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  • White trash television is given a really bad reputation!!!

    This talk show was a total complete waste of time. Whoever was a complete moron enough to become a guest on this rotten show just came on the show to air their dirty laundry on public television and get greatly humiliated. The show had every crazy thing on the planet. Tranvestites telling their lovers or their significant others that they really aren't the opposite sex, mother and daughters both fighting over the same man, family members being involved with eachother romantically, and any other weird or bizarre scenario that you could possibly come up with was no doubt probably on the jerry springer show. I watched it because i wanted to see what kind of nuts would want to come on the show. This show is totally degrading and i am glad that it is finally off of the air.
  • this show is like boxing paper view on free tv

    i love this show it has everything i love fights, fights, and more fights hey sure some people may find it offensive but some people just dont get it like they say they dont like it but go back and watch a soap opera so i say look at the whole show and youll love it too!
  • This show is garbage. Actually, I want to use a much stronger word, but I can't.

    Jerry Springer is bogus jerk who should be locked up in jail and they should throw away the key. This man is a piece of garbage, a sleazeball, a schister and everything else in between. He is also a left-wing, Bush-hating megalomaniac who should never have been a dogcatcher, much less the mayor of Cincinnati. How can people be so stupid? This guy is trashier than any landfill and ought to be buried underneath all of the filth that he has put out in his lifetime.
  • I used to watch it to make me feel better about myself watching these people.

    I now just feel sad for Jerry and these people, enough is enough, you made money now it\'s just lame, go do something else, and hopefully it won\'t be trying to run for govenor of our state, we don\'t want to be like Culiforna (Arnold Speak)or Minnesota with Jesse Ventura. Oh well it was a good show and the movie was funny but it\'s over.
  • The jerry springer show is hard not to watch...for me atleast. Its entertainment. Watching other people fight,cuss and act stupid is entertaining!

    This talk show is probabaly the worst on TV. But im sure alot of people watch it. I try to catch a few episodes. There basically all the same episodes, just with diffrent people. Where do they find these weird as* people? The people on this show amaze me cause they come on national TV and embarass themselves. But its entertaining anyway.
  • Sometimes, watching people with no shame is okay...

    This is the kind of show that gets old when watched every day. Once in a while is good. The only thing I don't understand is why would someone go on a show like this and act a fool? Watching these guest fight each other is amusing, but the same thing over and over again gets sickning.
  • This is the most offensive, stupid, pointless, annoying, appalling,-- you know what any critizing word there is in a dictionary would describe this show. Don't even bother watching because the first 1 minute of this, I guarantee you, you won't like

    The first time I watched this show, I just didn\'t like it. The show shows pointless violence and they force the guest people to fight with each other. Then there\'s the big, bulky people who stop the guests from killing each other. What the heck is the point?! What bothers me a lot are their problems. I mean do they really need to broadcast their problems that about 0.01% of the people would actually care about?

    The audiences that appear in the show needs to get a life because they waste their time calling the toll free line for free tickets. They probably do that because they have no jobs and they can\'t do anything valuable in their lives.The women just want to be on T.V. and show off their boobs and the men just wants to look at it.

    This show justs makes me smash the creator\'s head to a T.V. and say \'Get a life!\'
  • Ever watched the movie groundhog day??

    Well, if you have ever watched the movie, Groundhog Day, (The one where Bill Murray wakes up and it is the same exact day all over again) then you pretty much must have a feel for what it must be like for Jerry Springer. All of the shows are the same. It is filthy and unoriginal. I would be ashamed to be in the audience let alone be on the stage. Do yourself a favor, change the channel or take up a hobby!
  • Jerry Springer is a garbage show, and should've stopped making episodes after the first season.

    Wow, where do I start? This show is complete garbage. I for one am glad that it is not syndicated in my area, nor do I think it has in a long time. I have seen an episode when I was visiting some family. I can't believe that people watch this show!

    The only (and I mean only) reason that I gave this show any sort of rating is because I have come across a video in my collection of a decent Jerry Springer episode. I believe that the episode was from the first season. In the episode there was all 6, 7, and 8 year olds in the audience and Jerry was interviewing them.

    Winding this up, I'd never watch this show now if someone paid me $1,000,000. This shows how low television has sunk these days.
  • No longer even having shock value, Jerry Springer's show is just a waste of space. Why give TV time to some of these people?

    Back in the 1990's, I can see why people might watch this show. It pushed the limits and gave audiences something exciting. One of the ultimate guilty pleasures on TV.

    Now I think the act is stale and has degenerated down to just bad taste. I always change the channel whenever I see Springer on.

    If you haven't seen it, watch it once because it is mildly interesting to see just how low a show can sink for ratings. After that, you are losing brain cells and should cease watching right away.
  • The spoof of all spoofs, The Jerry Springer Show should live as long as any talk show is on air.

    Jerry Springer hosts The Jerry Springer Show, the obvious spoof of a cliche' talk show. The show revolves around several actors posing as pathetic lowlifes in a variety of realistic, and some not-so-realistic situations.

    This show is so entertaining to watch, considering all the piece of crap talk shows on air now, this one pleases the nihilistic demon in all of us. If you don't like this show, you take life too seriously and think the show is real. O_. This show should live on to send a message and represent talk shows, and to just be flat-out funny!
  • Whenever you get the feeling the quality of society is diminishing, turn on this show for proof.

    Whenever you get the feeling the quality of society is diminishing, turn on this show for proof. You'll see not only the dregs of the American populace, but also a dim reflection of yourself, spending your precious waking moments, sitting in front of the TV, watching pure garbage. And loving every minute.

    A lifetime of philosophical study could be spent investigating the love-hate relationship we all have with the Jerry Springer show, exploring how it makes us feel better seeing other people so screwed up, while at the same time making us feel worse, because we see little bits and pieces of ourselves in every guest. But like a fine dessert, the Jerry Springer show is not meant to be dissected and examined, but rather enjoyed to the fullest--and maybe regretted afterwards, depending on your tolerance for such brilliant filth.
  • This show is the best

    I love to see Mother and Daughter fight over a cheating boyfriend. Last episode I saw had a Mother steal the daughter's 19 year old boyfriend only after meeting him for 2 weeks. My favorite springer episode was when they had KKK clan on and this black lady wanted to join it and they told her no, too funny. Jerry show is must at 1:00 when I'm not busy at work.
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