The Jerry Springer Show

Weekdays on Premiered Sep 30, 1991 In Season


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  • The Jerry Springer Show is a show which involves couples fighting because someone was unfaithful to the other. The show is famous for the brawls and disputes.

    The show has really no purpose in the world of television. This show is tenstorone pumped because the fights usally involve girls fighting, which obviously arouses male viewers. Also WHO would want to have their relationship exploited on tv. If you need help go to a professional. But apparentlty violence seems to be the only answer. The show follows the same pattern and has no change. Its always the same process, one person comes on and tells about their problem then its 20 min of just spewing swear words and brawling. It essentially adds up to watching 1 hour of street fights on youtube except not as exciting. This also gives the US a bad name. There are other people who hate the Jerry Springer Show and has very good reasons. There are many good Americans who defineatly disagree with this show. Also when it comes to the questions and answers, its not questions, its insults to the person. So there is no reason to come to the Jerry Springer Show to solve your relationship problems, it just makes them worse and people get entertained out of their misery, as well as the couples who are actually step brother and sister or somthing simillar to that. Jerry Springer Show is mindless and is definatly a waste of time. But if you enjoy pointless violence and peoples miserable relations as well as cat fights, then you are welcome to watch it. But if you have common sense then watch somthing else and push yourself to avoid this show.
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