Jerry in the UK

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    I had not seen the show in years over here then found it again on living tv here in the uk but they show it as 2 in an hour 1 for each half hour is this the way the show is now or are they cutting loads out
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    Steve is nice as a bouncer but not as a host! He does not cut it AT ALL!

    Forget that Reverend drunk. He is an insult to anyone's intelligence!!! Why make people mad at JERRY over this dumb loser!

    And let yourOPRAH go eat a tub of chitterlings....she is just another hanger on!

    I have watched Jerry Spinger faithfully for years and have always enjoyed his whitty, speedy, clever personality! He has had the ratings.....why spoil a good thing with adding these rediculous no talented people!

    LEAVE JERRY THE STAR!!! Drop all the others!!!!!

    Alan Walden

    Macon, Georgia

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