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  • This show just starts a lot junk and pollutes the minds of many people.

    This show is pathetic and is just a complete waste of airing time, all its about is people duking out there love/marriage problems out on live TV. What idiots. Don't they know that they're announcing their business on live television, nobody wants to know anybody's love problems (or at least I don't). This is just disgusting. I don't see how Jerry Springer is making money on this trash, I just don't see how he is. He probbably just made this show to ruin people's lives by making their love problems even worse than they already are. TV, do us a favor and just cancel this show! Cancel it and never show it again!
  • Stupid....just plain stupid.

    A sad attempt at tv. It's all about people throwing chairs at each other cause their husbands left to marry a stripper only cause she took his favorite pair of underpants. It's not entertaining it's not funny it's just dumb. It's foul mouthed and an insult to american television. It's not really a talk show when you think about it. It stinks that they're making me make this 100 words. I've already summed it up, thank goodness they took it off the air. But they have made a name for themselves. In family guy when peter throws a chair on a talk show, you know they're making fun of jerry springer. But seriously, do yourself a favor and watch something better like Conan Obrien or Jay Leno.
  • Excellent in its foolishness!

    The Jerry Springer Show is unbelievably foolish but oh so real! Jerry must be doing something very right because the show has been on for the last 15 years! That's a lot longer than some of the 'tamer' shows with their fully clothed guests sitting calmly in their chairs. The show has no intellectual merit whatsoever, but where else can you see and hear cousins, brothers and sisters having sex together and fighting each other to see who would win the 'prize'? Only on Jerry! The show is what it is, a piece of crap, but no one does it better!
  • Its an ok show.

    The Jerry Springer show is a talk show, where Jerry brings in guests that have been cheating on their lovers, or that they are actually a woman/man or whatever. But watching people go on the show and them telling everyone what they have been doing, when they could be telling them at home in my opinion is kind of weird. Aside from that the fights on the show are pretty funny, seeing how they beat the crap out of each other. This show is ok to watch if you want to watch something entertaining in the morning or if theres nothing good to watch around the time that Jerry Springer airs. Luckily it does go on in the morning so i watch it all the time...

    I know there is a market for tawdry trash, or else this show would've never survived. But, even in the world of trash, this show doesn't even rate on the meter. Not because it degrades the human race by its mere existence, but because in spite of that supposed reasoning for being entertaining, it's just not. I stumbled upon this show the other day and it's just boring. I can't belive this is the show they thought would unseat Oprah on the talk show circuit. If Jerry wants to produce trash,he should at the very least try to revolutionize it!
  • Okay, I give this a 1.5 ONLY because it provides mild entertainment. Just a thought- HOW STAGED CAN YOU GET??? NO ONE really does this stuff. They're all paid actors I'll bet!

    It's to out there to be true. This is SO FAKE it's hilarious. Some of the stories are believable, but the MAJORITY is STUPID and FAKE. I don't even know why you want to watch this show other than the mild staged humor and entertainment. I mean, there's a fistfight in EVERY episode! Someone flashes the audience in EVERY episode, usually multiple times. It's so fake it's sad. How can we sink so low to think of this as entertainment? It's not entertainment. It's not worth a second of your time. Just change the channel. That's all I have to say--just change the channel.
  • Jerry ! Jerry !

    What a reality show ! The host Jerry Springer introduces us to various guests, all of them comimg from different backgrounds, ethnicity and lifestyles ? Yet they all seem to have something in common: 1. they have comething to confess and 2. that confession is usually unusual if not downright bizarre ! Ever since the show began, Jerry has introduced to us individuals, friends, family members and total strangers who not only exhibit all types of unusual behavior and lifestyle preferences but also seem to represent that strata of society whom we despise and yet love to watch waddle in their own misery and wanton behavior. In order to ensure that no violence takes place on the show, Jerry gets the help of his very able bodied assistants who ate at hand to prevent people and their actions get out of hand. This show is a glaring example to the level to which humans can sink in their pursuit of selfishness.
  • just plain stupid

    there was a time when day time talk shows were serious programs dealing with real issues. but then something changed. the world got tired of phil donahue and started watching geraldo. then came the worst waste of an hour of all time, jerry springer. this show has done everything at least twice, so i don't understand how people haven't gotten sick of it by now.
  • hahaha

    best show ever. dont hate on this show its extremely funny especially the catfights muahaha fun show family fun just watch with the whole family kids will love. idk why so mnay ppl hat this hsow its awsome. yeah anyways great show and very underapreciated so yesah i need 100 words sooooo. a a a a a a a a aa a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a great show haha.
  • I'm ashamed to say I once watched this and found it funny...

    The Jerry Springer Show is trash – plain and simple but for a good couple of years this was the ‘It’ thing. Something your parents wouldn’t let you watch. SO you’d sneak over to somebody else’s house to watch it!

    Guilty Pleasure of a pre-teen – I watched it simply because I was told not to. However the novelty of swearing and cat fights soon wore off and I got bored with it. (After all – That’s what the show was about – showing up the depravity of society by making light of it so we can be entertained by tasteless jokes.)

    I remember rapt discussions at school with all my schoolmates about Jerry and the outrageous stunts we watched. Eventually I grew up and realized that it was not right – This was the type of show that later down the road made me ashamed to say I actually watched and enjoyed it.

    Thank Goodness I wised up!
  • Simply awful.

    "The Jerry Springer Show" is the worst televised program that I have ever watch for as long as I could remember.

    Aired around in the late 80's and early 90's, Jerry Springer, the host of the aptly named show, originally focus on more political and common subjects. But for some strange reasons, however, he, along with the crew, decided to "tweak" the show by adding repulsive and controversial taboos, glorifying them and actually allow the violence to go on, much to the audience's joy.

    It's a shame that this show keeps going on one season at a time, as its dull, repetitive trademarks could bore almost anyone due to its senseless violence and nonsensical subjects.

    Overall, "The Jerry Springer Show" is a waste of time, especially for the intended audiences.
  • Complete Crap, yet, it's given our generation a makeover

    The Jerry Springer Show was a total 90s show, but a very inappropriate and outrageous one. Sometimes it was too outrageous. Sometimes it was downright funny. But such a trendsetting show...the famous sayings... "Jerry Jerry!!!" and the hilarious audience, as well as the guests who were violent rednecks, and out of control. Talkshows like Maury and Montel had fights, but no one was expecting actual Physical action from the fights when Jerry Springer first aired. Sadly, this show has aged with time. This show landed Jerry Springer in the Austin Power's franchise, which says this show was a trendsetter. But now it's over...for me anyways.
  • It's like a train wreck.

    This show is so bad that you actually can't NOT watch it. You just sit there for 30 minutes, amazed at how redneck and trashy people can actually be. I cannot tell you how many times I've said "Where do they find these people??" I know its fake, or they'll pump it up a little to make it even more redneck than it already is, but its still so entertaining. And you can believe, when they ring the fight bell, its about to be on. Little advice, don't eat anytime before watching, because you will get sick when you see the clothes start flying.
  • Smutty Television Unworthy of Human Consumption

    Watching this program is a lot like voeyerism. Its for minds who enjoy watching someone take a crap, while the person on the toilet doesn\'t mind sharing the smell with the audience. Some of it is staged by people paid off to act. It is just the worst television has to offer and a true sign of a deteriorating culture. It\'s far worse than the Gong Show. Mr. Springer should be ashamed of himself.
  • Disgusting

    This has to be the worst Talk Show on TV. The people are obviously paid actors hired to make fools out of themselves and make american tv look worse than it already is. Fat rednecks and women who can't find their babies father, that is all this show has to offer. I find myself embarassed beyond belief when I watched one episode!

    I am disgusted that he was once mayor of a city and more so this show has any viewers at all. We as a people need to rise above this and find better stuff to watch than this!
  • "Hey you dumb #### #### #### thats my baby" "Yeah well youre my mom" "Youre still my ##### not take your pants off" "No way fat ###### ####" "Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry!"

    A great show with fellow rednecks [people like me] nudity, cussin, fightin, drinkin and Jerry Beads. Usualy there is more cussin than a South Park episode, a lot of boob flashin, some fightin and a lot of steryotypin on us southerners. But it is funny as hell Git R Done, long live Jerry!
  • You have to understand what this show is about...

    It's about entertainment, it's just that simple, most people take it far to serious, most of the people on that show are either crazy, or they just acting through it all the way, but in the end it's entertainment, and i for 1 think it's pretty good, yes it's cheap, extremely cheap infact, but whenever i watched it i got a laugh out of it.
  • Discusting!!

    Why do people watch this show its a complete waste of time. Its a discrase to America and to everybody who watches this.Change the channel and watch someting else then that. I can belive they even run this show. They should cancel it, becouse people who watch it probably will act the same as those FOOLS.!
  • EW.

    This show is seriously still on the air? How sad. How someone can subject themselves to this crap for an entire hour of their lives is beyond me. I don't get the appeal of watching a bunch of white trash women screaming at audience members and talking about how they slept with their brother. Has this show contributed anything to society, ever?
  • Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    This is one of the most talked about and most infamous talk shows of all time.
    Basically, it is almost anarchy from start to finish, with Americans spilling their guts out to Jerry about affairs, fetishes and what have you. A raucous crowd backs up the proceedings, as well as getting involved. More often than not, a fight breaks out between two of the participants, and sometimes with a member of the audience. To help keep the peace, Steve Wilkos is head of security and a personality in his own right. The security also feature on occasions.
    There are also sound effects provided from a sound-effects man.
    All in all, one of my guilty pleasures.
  • Absolutely disgusting ...

    I can not even begin to tell you how much I despise this show. It is the worst thing I have ever watched in my entire lifetime. I don't get it, what could possibly make people want to watch this tripe. It's fake. It's low brow. It's repulsive. Not to mention, it has given Americans a terrible reputation overseas.

    I hope, I pray that one day it will finally get cancelled. Jerry used to have a halfway decent talk show, but I guess it didn't bring in the $$$$ that he was hoping for.

    (Unfortunately I couldn't give this show a 0 rating due to a site bug or I would have)
  • Jerry Springer is a show that just seems to find the most odd and disturbed people, put them in front of cameras with the most disturbing problems, and let the guests bash it out while the studio audience provokes it on.

    This show seriously needs to be taken off the air. I remember when the show first came out, it at least then had some point. However, over the years, all the episodes seem all the same. We all know the guests are staged and are bad actors. I mean honestly, what human being would come to a show where they know something humiliating is going to occur?
  • Total Crap! Why do I keep watching it?

    For some bizzare reason I find myself enjoying this. I mean I shouldn't but I do!

    There is a lot of debate whether the people on this show are actors or not, but one things for sure they are anything but ordinary!

    I love the look on peoples faces when someone they were with tells them they are seeing someone else or in some cases "something" else. For some reason they seem incredibly shocked, but what would you expect when your asked to go on the Jerry Springer show!!!

    Sometimes I can't understand how Jerry can keep such a straight face when there are some real wackos that come on the show!

    i dont care what bad things people say about this show...i love the shows people in their situations that we dont usually hear in the morning news...i think each one of us sees ourselves on the JSS and i purely enjoy watching it. those pple going on the show know 100% what they are going on for ...them looking like fools or not..they know what they are putting themselves up for...i\\\'d like to be i nthe audience one day...when i visit NY.....i love JERRRRY JERRY
  • Informative (if you wanna put it that way)

    Lets see..
    A show about transvestites, gayness, stupideness,
    retardness, and how sad some people are. I laugh
    sometimes at some of the audiences joke
    not all of them. But one thing about this show is
    when da women go up and dance up own the strip
    pole. I guess thats one thing good about this
  • Nothing but a mindless fight show...

    (NOTE: This is only an opinion. If you like Jerry Springer, more power to you.)

    Now, I'm not usually a very harsh critic on anything, but Jerry Springer is one of the few shows that I don't care much about. It's a poor excuse for a talk show. Heck, it isn't really even a talk show-it's a fight show with idiots that fight over the strangest stuff. There's hardly any discussion of the issues at hand-they're just there to duke it out. Sure, the fighting can be entertaining at times, but after a while it gets to the point where you get sick of the whole thing. Transvestites, incest, fathers sleeping with daughter's's just...stupid. The only reason I gave it any rating is because the fights can be entertaining if you just see them just once or twice, and the final word at the end does redeem it a little (but not much). If you wanna see a good fight, I recommend WWE instead.
  • Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! ....Ahhhh... the first thing you hear when the show starts. Jerry's show is so out there. Other talk shows only go as far white trash cousin lovers. Springer takes it as far as Neo-Nazis. He's great. No other show is as dirty. Not even South Park. Bring on more Jerry!! Oh and steve the bodyguard is cool too.
  • For the longest time, this has been one of the most ridiculous shows on TV!!!

    The percentage point I gave it was for Jerry's wise words at the end of each show--which I don't even hear anymore, because I don't watch this ridiculous program (not often, anyway) as well as for a time long ago when it was actually having shows that were worth its use of airspace.

    It seems to me that I can remember a time when Jerry reached out to morbidly-obese people in a kind and non-judgmental way to try to help them to lose weight. And I also seem to recall a show where he actually was able to add a mix to his show that ended up making a family of KKK members decide to shed their white, hooded robes and the prejudices those robes represented.

    NO MORE!!!

    Instead, it's a show that promotes animosity and free-for-alls while a crowd that seems to consist of the people of The Roman Empire reincarnated and still in their same bad karma cheers them on by repeatedly chanting the first name of the host and acting like a bunch of Nazis and/or fanatical Sadaam Hussein fans in their body-language.

    Perhaps, I should have raised my rating for their ability to do a kind of "reality" sort of slapstick.

    Since it doesn't seem as if the people on the show are really being hurt and might be exaggerating their angry ways, I might decide to raise the rating level a little--especially, when I'm going to be complaining about one of my favorite shows that has jumped the shark a mile high for how it has gone from being a totally-helpful show to one that seems to be boring and meanspirited.

    Oh yes! That's another thing wrong with Jerry's little three-ring circus: Nothing new! Just the same old, same old tired plots that have only been slightly changed for each episode...

    It's not that this is the worst talk-show on the air. It's just that I think I can find something better (more intelligent/constructive/meaningful)to do with my time--such as photographing poo-poo that has been placed on decorative paper plates!

  • Springer's show is the bottom of the barrel

    The only purpose the Springer "show" serves is an object lesson of what NOT to be in life.

    Springer exhibits and exploits for high profit some of the saddest people to ever appear on TV. It is hard to beleve that this ultimate example of "TRASH TV" has been running since 1991.

    If you find the Springer show objectionable - maybe you should read Bernard Goldberg's book "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America"

  • I get my giggles every day with Jerry Springer!

    Seeing the guests on Jerry Springer gives me a laugh a minute. They fight like phony wrestling stars, use utter profanity & expose themselves (though its censored)!

    My favorite episodes is when they have food fights, especially wedding themes!

    Even the audience gets into the act by insulting the guests while questioning them (some have creative thoughts), while others (mostly women) want their Jerry beads or play around the pole! But when someone makes a reasonable goody-goody statement, the audience chants "Go To Oprah!"

    My favorite sound effects on the show are the fight bell & the cow going MOO!
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