The Jerry Springer Show

Weekdays on Premiered Sep 30, 1991 In Season


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  • I think its time for Jerry to put away his cue cards and focus on politics!

    The Jerry Springer Show was a good show back in the day. And i will admit i really loved watching it then. But now the show has went down hill to the point of no return. The shows earlier episodes werent all that great, its was like watching sally jesse ralpheal. But by the end of the 90's and early 00's the show in my opinion was at its peak and was highly interesting. Spring cam was a plus for the show. But after two seasons thay done away with it and show was pretty much back to where it was. Alone with getting rid of Springer cam the guest was getting wild and crazy and even freaky! Jerry Spring has lost alot to were its not appealing to me anymore. Infact i havent watched the show in way over a year. Ofcourse the devoted Springer fans that still tune in is whats helping the show stay aflote!
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