The Jerry Springer Show

Weekdays on Premiered Sep 30, 1991 In Season


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  • To see people told that someone they care about is sleeping around,a hooker, or any variety of secrets, this show might be for you. If you like to see people beating on each other, showing bare breasts, shaking private parts, etc., just tune in.

    The Jerry Springer show is about a lot of dysfunctional people going on national tv to disclose heartbreaking secrets to people who care about them. Why someone would go on that show, knowing what goes on amazes me. There is always fighting, hair pulling, and chair throwing. The audience is as bad, with women wanting to dance on the pole and show their breasts on tv.It makes you wonder if these people are for real or have been paid somehow to act in such a shabby way. The only highlight of the show is when Jerry sums up what has happened at the end. It seems like he is perplexed why people would want to hurt the people they once loved and especially on national tv. It makes me wonder if the people on his show actually get what he is telling them or if it goes over their heads.
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