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  • The Jerry Springer Show is completed acted, in some episodes you can tell that the people have just put on a different accent, clothes and given a different name. Nonetheless this is a funny show about serious issues that could happen in the real world.

    If you've watch Maury, The Steve Wilkos Show (used to be a security guy on The Jerry Springer Show for those that don't know) or Trisha Goddard, then you've probably watched this. This show like the ones I've mentioned are about a presenter, and they bring people out on stage to get them to deal with their problems. On this show it is usually anything, it can be transexuals or red head games, it's never the same thing and is generally random.

    This is where the problems hit. You might recognize a particular actor/actress from a previous episode, they just put on another accent, different clothes and maybe some lipstick. You can still tell it's them. This is also a good point, the actors/actresses play their parts very well, and are very convincing.

    The sound FX guy is quite good in timing the sound, the entries are spot on but as for other sound effects they add the humour needed. The jokes are quite funny anyhow, Jerry comes out with some witty comebacks every now and then.

    The jokes can sometimes be the problem, I mean in some episodes there is soo much swearing, the programmers have bleeped it out so you can't even tell what they are saying at some points. There always seems to be fights in the episodes, no one seems to act civil. I know this is only acting but it wouldn't hurt for just a couple of episodes where no one fights really?

    There usually is a little explanation of what the episode was about at the end of the show by Jerry himself, and these all reflect the real world. It can happen in the world, they just act it out as in what would they be like if it did. It's fairly informative but not as much as Maury or Jeremy Kyle.

    Overall The Jerry Springer Show is funny unintentionally, however it isn't as good as The Jeremy Kyle Show, Trisa Goddard, Maury or The Steve Wilkos Show. If you are unsure about the shows I've named, watch this first then watch the ones I've mentioned, you'll notice the difference in them.
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