The Jerry Springer Show - Season 1

Weekdays on Premiered Sep 30, 1991 In Season


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    Episode 156
  • Update: I'm Marrying My Sister!

    (from Outrageous nuptials! Returning guest Mario is a proud father and is ready to marry his baby's mother - who's also his half-sister, Octavia! When they were first on the show, they were proud of their love and weren't going to let anything keep them apart. When their other sister, Otisha and her fiance, David, confront Mario and Octavia, they have to fight to keep their love! Will Otisha and David let Reverend Shnorr marry Mario and Octavia today? Next...Springer Woddings! Tiffany is on the show because, although she's married, she never got her dream wedding - and wants it today! However, her husband, Kevin, left her to live with Tiffany's friend, Lisa! Tiffany is going to do anything to get her husband back - even sing him a song! Find out if the Springer Security Team can hold these two former-friends apart long enough for Reverend Shnorr to earn his pay and give Tiffany the wedding she's been hoping for - but the big surprise is whom Tiffany is going to try and marry!moreless