The Jerry Springer Show

Season 15 Episode 100

Return of the Past Guests!

Aired Weekdays May 22, 2006 on

Episode Recap

Billy promised his wife Courtney that he was done cheating on her with his girlfriend, Stephanie. Now they're back and Stephanie's about to let Courtney know that she and Billy are still sleeping together! Billy admits he's continued his affair with Stephanie, but promises that this time it's over for good. Once bitten, twice shy, Courtney says the marriage is over and refuses to give Billy a third chance. Next...Lemar is back and says that since the last show he has become a local celebrity in his hometown! In a strange twist of fate, he met and hooked up with another past Springer guest, Wilburt. After a romantic encounter in the bathroom, Lemar says he is ready to steal Wilburt away from his boyfriend, Robert. Wilburt says Robert hasn't changed his controlling ways despite their last appearance on the Springer Show. He'll tell him today that their relationship is over! Finally...Crystal says there are three people in her relationship - her, her boyfriend, and his ex-girlfriend, Janice. Crystal's hoping that another visit to the Jerry's Show will convince Janice that she is not going to get Joe back.