The Jerry Springer Show

Season 17 Episode 1

Return of Jason!

Aired Weekdays Sep 17, 2007 on

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  • That was an hour of my life I don't want back. I loved this guy/girl. I hope you get him back on the show so he can cuss the staff some more. I have to say this was one of the most entertaining shows I've watched in a long time. You get em Jason.

    I watch the show because I am in love with the Reverend Schnorr. I love Steve too but his new show is too Montel-ish. I watched Jason go after Richard and the guy in the booth. I saw the fear in their eyes as they thought they were going to be devoured by this deranged menace. I watched the audience cringe in fear as Jason caught them laughing. He'd have tore my butt up cause I was rolling on the floor laughing. I want to go to the Springer show so bad, but I have a fear of flying. I stay home instead and watch the Jerry Springer Show.