The Jerry Springer Show

Season 18 Episode 9

Mad Moms

Aired Weekdays Sep 25, 2008 on

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  • I was the girl trying to get that trick to leave my man alone. Old hag grabed me, didn't sign the waver, was P.O.ed

    Have not yet watched me show, but would love to. Please help me get this show re-aired. Thank you to all those trying to help in this. I would pay the pay-per-view fee even though, theres no nude parts. Just want to see my acting skills. Would love to sit and watch with all my friends. This takes a long time, to write 100 words, Not Knowing what to write. So I know I sound like I'm babbleing. OMG is it over yet? Twenty left so now I'm just type i the words to make it longer. Two Left. I'm Out.