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  • To see people told that someone they care about is sleeping around,a hooker, or any variety of secrets, this show might be for you. If you like to see people beating on each other, showing bare breasts, shaking private parts, etc., just tune in.

    The Jerry Springer show is about a lot of dysfunctional people going on national tv to disclose heartbreaking secrets to people who care about them. Why someone would go on that show, knowing what goes on amazes me. There is always fighting, hair pulling, and chair throwing. The audience is as bad, with women wanting to dance on the pole and show their breasts on tv.It makes you wonder if these people are for real or have been paid somehow to act in such a shabby way. The only highlight of the show is when Jerry sums up what has happened at the end. It seems like he is perplexed why people would want to hurt the people they once loved and especially on national tv. It makes me wonder if the people on his show actually get what he is telling them or if it goes over their heads.
  • This is the Worst Show Ever made, Seriously.

    My 16th review after "Robot Chicken".

    oh my god! NO!!!! NOT THE PAIN!!! NOT THE PAIN, YOW!!!!!!
    This has got to be the worst show ever created of ALL time!!! Only foul-mouths would watch this garbage. The way they fight is sooooo fake! They keep on cursing with beep sounds and it's really annoying. I abousuluoty hate this piece of rotten garabge. This show is Abousuloty gonna get a F--.
    Here the results:

    Voice-acting: F--0.5/10.0 Their voices are beyond worthless!

    Sound: F-- 0.2/10.0 Beep, beep, beep again, and beep again. Really annoying!!!

    Dialouge: F-- 0.0/10.0 Horrbile! They curse every 3 seconds litterlay!

    Grapihcs: D-- 4.0/10.0 The only better part in this Appaling show.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 What the *beep* Were they thinking when they thought of this foul-mouthed show back in 1991?!?!?

    Overall: F-- 1.0/10.0 This show is beyond Appaling!!! I wanted to give a 0.0 but stupid's system won't let me vote Lower then a 1.0!!!! This show is a million times worst then any other stupid shows, like Barney and friends, Teletubbies, Boohbah, and even Mr. meaty!!! Go watch something else beside this Foul-mouthed garbage!!!
  • One word: Discraseful.

    This show is completely and utterly horrid. I can't stand this show, all that scumbag Jerry springer does is bringing in those poor people who are sitting there being humiliated on national TV. They don't know what's best for themselves, and Mr. Springer takes advantage of them to lift ratings! He should be ashamed of himself, and in my opinion he is a national plague. The only reason people watch this is so they and their small minds can sit there and laugh of the "losers" on the show, so that they can feel better about themselves. Petty! NBC, do us all a favor: take this s**t of the air.
  • I think its time for Jerry to put away his cue cards and focus on politics!

    The Jerry Springer Show was a good show back in the day. And i will admit i really loved watching it then. But now the show has went down hill to the point of no return. The shows earlier episodes werent all that great, its was like watching sally jesse ralpheal. But by the end of the 90's and early 00's the show in my opinion was at its peak and was highly interesting. Spring cam was a plus for the show. But after two seasons thay done away with it and show was pretty much back to where it was. Alone with getting rid of Springer cam the guest was getting wild and crazy and even freaky! Jerry Spring has lost alot to were its not appealing to me anymore. Infact i havent watched the show in way over a year. Ofcourse the devoted Springer fans that still tune in is whats helping the show stay aflote!
  • Rednecks come to the Jerry Springer Show to 'discuss' their relationship problems, more like attempt to discuss.

    Whenever I watch the Jerry Springer show, I feel so good about my life knowing I have nothing remotely similar to the problems of these folks. Sometimes the people don't even talk about their problems and just go straight to the fighting. Those people need to be hit on the head with some kind of club. Other people have serious problems and really try to work something out only to get screwed over in the end. My favorite part of the show is the audience questions. Someone makes a wisecrack question, and a guest immediately flies out of their seats to attack the audience only to be held back Steve or one of his lackeys.
  • Just an off the wall poem,but i thought it was funny.

    So we had a few fights on the show, The ratings went up, and away we go. If we could have a fight a day, maybe the ratings would stay that way. We can find a fool or two, a southern redneck,"Hey" that will do. He don,t have to know nothing,but sit and look dumb, we can bring in his wife,and then it will come. There will be hell to pay, she will scream and shout. He will say "screw you **** shut your mouth. We can hire a bald headed bouncer,to keep things in line, say something thoughtful at the end, then go home and pop that bottle of WINE. . darrell
  • They Jerry Springer Show is full of trash and the people who are a bunch of trash.

    The Jerry Springer Show brings a bunch of crazy people, most look like they are on drugs so they can solve their problems. That never seems to happen because they end up fighting and shouting. And the crowd yelling "Jerry! Jerry!..." On rare occasions you will watch a worth while episode. But those chances are slim because the show is out of control these days and not worth your time to watch if you are expecting a nice ending. If you like these kind of shows where people go to solve their marriage problems, cheating problems and all the other junk you will no doubt love this one, this one is just more violent and the other junk.
  • Oh my, what is up with this show?

    I must be very bord to watch this, I has gotten terribly rediculous. I mean it used to be that it was something that was different to watch on tv that you looked forward to, now this has just become silly. I mean silly like that boy in high school who would try so hard to be accepted that he'd always make a complete a** of his self for a couple of laughs and eventually you got bord to the point you wanted to smack him.

    The content, I don't have a problem with gay people but I don't agree with how that show always seems to make them and their way of life look like side show freaks. I just hope that show pay its guest plenty enough to be humilated like it does people.
  • Once the worst show on Television. In my opinion it's not worth watching.

    This show would be better if they didn't tolerate any foul langauge and the fighting should not be allowed to happen in the first place. I believe those who fight in the show should be charged with assult and battery and face possible jail time. This show has a history of fighting even though it should stop I predict the fighting and the profanity will not stop. until the fighting in the program is put to a complete stop I won't even watch this show. Jerry Springer was once in poltics and that is where he belongs. This might be the time to cancel his show that is full of fighting and cursing.
  • thats gotta be fake

    when i was a little boy around the age of 10 i thought this show was great because they women would always pull up their shirts and show some tities but now that i'm a a little older 21 i see what this show is one of the most rediculous shows in the entire world. i mean who the hell even goes on this show? every one's seen this show at least once and know whats going to happen. but they still go on it anyway? come on thats gotta be fake, even hillbillies that F**k they own sister knows better then that.
    the show is GARBAGE
  • The only thing missing is the four cornered ring.

    A show where you are allowed, even encouraged to be as crude as you want to be. Curse, fight and strip yourself or your opponent naked. This would be an episode of The Jerry Springer Show.

    If you have an hour and don't mind watching a talk show with no soul searching, therapist involved commentery then you are in luck. Unlike it's counterparts, Oprah and Dr. Phill, Jerry has no qualms about the topic that are discussed. In fact the more outlandish the topic the better. "I can't marry you because I am a man. My fifty year old mother is a stripper" comes to mind. After both sides have had a chance to duke out their problems and the questions/insults from the audience has passed, Jerry offers up his brand of advice to the viewers at home ending with his regular farewell. "Take care of yourselves and each other".
  • i see the point of this show....and yet....

    i know that theyre trying to make this show bad on purpose, but that kind of plot just doesnt seem to work anymore. it seemed to work in the 90s though, when they had those crazy midget transexuals. now they bring out "rednecks" and its getting boring, dont you think? i mean, it was always a stupid show, but they should know when to draw the line.
  • used to be okay, now its just horrible.

    this show is a half hour of wasted television. trashy people, doing trashy things, fighting about things we usually do not want to hear about that are most of the time just disguisting, going on this show just for their 15 mintues (or half hour) of fame so they can flash each other and have big strong security guys pull them off each other. pointless and stupid.

    seriously, this show is stupid. i can see how it was intended to be a decent show that helped people with their problems, but if it ever was like that, that went out the window. and really quick!
  • This show is a funny and violent TV show and i'm surprised it hasn't been cancelled yet. I'm not saying I want it cancelled though. With it's excessive nudity,violence,and hilarious scenes,I think it's an awesome show.

    This show surprises me. With it's excessive nudity,violence,and hilarious scenes,I think it's an awesome show. It has it's ups and downs,but I think this is going way up. It's surprising this has aired for 16 years and is still on the air. The violence,insults,and hilarious scenes is what keeps this show alive. It's a very good show and is hilarious. But I also have some doubts. So many of the same stories like,"I broke up with my wife 'cause she was fat!" is what makes this show have some downs. Overall,I give this show a 9.5 and 5 stars. *****
  • 30 minutes of trashy people, doing what trashy people do.

    I remember there being a time when Jerry Springer wasn't just a show about transgendered lovers and their love triangles with deranged pyscho paths right out of the trailor park. I don't even bother giving this show a chance anymore when I'm channel surfing. This show might be entertaining for someone under the age of 15 who still finds this kind of stuff amusing but for the adult crowd I wouldn't reccomend it. All I can hope for is that this show will FINALLY get retired so better, more worthwhile shows can have a chance to shine in it's place. Simply for the fact that this show USED to be good, I'll give it 1.0 and an extra 0.6 for the fact that I'm surprised it's still on the air.
  • The Jerry Springer Show a good show. I like watching it. I liked it better before the show started with the Jerry beads.

    I think The Jerry Springer show is sometimes funny. I like to watch it especially when some of the family members go head to head with each other. I like some of the looks on Jerry's face when the guess say something to him that he don't know how to take it. Some of the guess really get into some of the worse things, but that's just the way his show is. Jerry really does have some interesting guess on his show. Some of his guess are really into what they do and some are very imotional, especially when mother and daughters get into it. Food fights are a mess. I don't like the show when the women get up and want their Jerry beads. At least they do dot them out. Some women have no respect for their bodies. But other than that it is a fairly good show.
  • My first question when I watched this show for the first and very last time; \\\"Who thought of this...trash\\\"??? I had to add the word trash, because this is exactly what I think of the Jerry Springer Show! It took no talent, no brains to thi

    The Webster Dictionary states: a moron is a defective person having a mental capacity equivalent to that of a normal 8 to 12 year old; a stupid person. I may beg to differ with the \\\"equivalent of an 8 to 12 year old\\\". There are some children in that age range who are quite mature and intelligent for their age!

    Now for an adult from age 18-100 to watch the Jerry Springer Show, that would put them in the catagory of a moron!! Stupid and void of understanding or intelligence.
    It\\\'s a great possibility that you\\\'re brain is made of mush and \\\"slick as glass\\\". My daughter\\\'s science teacher told their class one day, that some of the students had no creases in their brain tissue and because of their lack of understanding or intelligence, their brain tissue was that slick!

    Watching the Jerry Springer show is a waste of precious time, and LIFE!!
  • Ehhh. Not good. Not too bad. It's really just trash, but some of it can be funny.

    The Jerry Springer Show is about a dumb guy name Jerry trying to give advice to trashy people who just want to be on T.V. and beat eachother up (probably fake). This Jerry guy has no idea what he's talking about and should not be on a show like this. He thinks he's helping the people, but he's really just making it worse. This show is pretty bad. It's dumb. The only reason it got a four from me is because it CAN BE a little funny at times. The people on the show and in the crowd are trash, and I'm not sure whether everything is set up or maybe some of it is real.
  • Jerry Springer's show is just stupid

    I don't understand how people can watch Jerry Springer all the time. It's a tasteless, disgusting, moronic show. There's nothing you could possibly learn by watching this show unless you want to learn how to flash body parts so you can get beads. Yeah, that's something the whole world needs to learn. It's a perverted show and it's one of the dumbest shows on the air. I wonder where they get the people that they have on the show? They couldn't pay me enough to act that stupid on TV. What's scary is that some people believe all the things they see on the show and they don't realize it's all a gimmick. I think this is one show people need to stop watching unless you want your brain to rot.
  • "Can i pet Steve's head?"

    I wanted to hate this show... i really did, but i couldn't!
    I just had to laugh about it all... never believed in any of the things that were happening on that show, and all i could think was; "OMG... how can you do that on national TV... how desperate are you for 15 minutes of fame?!"

    Steve and Jerry... they were too funny!
    The comments from the audiences hahaha...
    It really was funny... even funnier than the politic debates on dutch TV! ;o)

    "can i please pet Steve's head?!" hahahaha, you should see Steve blush sometimes... that was cute!
    Now... really bad of me, i know, but i forgot the name of the other guy who sometimes was asked for a hug...
    He'd be running through the audience trying to get away from some dirty fat woman with only wearing a bra... or sometimes not even!

    It always aired around 2am here in Holland... hahaha, good night laughs
  • Although they cuss and all those things that little kids won't be able to watch this show is decent.

    Y'know it was funny when Dr. Evil and Scott Evil were on the show. And Dr. Evil kept on punching the KKK member and then punched Jerry Springer. It's a show that'll make you say oh my gosh! or what the heck? I on the other hand never want to be on this show unless I want to beat up people. Or feel very angry. I don't even want to be in the audience 'cause I could get in the way of a brawl. Although this show will probably never be the greatest show and will never be a family show still it should be known for all the foul mouths, brawls, etc.

    Many people call it a talk show. I tell you this: It is NOT a talk show! It is a fight show! And it is an incredibly stupid and ridicuous one at that! I don\'t really care about Jerry Springer himself, one way or the other. But if I met him in person, I would tell him frankly, that his show sucks. I would not be in it under any circumstances!
  • Fights, sex, and drama-rama!

    Springer is what it is. You either love it or hate it. If could be any more staged, I am sure they would find a way to do so. It is trash that is like a car wreck: you don't want to look, but you can't help yourself. Let's face it, a lot of people find it amusing to watch trashy people beat the living daylights out of each other for sleeping with their mate or what have you. I used to watch it when I was younger, but now I find it pathetic.

    I recently glanced at an episode that had two midget men fighting with their shirts off. I felt terrible for watching this, and ever felt like the men were being a little exploited. Reality set in when I told myself that this is what they signed up for.

    Maybe I am getting old, but I can remember when Jerry had shows that weren't intended to start a fight. I can remember Jerry talking to kids on the streets and reuniting loved ones. Apparently, this is not what America wanted to see. We would rather watch people duke it out and gag at incestuous relationships. Hey! Jerry is human and is just trying to make money. Can't really hate him for that.
  • i hate has show i think it needs to get canceled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i hate has show because they are so fake i started to like the show until there was a little person on the show i got so upset with the show i graded my remote and changed the channel so fast it give me wipleash that show is the most worst show i have ever seen ever in my life.i would like to poke my eyes out i hate that show so needs to be canceled so fast.if you have glasses that show might just break them.that show is so bad.i had to get new one because of that supid show.i had the worst day of my life when i saw that show.
  • Biggest load of crap I have ever seen...

    This show is nothing but garbage, it should have never been aired. The people that come on this show are sad and pathetic. What kind of normal person would go on a talk show and talk about their personal lives, like that? Someone who was begging for attention is the only person who would. These people are sad excuses for human beings and the audience isn't much better. Why would a girl flash the audience just for some crappy beads that are "Jerry beads", why would you want to brag that you actaully went to this show?!? It's shows like this that really make me wonder what this world is coming to...
  • dude,jerry is cool and all but his shows going down hill these days, for one they stopped showing all the fight on television.

    ok jerry cool, but getting old, maybe spice it up a lil bit, but for real who want to see an old man on tv. i mean come on, also we need to see more fights, now days we don\'t get the plessure anymore now that jerry is a censored show now. for one it\'s bad enough that jerry is dancing on tv but his just that old parent i just don\'t see anymore. well thats just my opinion, old makes terrible ratings, just count on me when i say that we need a new host somewwere along the line.
  • You guys gotta have more faith in Springer!

    It's pretty easy to bad mouth The Jerry Springer Show but in reality, it's probably pretty tough to keep it as entertaining as possible. The big thing that sticks out is that the show's been on for 16 years now and they've already passed the 3000 episode mark. 3000 EPISODES OF WHAT?!?! The show started out as a measly talk show like Maury or Montel Williams but when people started beating on each other and using chairs as weapons, the ratings began to grow. We've seen it all from "I Married a Horse" to "I Got My Sister Pregnant!". Obviously it must be hard to create shows with new ideas that they haven't done, and yet, they appear to do it! Now they've introduced Steve as the host for some shows and he takes on the more touchy subjects such as wife-beating and wanting to get out of prostitution. Also, one of the more recent episodes consisted of a transsexual barber getting audience participation. I'm sure most people think that this show is vulgar and disgusting, but you have to think... They've been on the air for 16 years with over 3000 episodes, and every once in a while a new idea pops up. The ability to even manage such a feat should perplex the masses! So give the Springer some faith, they must be doing something right!
  • Wow... This is the stupidest talk-show ever!

    Wow... This is the stupidest talk-show ever! Nothing much to say about this, except: This show really, really sucks!
    I don\'t understand how anyone can watch this, for first, it all seems like faking.

    Oh, please, someone jumps on somebody and audience only screams \"Jerry! Jerry!\". How silly is that? And yet, very stupid.

    And something else... it all seems very unprofessional, you can definitely see that half(well, that\'s so softly said) of it isn\'t really true. And I really don\' understand how many episodes of this show were aired? Well, here\'s something. somebody\'s husband has an affair and wife freaks out. And there are, I don\'t know 5 episodes filmed on that in this show. Just, one of them, I don\'t know, is named \"Oh, no, my husband had an affair\", \"Marriage problems\", \"He cheated on me!\"... please...
  • One word that best describes this show...

  • Always good for a laugh.

    The Jerry Springer show is always good for a laugh; I think that's the whole premise of the show, because there's no way that anyone involved with the show can take this stuff seriously!

    Jerry has topics like "I slept with my daughter's transexual finance", where the two (or three) parties come on and reveal the secret to the world. The bodyguards/bouncers are standing nearby to break up the inevitable fight. There's lots of cursing, which gets bleeped, and sometimes chairs get thrown. The audience boos the bad guy (they're all bad guys!), then Jerry sums things up.

    It's all a lot of fun, if you don't take it too seriously. It's freakin' hilarious, actually. Where do they find these people? That's what I want to know, 'cause they sure don't have any self-esteem or pride!
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