Mom's a Drunk!
      My Mom's a Drunk!
      Season 16 - Episode 7
      A mother too drunk and wild for her family. A family reunion, Springer style and a love triangle with one more! (taken from Family squabbles! Ruth wants to confront her daughter, Leah, because she wants her mother's drinking and wild life to stop! Leah says her mother is a drunk, and her behavior has to stop! Trouble at the family reunion! Jordan is ready for his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie, to leave her new boyfriend - her uncle, Roger! The Only problem is Roger is also Jordan's boss, and now Roger won't give up Stephanie! Next...Crawling into bed! Kytte is engaged to both Jerry and Steven! Steven is a married man who has given her comfort during hard times. She's going to confess to Jerry that she wants to be with the other man, Steven! However, Dawn, who is currently married to Steven, is not going to let Kytte break up her marriage!moreless
    • Classic Springer: Update: I Still Love You!
      Another old episode revisited! (from Returning guests say the dust hasn't settled since their first visit to the show and they still want to try to work things out. Sandy was dumped by her boyfriend Bobby. Now she wants him back and says she has proof that his new girlfriend is cheating on him! Next...Tina dumped her longtime boyfriend when he told her that he cheated with her best friend! Now he wants her forgiveness and even propses marriage! But Tina has other ideas.moreless
    • Bibles and Vacuum Cleaners!
      Bibles and Vacuum Cleaners!
      Season 15 - Episode 106
      Cheaters on Jerry today come clean with their affairs. A past guest appears who was jobless when he first appeared but now sells vacuum cleaners. But is that all he is selling? Watch Jerry for the results
    • Mad Moms
      Mad Moms
      Season 18 - Episode 9
    • Big-time Fighting Show!
      Big-time Fighting Show!
      Season 16 - Episode 46
      A woman battles her cousin's girlfriend. A man's ex confronts his girlfriend.

      (from Taking control of their relationships! El-Rene is going to confront her cousin Marion's white girlfriend Mary! El-Rene absolutely hates Mary and thinks she manipulated Marion to be with her! El-Rene and Marion's mother, Donna, are intent on breaking up the relationship and won't leave until it's over! Later...Doing anything to get your lovers back! After dating Jordan, Kim started stripping - and Jordan became a regular customer! Now, Kim is going to do anything to get Jordan back! Watch when strippers and home wreckers collide! Later...More secrets! Thayus is on the show because Darrell wants to reveal a secret to him - Darrell has been having an affair with Thayus' girlfriend, Joy. In a bizarre twist, Darrell sings his secret to Thayus, and Jerry joins in! When Joy is confronted, there's no happiness there! She's tired of Thayus and wants to leave him!moreless

    • In-Law Feuds & Obama Workers
      In-Law Feuds & Obama Workers
      Season 18 - Episode 14
    • Crossdressing Caper!
      Crossdressing Caper!
      Season 17 - Episode 39
      Joe likes being a little kinky; using handcuffs, S and M, wearing women's underwear and sleeping with his brother's girlfriend Tina. He comes to the show to let everyone know what he's been up to. Next... Deshawn doesn't like how his brother John's girlfriend is ruining his life.
    • Say It Is Not So
      Say It Is Not So
      Season 14 - Episode 208
      People sleeping around they are all cheating.
    • I Won't Be Your Doormat
      I Won't Be Your Doormat
      Season 18 - Episode 35
    • Pregnant Bad Girls!
      Pregnant Bad Girls!
      Season 16 - Episode 14
      All about irresponsible women drinking, smoking, and using drugs while pregnant. See how their families try to prevent the kid from coming out a vegetable. (fron Pregnant and still a wild child! Krystal is the godmother of her friend, Courtney's children. Courtney is now pregnant, but she continues to smoe and use drugs! Krystal confronts Courtney about her irresponsible use of drugs and alcohol, but Peggy, Courtney's mother, jumps in to defend her daughter! Next... Iesha wants to be with her baby's father, Cheron, but he's dating Leola, who is four months pregnant and still drinking heavily! Finally... Diane wants to confront her son's ex-girlfriend, Trudie, for drinking and using drugs while pregnant with her grandchild. Now grandma goes face to face with her!moreless
    • What Happens in a Trailer Park...
      What Happens in a Trailer Park...
      Season 18 - Episode 30
      In this episode, a wife hurts both her husband and daughter when she reveals she's sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend. Later, a woman turns the tables when she reveals she's sleeping with her mother's boyfriend. Finally, three men find themselves in a volatile love triangle.
    • Torn Between Two Lovers
      Torn Between Two Lovers
      Season 8 - Episode 4
    • Spin Cycle Love Affairs
      Spin Cycle Love Affairs
      Season 18 - Episode 36
      In this episode, a man admits to his girlfriend that he slept with her cousin. Later, an aunt learns that her boyfriend has been sleeping with her niece. Finally, a prostitute reveals to her boyfriend that one of her clients may be the father of her unborn baby.
    • I Must Confess... I'm Not Pregnant
      I Must Confess... I'm Not Pregnant
      Season 18 - Episode 40

      In this episode, a man confesses that he slept with his wife's niece. Later, another man confesses to sleeping with the boss's wife. Finally, a woman has to confess to her boyfriend that she lied to him when she said she was pregnant.

      Season 14 - Episode 126
      Tashana is still in love with her ex, Daniel. The problem is that he doesn't love her back. His heart belongs to Kristy, and he's done trying to make the relationship with Tashana work!
    • Itchin' for Love!
      Itchin' for Love!
      Season 17 - Episode 24
      Jimmy used to date Rhonda for thirteen years until she left him for Jason. Jimmy still loves her and even tells her a poem. Rhonda claims she only loves Jason but Jimmy's sister Kim says that Rhonda still leads him on. Next... Justin never had a father and now wants his mom's boyfriend to fill that void.moreless
    • Racists Moms!
      Racists Moms!
      Season 14 - Episode 1028
      John made a huge mistake marrying Tisha. He recently found out that she's racist and he won't accept that!
    • Livid Lesbians!
      Livid Lesbians!
      Season 17 - Episode 3
      Vicky is upset because she thinks Priscilla is turning her daughter, Kendra, into a lesbian! It turns out the Priscilla wants to be with Kendra even though she cheats on her! Next...Carol isn't happy with her mom because she set her up with her friend Dr. Chocolate for $200! Lastly! Jenny has been sleeping with her mom's fiancé, Jerry, and Jerry wants to be with Jenny instead of her mother, Theresa!moreless
    • Transsexuals and an Army Man
      Transsexuals and an Army Man
      Season 15 - Episode 155
      On Jerry being married to a transsexual can have it's downfall. Jermaine is married to his transsexual wife but claims he is not gay and is having an affair with other women to prove it. But will his excuses be enough to have "his wife" stay or will she leave?
    • 156
      Season 1 - Episode 156
    • Rockin' Reverend 2
      Rockin' Reverend 2
      Season 17 - Episode 25
      Teddy has recently found out that his cousin Nathan has been sleeping with his wife Melissa. Nathan says that she treats him well and makes him happy but Melissa says she'd rather be with Teddy. Teddy sings a song he wrote and wants to renew their vows. The Reverend comes out to help them with that. Next... Jessie wears a dress because he likes the feel of it. His girlfriend Marisol doesn't like how he dresses and won't accept him like that. Marisol's uncle is also a cross dresser and wants Jessie to be with him instead! Jessie says that he'll give up the dresses if she'll marry him.moreless
    • I'm In Love With My Uncle
      I'm In Love With My Uncle
      Season 18 - Episode 2
    • Boxing, Werewolves, and Babysitters
      Boxing, Werewolves, and Babysitters
      Season 15 - Episode 107
      Today's guests on Jerry are keeping secrets from their partners. They are having affairs. But the problem is the women want to stay with the men they are having an affair with. Will these men choose the women or were they just a fling? Watch Jerry for the results.
    • My Wedding Day Bites
      My Wedding Day Bites
      Season 18 - Episode 38
      In this episode, a fiancee confesses to sleeping with the neighbor and the consequences may result in the end of the wedding. Later, a marriage is on the rocks when the mother of the groom's children refuses to let him get married to someone else.
    • Females Face Off!
      Females Face Off!
      Season 14 - Episode 106
      Patti will face off with her sister Shelly, who terrorized her by sleeping with Patti's boyfriends.
    • Spinning Tales on Springer!
      Spinning Tales on Springer!
      Season 17 - Episode 54
      Envy holds the championship belt in pro-wrestling and has a great trainer. But now Priscilla who is also a pro-wrestler wants Envy's belt and her trainer! They both decide to wrestle in a tub of jello to see who will be victorious. Kristi and Brad have been dating for 4 years and have a kid but Brad's stepmom, Brenda, wants Kristi to stop dating him. Lastly, Gina dresses up as a raccoon in bed with her girlfriend Nicole but she comes to the show to reveal she's sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, Trey, who is engaged to Jessica!moreless
    • Brutal Betrayals
      Brutal Betrayals
      Season 14 - Episode 1007
      Brutal Betrayals
    • Dirty Double Crossers
      Dirty Double Crossers
      Season 14 - Episode 1005
      Misty wants the truth!
    • Addicted to Cheatin'
      Addicted to Cheatin'
      Season 14 - Episode 920
      After all is said and done, everyone is going home alone!
    • Bitter Blow Ups!
      Bitter Blow Ups!
      Season 14 - Episode 1105
      Michelle's mother, Connie, has never been there for her, but she never thought her mother would sleep with her boyfriend!
    • Update: Outrageous Guests
      Update: Outrageous Guests
      Season 8 - Episode 2
    • Bad Boys!
      Bad Boys!
      Season 14 - Episode 1011
      Michael is a player who's trying to come clean to the girl he loves.
    • torn between two lovers
      torn between two lovers
      Season 8 - Episode 4

      a married woman leaves her husband for a younger man

    • A Cross Dresser Wants My Gal
      A Cross Dresser Wants My Gal
      Season 14 - Episode 1004
      Ken is a cross dresser and now goes by the name Kerin
    • I Hate Your Lover!
      I Hate Your Lover!
      Season 8 - Episode 1
    • Marriage: Hillbilly Style
      Marriage: Hillbilly Style
      Season 14 - Episode 924
      When all four friends face off, mayhem ensues!
    • Mistresses on a Manhunt!
      Mistresses on a Manhunt!
      Season 14 - Episode 1101
      Lizzy suspects that her man, Clarence, is messing around with her friend, Sheila.
    • Oops! I Cheated Again!
      Oops! I Cheated Again!
      Season 14 - Episode 1019
      Extra large Billy has been fooling around...
    • Sex For Cash
      Sex For Cash
      Season 14 - Episode 921
      Can she get beyond his dirty past?
    • Shame on You!
      Shame on You!
      Season 14 - Episode 916
      Two feisty women face off.
    • Shocking Video Confessions!
      Shocking Video Confessions!
      Season 14 - Episode 1018
      Harold been keeping a secret for over 50 years!
    • Tales of the Broken Hearted!
      Tales of the Broken Hearted!
      Season 14 - Episode 1014
      Will any of these relationships make it?
    • This Aint Love
      This Aint Love
      Season 14 - Episode 1015
      Robert is shocked to find out his cross dressing brother, John is sleeping with his girlfriend.
    • Lovers Gone Wild!
      Lovers Gone Wild!
      Season 14 - Episode 928
      Gary is a self-proclaimed professional foot licker!
    • Lousy in Love!
      Lousy in Love!
      Season 14 - Episode 930
      Lisa is a lesbian who prostitutes herself to have children!
    • Forbidden Affairs!
      Forbidden Affairs!
      Season 14 - Episode 929
      Danielle and Veronica both have a child by Josh although he's actually married to Danielle.
    • Adult Babies
      Adult Babies
      Season 8 - Episode 9
    • Hookers for Hire
      Hookers for Hire
      Season 14 - Episode 913
      Norman is pimping Kimberely out in exchange for housing and both Kimberly and her husband want it to stop.
    • I Love to Hate You
      I Love to Hate You
      Season 14 - Episode 915
      When the truth comes out, the chaos begins.
    • I Slept with my Daughter's Man!
      I Slept with my Daughter's Man!
      Season 14 - Episode 927
      Brandy thought she had a good relationship with her husband.
    • I'm Marrying a Transexual!
      I'm Marrying a Transexual!
      Season 14 - Episode 1001
      Tonja refuses to accept her son, Sergio's gay lifestyle.
    • I've Been Bad
      I've Been Bad
      Season 14 - Episode 1012
      Will Darlene forgive Perry for sleeping with a male prostitute?
    • Liars Cheaters and Sex, Oh My
      Liars Cheaters and Sex, Oh My
      Season 14 - Episode 1013
      But it looks like everyone is going home alone after Daniel refuses Brandon and his wife leaves him flat!
    • Honey, I Have a Secret Life
      Honey, I Have a Secret Life
      Season 14 - Episode 917
      Jennifer wants to stop their S & M lifestyle.
    • Springer's Gender Bender Blow Out
      Springer's Gender Bender Blow Out
      Season 18 - Episode 34
      In this episode, a blackjack dealer tells his girlfriend that he slept with a transsexual. Later, a man tells his girlfriend, and her brother, that he's been having an affair with the brother's girlfriend.
    • Bullfrog & Dead Animal Guy
      Bullfrog & Dead Animal Guy
      Season 18 - Episode 8
    • I Want Your Lover!
      I Want Your Lover!
      Season 8 - Episode 7
    • I Want an Emmy!
      I Want an Emmy!
      Season 18 - Episode 10
    • "She" is a He
      "She" is a He
      Season 18 - Episode 11
      First, a wife and husband reunite only for the wife to cheat on his sister's fiance. Later, a man doesn't know that his girlfriend was actually born a man.
    • A Bi Guy, a Vet
      A Bi Guy, a Vet
      Season 18 - Episode 12
      In this episode, a woman is upset when her Vietnam vet uncle starts dating a frequent show guest name Sarah. Later, a homosexual man sleeps with a married man woh claims that the encounter was only experimental.
    • Pregnant 4 Times By Another Man
      Pregnant 4 Times By Another Man
      Season 18 - Episode 13
      In this episode, a man cheats on his wife with a stripper at the club. Later, a woman has father four children with another man but refuses to leave her husband for him. Finally, a woman tells her boyfriend that she is breaking up with him for a transsexual.
    • One Leg, Gay Guys, & Babysitters
      One Leg, Gay Guys, & Babysitters
      Season 18 - Episode 6
    • Jerry's 18th Year Celebration
      Jerry's 18th Year Celebration
      Season 18 - Episode 5
    • Update: Woman In Labor Confronts Mistress
    • Gator Skinner Love
      Gator Skinner Love
      Season 17 - Episode 42
      The show gets a guest security guard, Toney Freeman who is a professional body builder and from the IFBB!
      First we have Charlotte who likes to wrestle alligators with her boyfriend, Lee, to help pay the bills. Lee's sister doesn't like Charlotte but Lee loves her and wants to marry her.
      Next, Harvey's fiance's brother, Jay, won't stay out of his relationship.
      Lastly, Will comes to the show because his cousin, James, got a girlfriend and now things have changed.moreless
    • Jason's Thanksgiving!
      Jason's Thanksgiving!
      Season 17 - Episode 43
      It's Thanksgiving Day again on Jerry Springer and Jason doesn't like his sister's boyfriend!
      Next...Eddie brings his girlfriend along with his wife, Latasha! He still wants to be with his wife, but she doesn't want anything to do with him.
      Lastly, Jen's niece, Kimmy, has been sleeping with her boyfriend and Jen claims that Kimmy's been around the block.moreless
    • Cousins and Breakdancers
      Cousins and Breakdancers
      Season 17 - Episode 44
      Janine has always been there for her cousin Britini but now she's gone too far by sleeping with her boyfriend, Toris! Toris claims it was just a fling and he really wants to be with Janine but Britini says she's in love with him!
      Next, Billy's been sleeping with his next door neighbor, Christine, and she's now pregnant! The only problem is, her boyfriend Jake didn't know about it! She wants to stay with Jake but he's not so sure.
      Lastly, Heather has been sleeping with her sister's boyfriend Joe and now that Tiffany, her sister, and Brittney, Heather's girlfriend, have found out, they aren't happy at all.moreless
    • Update: Woman In Labor Confronts Mistress
    • "Save" My Lesbian Daughter
      "Save" My Lesbian Daughter
      Season 18 - Episode 4
    • Dad I'm Gay
      Dad I'm Gay
      Season 18 - Episode 15
      In this episode, a man has trouble telling his very religious family that he is homosexual. Later, a girl tries to get her best friend to love her even though she's engaged to a man. Finally, a woman tries to convince one of her ex-girlfriend's to get back together with her.moreless
    • Lovers vs Mistresses
      Lovers vs Mistresses
      Season 8 - Episode 6
    • Face the Ugly Truth
      Face the Ugly Truth
      Season 18 - Episode 17
      In this episode, a camper ends up catching his wife cheating again at the same campground where they have taken up residence. Later, a woman cheats on her husband with a coworker. More drama is thrown into the mix when the coworker wants to leave his own wife for her.
    • Wives Battle Mistresses !
      Wives Battle Mistresses !
      Season 8 - Episode 3
    • Show 3357!
      Show 3357!
      Season 17 - Episode 56
      Dave's got a secret he needs to get off his chest. He's been cheating on his girlfriend Alicia with Choquita and comes to the show to tell Alicia that he's leaving with Choquita! Next, Adam was cheating on his girlfriend Amy with Kadi. Amy has forgiven Adam but now Kadi won't leave them alone and claims Adam is really in love with her!moreless
    • Springer Fiasco!
      Springer Fiasco!
      Season 17 - Episode 53
      Deandre has been sleeping with his neighbor, Showanda, and is here to tell his secret to his wife! Next... Melissa is getting married to John but Brandon claims he is in love with her. Can he win her back? Lastly, Carla is 50 years old and wants to tell her daughter, Jennifer, that she won't stop stripping just because of her age.moreless
    • Forgive Me, I Slept With Your Man
      Forgive Me, I Slept With Your Man
      Season 18 - Episode 31
      First, a man has to tell his girlfriend that he slept with her best friend. Later, a man is cheating on his transsexual lover. Finally, a male stripper ends up sleeping with his girlfriend's best friend.
    • I Slept With Your College Roommate
      I Slept With Your College Roommate
      Season 18 - Episode 32
      In this episode, a man cheats on his girlfriend with her roommate at college. Later, a woman sleeps with her boyfriend's roommate and pleads with him to forgive her.
    • Mistress Mayhem
      Mistress Mayhem
      Season 18 - Episode 33
      In this episode, a man sleeps with his neighbor and his girlfriend isn't happy about it. Later, a soldier doesn't stay faithful to his pregnant girlfriend back home. Finally, a lesbian is upset when her partner leaves her for a man.
    • I'm Pregnant By My Brother
      I'm Pregnant By My Brother
      Season 8 - Episode 5
    • I'm a Gay Prostitute
      I'm a Gay Prostitute
      Season 18 - Episode 24
      A male prostitute has to confess to his mother and grandmother that he is homosexual. Later, a woman has to tell her roommate that she's sleeping with her ex-husband.
    • You'll Never Marry My Son
      You'll Never Marry My Son
      Season 18 - Episode 18
      In this episode, a mother begs her son to break up with his pregnant girlfriend. Later, a man tries to propose to his longtime girlfriend, but might not get the answer he wants after she finds out he's a cheater.
    • Jerry's Keepin' It Real
      Jerry's Keepin' It Real
      Season 18 - Episode 19
      In this episode, a man reveals to his girlfriend that he slept with her best friend. Later, a nephew has to tell his uncle that he's sleeping with his girlfriend.
    • I'm Sleeping With Two Brothers
      I'm Sleeping With Two Brothers
      Season 18 - Episode 20
      In this episode, a woman has two brothers fighting over her love. Later, a woman breaks the news to another woman that she's been sleeping with her boyfriend. Finally, a wife confronts her husband's mistress.
    • I Had a One-Night Stand
      I Had a One-Night Stand
      Season 18 - Episode 21
      In this episode, a veteran serving in Iraq cheats on his wife when he's home from duty. Later, a man confesses to his girlfriend that he slept with her best friend. Finally, a married man cheats on his wife with a stripper.
    • Brawlin' Sisters
      Brawlin' Sisters
      Season 18 - Episode 22
      In this episode, sisters battle each other to regain their boyfriends. Later, an ex-con is after his cousin for stealing his girlfriend while he was incarcerated.
    • You Won't Destroy My Family
      You Won't Destroy My Family
      Season 18 - Episode 23
      First, a songwriter tells his best friend that he has been sleeping with his girlfriend. Later, a man blames his girlfriend's attitude for why he cheats on her. Finally, a mother tries to convince her daughter that her husband is nothing but a bum.
    • Women on the Edge.
      Women on the Edge.
      Season 14 - Episode 914
      Colleen caught her man washing dishes in women's lingerie.