The Jerry Springer Show

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  • Can somebody explain to me why this is still on? This show deserves to get canceled and should have been years ago.

    Many genres of TV have shows that are at the bottom of the barrel, and this show is definitely at the bottom of the barrel for talk shows. The Jerry Springer Show is about couples going onto a show and talk about their troubled marriage or unwanted pregnancies. Jerry is by far the worst consultant for people ever. He constantly badgers the people on this show and make them feel even worse. The audience is no better and urge the guests to fight for their own amusement, they don't care at all about how hurt a person is, they just want a fight. They even add special effects for when a fight is about to happen. I also hate how this show has to constantly use foul language. I am not against it at all, but when 95% of the show's dialogue is curse words then it really ruins it. The show constantly also uses that little beeping sound for a bad word, but with how many bad words this show has, it might as well be not used at all. I am surprised the machine hasn't broke yet from the constant overuse of it. This show is also completely staged, Nothing is real at all, and nobody really acts like this at all. There is no shock to the show and it's so over the top, and not in a good way at all. I just hope Jerry Springer realizes this show's days are done and numbered because nobody is really watching this and are trying to get this show off the air. This is a sing Jerry, stop making this show. It is wretched trash TV that has no value at all. I just also wonder why the head of whatever network this show is now on now has had the heart to stop this show and never allow it to air again. This is shockingly bad and utterly awful and a complete disgrace to TV, and should get canceled or never get made in the first place.
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