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  • Jerry Springer is a garbage show, and should've stopped making episodes after the first season.

    Wow, where do I start? This show is complete garbage. I for one am glad that it is not syndicated in my area, nor do I think it has in a long time. I have seen an episode when I was visiting some family. I can't believe that people watch this show!

    The only (and I mean only) reason that I gave this show any sort of rating is because I have come across a video in my collection of a decent Jerry Springer episode. I believe that the episode was from the first season. In the episode there was all 6, 7, and 8 year olds in the audience and Jerry was interviewing them.

    Winding this up, I'd never watch this show now if someone paid me $1,000,000. This shows how low television has sunk these days.
  • The spoof of all spoofs, The Jerry Springer Show should live as long as any talk show is on air.

    Jerry Springer hosts The Jerry Springer Show, the obvious spoof of a cliche' talk show. The show revolves around several actors posing as pathetic lowlifes in a variety of realistic, and some not-so-realistic situations.

    This show is so entertaining to watch, considering all the piece of crap talk shows on air now, this one pleases the nihilistic demon in all of us. If you don't like this show, you take life too seriously and think the show is real. O_. This show should live on to send a message and represent talk shows, and to just be flat-out funny!
  • No longer even having shock value, Jerry Springer's show is just a waste of space. Why give TV time to some of these people?

    Back in the 1990's, I can see why people might watch this show. It pushed the limits and gave audiences something exciting. One of the ultimate guilty pleasures on TV.

    Now I think the act is stale and has degenerated down to just bad taste. I always change the channel whenever I see Springer on.

    If you haven't seen it, watch it once because it is mildly interesting to see just how low a show can sink for ratings. After that, you are losing brain cells and should cease watching right away.
  • One word that best describes this show...

  • My favourite show on US TV

    I'm from Belgium and I think US television is the best in the world! You should see the boring stuff we have on Belgian television, or European television in general. It completely PALES in comparison the grandness that is American television.

    Jerry Springer Show, Maury Show, Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mathis, Steve Wilkos Show, The People's Court, Dr. Phil...and many more, they are a vital part of my life. Entertainment like no other.

    People who hate on the Jerry Springer Show for any reason besides the fact that it's getting stale, are in my opinion completely "butthurt" as they call it. They think that the people on this show represent all Americans, and that really makes me laugh! Come on people! It's just a show! Entertainment! Ever heard of fun? If you don't like it then go watch some boring documentaries or whatever.

    One thing I do have to say though: As much as I love Jerry Springer, I have to say that the way he hosts his show in the last couple of seasons is getting very routinely and stale. You can always hear him say: "What's going on?" "Do you feel a little bit bad?" "OK, so what's gonna happen here?" "Why are you still together when he's cheating on you?" BECAUSE I LOVE HIM JAJAJA "We'll be right back."

    The introductions and the final thoughts he obviously reads from a teleprompter.

    And that's about it really...I feel that he should put in some more effort into hosting his own show, because it does feel like the guests do all the work and Jerry basically just stands there.

    Plus I agree with some people that the previous seasons from the mid-2000's were a LOT more fun to watch, it was a total freakshow circus. Waaay sleazier. Waaay better produced. Now I feel the show is very toned down...

    Other than that, I love this show. I love coming home from work and sitting down, watching the latest Jerry Springer Show episode.

    Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don't really care that some people don't like it, because obviously it's not going anywhere. The new seasons keep coming, people keep watching it, and I love it!

  • "Can i pet Steve's head?"

    I wanted to hate this show... i really did, but i couldn't!
    I just had to laugh about it all... never believed in any of the things that were happening on that show, and all i could think was; "OMG... how can you do that on national TV... how desperate are you for 15 minutes of fame?!"

    Steve and Jerry... they were too funny!
    The comments from the audiences hahaha...
    It really was funny... even funnier than the politic debates on dutch TV! ;o)

    "can i please pet Steve's head?!" hahahaha, you should see Steve blush sometimes... that was cute!
    Now... really bad of me, i know, but i forgot the name of the other guy who sometimes was asked for a hug...
    He'd be running through the audience trying to get away from some dirty fat woman with only wearing a bra... or sometimes not even!

    It always aired around 2am here in Holland... hahaha, good night laughs
  • Can somebody explain to me why this is still on? This show deserves to get canceled and should have been years ago.

    Many genres of TV have shows that are at the bottom of the barrel, and this show is definitely at the bottom of the barrel for talk shows. The Jerry Springer Show is about couples going onto a show and talk about their troubled marriage or unwanted pregnancies. Jerry is by far the worst consultant for people ever. He constantly badgers the people on this show and make them feel even worse. The audience is no better and urge the guests to fight for their own amusement, they don't care at all about how hurt a person is, they just want a fight. They even add special effects for when a fight is about to happen. I also hate how this show has to constantly use foul language. I am not against it at all, but when 95% of the show's dialogue is curse words then it really ruins it. The show constantly also uses that little beeping sound for a bad word, but with how many bad words this show has, it might as well be not used at all. I am surprised the machine hasn't broke yet from the constant overuse of it. This show is also completely staged, Nothing is real at all, and nobody really acts like this at all. There is no shock to the show and it's so over the top, and not in a good way at all. I just hope Jerry Springer realizes this show's days are done and numbered because nobody is really watching this and are trying to get this show off the air. This is a sing Jerry, stop making this show. It is wretched trash TV that has no value at all. I just also wonder why the head of whatever network this show is now on now has had the heart to stop this show and never allow it to air again. This is shockingly bad and utterly awful and a complete disgrace to TV, and should get canceled or never get made in the first place.
  • Surely a Sign of the Death of Western Civilization...

    The Jerry Springer Show is a complete and utter waste of time. First of all, Jerry Springer himself is a no-talent hack of a TV host. He is salacious, disgusting, exploitative, horrible, horrible, horrible! His show is probably the single most disgusting thing that's ever been broadcast over the airwaves since television was invented - in the entire history of television there has been nothing even approaching how horrifically empty and exploitative than this awful excuse for a TV talk show. The formula is to have people take off their clothes and/or have fistfights with each other and/or scream in redneck arguments over who cheated on who, or who fathered who, or who is the worst-looking conjoined-twin-little-person-stripper. This awful man's show are making our civilization more stupid every single day that he is allowed to be on TV. The real kicker is that he is still on the air after all this time and certain people like to watch him, what does that say about our society? Nothing good.
  • Ever watched the movie groundhog day??

    Well, if you have ever watched the movie, Groundhog Day, (The one where Bill Murray wakes up and it is the same exact day all over again) then you pretty much must have a feel for what it must be like for Jerry Springer. All of the shows are the same. It is filthy and unoriginal. I would be ashamed to be in the audience let alone be on the stage. Do yourself a favor, change the channel or take up a hobby!
  • Jerry Jerry Jerry

    the biggest thing to happen on trash tv and the funniest thing to happen on trash tv. a show that is as low class. people who call this mindless dribble should really develop a sense of humor.funny a several ocasions with stupid imbred families, pregnant 10 year old in the audience and a fat lesbian plus midgets with no legs that has to a circus act right. Jerry is the best and funny at what he does exposing white trash on his show with humorous punch line.i love this and all of it trashy humor and bad topic jerry keep doing what your doing
  • Although they cuss and all those things that little kids won't be able to watch this show is decent.

    Y'know it was funny when Dr. Evil and Scott Evil were on the show. And Dr. Evil kept on punching the KKK member and then punched Jerry Springer. It's a show that'll make you say oh my gosh! or what the heck? I on the other hand never want to be on this show unless I want to beat up people. Or feel very angry. I don't even want to be in the audience 'cause I could get in the way of a brawl. Although this show will probably never be the greatest show and will never be a family show still it should be known for all the foul mouths, brawls, etc.
  • Funny to watch ...

    Its funny to watch these people make fools of theirselves. People come on the show, tell their secrets about them having sex with their sister or whatever and they argue. Why not just settle it at home? When they bring it on TV, they are kind of embarassing theirselves. Its for mostly teenager and adults. Kids shouldnt watch it because of the *censored* parts and cursing every 5 seconds. Sometimes, the topics are dull and other times its kind of exciting. Overall, you should watch a few episodes of Jerry Springer instead of one and see what you think about it.
  • WTH?!

    Really dislike everything about this show, the fact that all you watch is drama in these people's lives, these people we don't even know, and laugh about it, actually find it amusing.....and they come on television, and broadcast all these things to the whole entire's just not really making sense to me...and what's so fun about watching people flash the camera, you know they're going to do it, every episode does it, it's no big surprise, it's really no bid deal, people due it to get noticed, but getting noticed in such a way is a horrible way to get noticed..and plus, it's censored on television anyway, so wth?
  • This show is garbage. Actually, I want to use a much stronger word, but I can't.

    Jerry Springer is bogus jerk who should be locked up in jail and they should throw away the key. This man is a piece of garbage, a sleazeball, a schister and everything else in between. He is also a left-wing, Bush-hating megalomaniac who should never have been a dogcatcher, much less the mayor of Cincinnati. How can people be so stupid? This guy is trashier than any landfill and ought to be buried underneath all of the filth that he has put out in his lifetime.
  • Crazy awesome

    Trashy but brilliant.
  • Jerry ! Jerry !

    What a reality show ! The host Jerry Springer introduces us to various guests, all of them comimg from different backgrounds, ethnicity and lifestyles ? Yet they all seem to have something in common: 1. they have comething to confess and 2. that confession is usually unusual if not downright bizarre ! Ever since the show began, Jerry has introduced to us individuals, friends, family members and total strangers who not only exhibit all types of unusual behavior and lifestyle preferences but also seem to represent that strata of society whom we despise and yet love to watch waddle in their own misery and wanton behavior. In order to ensure that no violence takes place on the show, Jerry gets the help of his very able bodied assistants who ate at hand to prevent people and their actions get out of hand. This show is a glaring example to the level to which humans can sink in their pursuit of selfishness.

    i dont care what bad things people say about this show...i love the shows people in their situations that we dont usually hear in the morning news...i think each one of us sees ourselves on the JSS and i purely enjoy watching it. those pple going on the show know 100% what they are going on for ...them looking like fools or not..they know what they are putting themselves up for...i\\\'d like to be i nthe audience one day...when i visit NY.....i love JERRRRY JERRY
  • Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! ....Ahhhh... the first thing you hear when the show starts. Jerry's show is so out there. Other talk shows only go as far white trash cousin lovers. Springer takes it as far as Neo-Nazis. He's great. No other show is as dirty. Not even South Park. Bring on more Jerry!! Oh and steve the bodyguard is cool too.
  • The only thing missing is the four cornered ring.

    A show where you are allowed, even encouraged to be as crude as you want to be. Curse, fight and strip yourself or your opponent naked. This would be an episode of The Jerry Springer Show.

    If you have an hour and don't mind watching a talk show with no soul searching, therapist involved commentery then you are in luck. Unlike it's counterparts, Oprah and Dr. Phill, Jerry has no qualms about the topic that are discussed. In fact the more outlandish the topic the better. "I can't marry you because I am a man. My fifty year old mother is a stripper" comes to mind. After both sides have had a chance to duke out their problems and the questions/insults from the audience has passed, Jerry offers up his brand of advice to the viewers at home ending with his regular farewell. "Take care of yourselves and each other".
  • This show is a funny and violent TV show and i'm surprised it hasn't been cancelled yet. I'm not saying I want it cancelled though. With it's excessive nudity,violence,and hilarious scenes,I think it's an awesome show.

    This show surprises me. With it's excessive nudity,violence,and hilarious scenes,I think it's an awesome show. It has it's ups and downs,but I think this is going way up. It's surprising this has aired for 16 years and is still on the air. The violence,insults,and hilarious scenes is what keeps this show alive. It's a very good show and is hilarious. But I also have some doubts. So many of the same stories like,"I broke up with my wife 'cause she was fat!" is what makes this show have some downs. Overall,I give this show a 9.5 and 5 stars. *****
  • The Jerry Springer Show a good show. I like watching it. I liked it better before the show started with the Jerry beads.

    I think The Jerry Springer show is sometimes funny. I like to watch it especially when some of the family members go head to head with each other. I like some of the looks on Jerry's face when the guess say something to him that he don't know how to take it. Some of the guess really get into some of the worse things, but that's just the way his show is. Jerry really does have some interesting guess on his show. Some of his guess are really into what they do and some are very imotional, especially when mother and daughters get into it. Food fights are a mess. I don't like the show when the women get up and want their Jerry beads. At least they do dot them out. Some women have no respect for their bodies. But other than that it is a fairly good show.
  • hahaha

    best show ever. dont hate on this show its extremely funny especially the catfights muahaha fun show family fun just watch with the whole family kids will love. idk why so mnay ppl hat this hsow its awsome. yeah anyways great show and very underapreciated so yesah i need 100 words sooooo. a a a a a a a a aa a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a great show haha.
  • Excellent in its foolishness!

    The Jerry Springer Show is unbelievably foolish but oh so real! Jerry must be doing something very right because the show has been on for the last 15 years! That's a lot longer than some of the 'tamer' shows with their fully clothed guests sitting calmly in their chairs. The show has no intellectual merit whatsoever, but where else can you see and hear cousins, brothers and sisters having sex together and fighting each other to see who would win the 'prize'? Only on Jerry! The show is what it is, a piece of crap, but no one does it better!
  • The Jerry Springer Show is completed acted, in some episodes you can tell that the people have just put on a different accent, clothes and given a different name. Nonetheless this is a funny show about serious issues that could happen in the real world.

    If you've watch Maury, The Steve Wilkos Show (used to be a security guy on The Jerry Springer Show for those that don't know) or Trisha Goddard, then you've probably watched this. This show like the ones I've mentioned are about a presenter, and they bring people out on stage to get them to deal with their problems. On this show it is usually anything, it can be transexuals or red head games, it's never the same thing and is generally random.

    This is where the problems hit. You might recognize a particular actor/actress from a previous episode, they just put on another accent, different clothes and maybe some lipstick. You can still tell it's them. This is also a good point, the actors/actresses play their parts very well, and are very convincing.

    The sound FX guy is quite good in timing the sound, the entries are spot on but as for other sound effects they add the humour needed. The jokes are quite funny anyhow, Jerry comes out with some witty comebacks every now and then.

    The jokes can sometimes be the problem, I mean in some episodes there is soo much swearing, the programmers have bleeped it out so you can't even tell what they are saying at some points. There always seems to be fights in the episodes, no one seems to act civil. I know this is only acting but it wouldn't hurt for just a couple of episodes where no one fights really?

    There usually is a little explanation of what the episode was about at the end of the show by Jerry himself, and these all reflect the real world. It can happen in the world, they just act it out as in what would they be like if it did. It's fairly informative but not as much as Maury or Jeremy Kyle.

    Overall The Jerry Springer Show is funny unintentionally, however it isn't as good as The Jeremy Kyle Show, Trisa Goddard, Maury or The Steve Wilkos Show. If you are unsure about the shows I've named, watch this first then watch the ones I've mentioned, you'll notice the difference in them.
  • Jerry Springer is a show about people revealing secrets to others and then getting into fights.

    Jerry Springer, is a show about certain people revealing secrets to others and then getting into ruthless fights with each other. The show is for older teenagers and adults, because their is alot of cursing that is not suitable for younger children. Thats why they switched the times, Jerry Springer was once aired during the evening when kids were home from school, I guess they found the show not suitable for children so they switched Jerry Springer to 10:00am 9:00am central. Sometimes the topics can get a little dull, but the fights can be funny and exciting. Overall this show is good.
  • Total Crap! Why do I keep watching it?

    For some bizzare reason I find myself enjoying this. I mean I shouldn't but I do!

    There is a lot of debate whether the people on this show are actors or not, but one things for sure they are anything but ordinary!

    I love the look on peoples faces when someone they were with tells them they are seeing someone else or in some cases "something" else. For some reason they seem incredibly shocked, but what would you expect when your asked to go on the Jerry Springer show!!!

    Sometimes I can't understand how Jerry can keep such a straight face when there are some real wackos that come on the show!
  • You have to understand what this show is about...

    It's about entertainment, it's just that simple, most people take it far to serious, most of the people on that show are either crazy, or they just acting through it all the way, but in the end it's entertainment, and i for 1 think it's pretty good, yes it's cheap, extremely cheap infact, but whenever i watched it i got a laugh out of it.
  • Trashy but fun

    There's nothing socially significant whatsoever about Jerry Springer or his show. He does schlock, pure and simple. He also admits that's what he does which is more than you can say for other daytime talk show schlockmeisters such as Oprah and Dr. Phil. If you want to get laughs by watching a bunch of stupid freaks going on television and making damn fools of themselves then Jerry Springer is the show for you. Kind of like watching an old Laurel and Hardy movie. You can't help but feel superior to Laurel and Hardy and you can't help but feel superior to the morons who appear on Jerry Springer.
  • Fights, sex, and drama-rama!

    Springer is what it is. You either love it or hate it. If could be any more staged, I am sure they would find a way to do so. It is trash that is like a car wreck: you don't want to look, but you can't help yourself. Let's face it, a lot of people find it amusing to watch trashy people beat the living daylights out of each other for sleeping with their mate or what have you. I used to watch it when I was younger, but now I find it pathetic.

    I recently glanced at an episode that had two midget men fighting with their shirts off. I felt terrible for watching this, and ever felt like the men were being a little exploited. Reality set in when I told myself that this is what they signed up for.

    Maybe I am getting old, but I can remember when Jerry had shows that weren't intended to start a fight. I can remember Jerry talking to kids on the streets and reuniting loved ones. Apparently, this is not what America wanted to see. We would rather watch people duke it out and gag at incestuous relationships. Hey! Jerry is human and is just trying to make money. Can't really hate him for that.
  • People Are Stupid

    the jerry springer show is very fake ... people are stupid if though other wise ... in some cases half of it true but i know this because i was on it and they pay you to go on lol the whole thing was a lie i had a script and people are thinking its true... you actually think alll these people would put their personal business on live tv for everyone in their home town to judge them .... no i mean i dont know anyone that fucking stupid this show is not real lmao
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