The Jerry Springer Show - Season 15

Weekdays on Premiered Sep 30, 1991 In Season


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  • Katrina, God and a Rapper!
    Trina, a devoted Christian, tries to stop her mom and sister from there wrong ways. After Hurricane Katrina, Walter has resorted to male stripping and prostitution for money and his wife Jamie wants him to stop.
  • My Grandma is My Pimp!

    (from Crazy family traditions! Former-hooker, Diane, is now a grandmother - and pimping out her granddaughter, Kita! When Kita's mother, Annette, Diane's daughter, confronts them both, the family tree gets shakin'! Granddaughter Kita is proud to follow in her grandmother's footsteps and wants to continue turnin' tricks! And that's not all - Kita's boyfriend, John, is furious when he finds out what's going on! Can John talk Kita out of prostituting - even after she reveals that she's pregnant again? Next...Cheatin' Lovers! Chucky wants to admit to his girlfriend, Amy, that he's been cheating on her multiple times with 10 different women! Every time he gets out of jail, he spends his first month hitting the bars and sleeping with as many women as possible! Later Tron says he's pissed off at his girlfriend, Naomi, he just found out that she's a HE! As it turns out, Naomi is really a transsexual! Although Tron feels like he was lied to, he still loves Naomi and says he'll stay with her if she goues through the operation and becomes a woman! Can he convince her?moreless

  • My Man is Becoming a Woman!

    (from Secrets exposed! Ron claims that he's a 37-year old woman trapped in a man's body - and wants to be known as "Veronica!" He's on the show because he wants to be honest with his bi-sexual wife, Angie, even though she's been cheating on him! "Veronica" hopes that by becoming a woman, his wife will be more attracted to him and stop fooling around! Next...Dirty secrets! Saki wants to come clean with her lover and tell him that she was born a man! She's looking to move in with Lonnie and wants to be honest before the relationship goes any further! Will Lonnie forgive Saki for lying to him and accept her?moreless

  • Bizarre Fetishes!
    Bizarre Fetishes!
    Episode 98

    (from Food fetishes! "Mr. Gravy Man" Bill has a food fetish that he just can't live without - and he ha senlisted the services of Kabani, a large black woman, to fulfill his fantasies! How will Bill's wife respond to his alternative life style? Domineering Dominatrix! Next...Eric wants to tell his girlfriend a dirty little secret - he sees a professional dominatrix on a regular basis! He explains how seeing Goddess Cheyenne has changed his life, and makes him feel more confident! Even after Eric's girlfriend finds out, she pleads with him to stop-then Goddess Cheyenne offers to teach her a few things! Last...Family squabbles and pregnant strippers! Returning guest Liz, a pregnant stripper, is on the show to get her husband back - from his stepsister, Alice! When they were first on the show, Randy was leaving his wife for his stepsister! Now that Liz is pregnant, she wants Randy back to help take care of her, because she's tired of stripping!moreless

  • 3000 Episode, 15 Year Rockin' Celebration
    A look back at all the things that made The Jerry Springer Show what it is today.
  • Return of the Past Guests!
    Jerry Brings back past guest from the past that shocked the audiences. He will give his updates on them and tell us what they are up to now. Watch Jerry for the results.
  • Pimps, Hos, and Larry!
    Jerry confronts women who pimp their bodies out for money to support their families and to have money coming in. Their husbands want them to stop. Will the guests choose their lifestyle or their husbands? Watch Jerry for the results.
  • Bibles and Vacuum Cleaners!
    Cheaters on Jerry today come clean with their affairs. A past guest appears who was jobless when he first appeared but now sells vacuum cleaners. But is that all he is selling? Watch Jerry for the results
  • Boxing, Werewolves, and Babysitters
    Today's guests on Jerry are keeping secrets from their partners. They are having affairs. But the problem is the women want to stay with the men they are having an affair with. Will these men choose the women or were they just a fling? Watch Jerry for the results.
  • A Baby, A Plumber, & a Fat Guy
    Marissa and Jeff have been together for 2 years. Jeff left Marissa for another woman named Shannon. Marissa will not leave unless Jeff comes home with her. Jeff will not be an easy one to convince.
  • Transsexuals and an Army Man
    On Jerry being married to a transsexual can have it's downfall. Jermaine is married to his transsexual wife but claims he is not gay and is having an affair with other women to prove it. But will his excuses be enough to have "his wife" stay or will she leave?