The Jerry Springer Show - Season 17

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  • CIA Guy on Springer
    CIA Guy on Springer
    Episode 41
    Robert just found out that his girlfriend Nicole slept with his brother Coy. He says that it was just a one time thing but Nicole wants it to be more! Next...Ricky Joe says his mother's boyfriend Matt abuses her and won't get a job but his mom is fine with that and just wants Ricky Joe to stay out of it. Last... Jerry has a new host! Lil Jerry!moreless
  • Return of Jason!
    Return of Jason!
    Episode 1
    First! Jason's twin, Jaime, doesn't approve of him being gay! Next...Sherry is in love with her 16 year old cousin, Monica. Last! Charlie doesn't approve of his daughter, Monica, wanting to marry Josh.
  • My Ant's a Horse!
    My Ant's a Horse!
    Episode 38
    Monica is going around her neighbourhood passing out fliers telling everybody that her aunt Suzy has been sleeping with every man she can find! Next... Holly and her sister Delinda have been sleeping with the same man for the past 8 years. Now they want him to choose which one he wants to be with. Last...Steven confronts his boyfriend Vincent after he finds him cheating with a woman.moreless
  • Ride 'Em Cowboy!
    Ride 'Em Cowboy!
    Episode 40
    John comes to the show because his brother Nick gets all the attention and now he's sleeping with John's fiance Rachel! Next... Terese is always losing her men to her 19 year old daughter Kayla. Now she wants to get back by stealing Kayla's boyfriend Jeffrey! Last... Shaun met a girl named Kiki in a bar and took her home only to find out she is a man! Now Kiki's been stalking him because he thinks Shaun is truly gay!moreless
  • Jerry's Diner
    Jerry's Diner
    Episode 15
    Kenny has been dating Jean for 2 years but she doesn't like him hanging out with Trish. Jean promises she'll stay with him if he stays away from Trish but Trish won't let that happen without a fight! Next...Kala and Kela are twins that do everything together, including Xavier! The only problem is Xavier has been dating Trina and she doesn't like that idea at all. Lastly...Leroy is the manager of a deli and soon after his wife died he began dating again. David, his son, doesn't approve of it and wants to tell him on the show.moreless
  • Catfish Fights!
    Catfish Fights!
    Episode 36
    Jimmy comes to the show because his brother Billy has been sleeping with his wife Bethany while he was in jail! Billy says he paid her to sleep with him and Bethany confirms that it was just for the money. The brothers' mother Linda isn't happy with all of this and wants it to stop. Next...Kevin loves Cindy but she moved in with his friend Jim. Cindy says she doesn't want to be with Kevin and she also finds out Jim has been sleeping with Dana.moreless
  • Three Pigs in a Trailer - Part II!
    Scarlett is here today to show you Rowland and his two friends who live their lives based on the "Three Pigs in a Trailer" episode. These three live together in a trailer. They never shower and eat anything! The Springer-Cam returns as the public gets a glimpse of how these pigs really live! A new twist appears when Christina comes onto the show. She's overweight and helps these men live out the fantasies that skinny girls can't give them! Don't miss this terrible mess!moreless
  • Jerry's Casting Couch
    David is gay and ever since he was little has enjoyed being in a body cast. He finds this erotic even though his boyfriend, Rob, finds it strange. Rob comes to the show because he doesn't want to put up with it anymore. Next...Billy Joe likes to keep it in the family! Billy started dating Charity but then began sleeping with her aunt, Melinda. Now Charity will do anything to get Billy Joe back. Lastly...April has been brought to the show by her husband, Marty, because he's been sleeping with his boss's wife! When his boss Jason finds out, the action really heats up!moreless
  • A Stupid Show
    A Stupid Show
    Episode 22
    Troy is 29 and wants to get married to Sherrie who is 47. Sherrie's son Josh doesn't approve of their relationship because of the age difference and how Troy treats her. Reverend Shnorr then comes to wed both Troy and Sherrie. Next...Shannon thinks that her boyfriend Jason has been sleeping with Kim. Kim is overweight and to help her find the stage, Shannon lays out a trail of muffins. Jason then admits that he sleeps with Kim because she satisfies his food fetish.moreless
  • Springer Carnival!
    Springer Carnival!
    Episode 37
    Denny wants to be with his longtime fishing buddy Harold. A recent fishing trip had the two of them having a one night fling and Denny claims he's in love. Harold says he was taken advantage of while drinking and wants to stay engaged to Sherrie. When Sherrie finds out about this, she is not impressed! Next...Michael has a fetish where he loves pregnant women. He has his own "baby belly" and his girlfriend Tanya wants it to stop. Finally...Sandra's daughter Tavisha won't stop sleeping around. She has a boyfriend, Rodney, but says that she loves to sleep around more than she loves him!moreless
  • Classic Springer: I'm Pregnant By My Brother
    Reverend Shnorr takes a look back at a more controversial episode where a woman is in love with her step-brother and got pregnant by him.
  • Sisters Explode!
    Sisters Explode!
    Episode 35
    Sheena is here to confront her little sister Sheila. Sheila's been sleeping with her boyfriend Dale while she's at work. They don't hold back and their mother joins in the battle! Next... Flaco's a "Mexican Pimp" who has trouble with his business. His girls keep fighting and one of the girls' mother found out what she's been doing and gets angry that she's not making more!moreless
  • Jerry's Rap Off!
    Jerry's Rap Off!
    Episode 34
    David wants to win the heart of a woman he had a one night stand with. But she has no interest in David and says he's stalking her and trying to destroy her relationship with her boyfriend. Then David's boyfriend comes out angry at David. Next...Kevin wants to confront Levi who is staking his wife. They then have a rap battle to win her love.moreless
  • Cross Dressing Carny!
    Charlie loves to cross dress and wants to join the fair to become a bearded lady. His twin brother, Kenny, and sister Jennifer don't want him to continually embarrass the family. Next...Jason has a child with Stephanie and another one on the way. It turns out that Jason has been sleeping with Ashley and she loves him. Stephanie wants to confront her but since she's pregnant, the audience join in.moreless
  • Classic Springer: Wives Battle Mistresses!
    Reverend Shnorr hosts a look back at Classic Springer moments. Vicki is angry at her husband Jason because he's been sleeping with another woman. She destroyed his clothes and even burned up their wedding pictures. Next... Anna stole Misty's husband once before and now she's trying to do it again. Misty is not going to allow this and will stop her at all costs.moreless
  • You Give Me a Haddock!
    Paul lives in his brother John's living room but Betty, John's wife, thinks he's setting a bad example for their kids and wants him out of there. Next...Mike got Melissa pregnant but now wants to be with her friend Stevie instead. Last, JD and Constance have been dating for a while, but now she would rather be with his friend, Charlie!moreless
  • Rockin' Reverend!
    Rockin' Reverend!
    Episode 6
    Rachel has been with Andy for 3 years and they're going to get married. It turns out that Andy had a one night stand with Jenny and she doesn't want them to get married. Will the good Reverend perform the wedding today? Next...Rashawn says he's in love with Britney but at the same time has been sleeping with Shawnta. Britney isn't happy with what's been going on, but can the Reverend make it work out? Lastly, Richard comes out on the show in a wedding dress wanting to remarry his wife, Sarah, as a woman! She's not so sure if it's religiously correct. Can Reverend Shnorr show her the right path?moreless
  • Invasion of the Little People 17 1/2
    First there's a dance off between a big guy and a little guy! Next... Phillip is a midget stalker who sends Lynell, his ex-girlfriend, his hair and fingernails. But Lynell is on the show to marry her boyfriend Bobby! Lastly, Jay is a grown man who likes to dress like a baby!moreless
  • Talk to the Paw!
    Talk to the Paw!
    Episode 10
    Sheryl's brother Kevin won't stay out of her life and she even tried to run him over with a truck! Sheryl also doesn't like his girlfriend, Jessica, because she thinks Jessica sleeps around. Kevin eventually proposes to her on the show. The Reverend Shnorr comes out to marry them. Next...Mary Lou just had a baby with Brian but Alisha, his sister, thinks Mary Lou sleeps around and doesn't think the baby is really his! Another twist arises when Mary Lou's mother comes out and claims she used to date Brian and still loves him!moreless
  • Update: Hillbilly Smackdown!
    Two fishing buddies, Todd and Danny, have been sleeping with the same woman! Crystal is with Todd but while he's away she sleeps with Danny. Danny reveals that he's in love with Crystal but she claims it was just a fling. Next...Frank's family doesn't approve of his fiance, Jessica. Frank's parents think that she's making life very difficult for them but Jessica says they're always interfering.moreless
  • Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On
    Keila is a prostitute while attending school and her sister, Candy, takes care of her two children. Devone, Keila's pimp, doesn't like her being in school and tries to get her to stop. Next...George met his girlfriend at the bowling alley but has a secret to confess. He likes to wear women's lingerie. Tangy, his girlfriend, doesn't like the idea and wants him to stop. Lastly... Nina is dating Gloria but finds out she's been cheating on her with Pricilla. Gloria decides that she wants to be with Pricilla and is done with Nina.moreless
  • Jerry and Ray Ray
    Jerry and Ray Ray
    Episode 17
    Nothing yet.
  • Eat Your Tomatoes
    Eat Your Tomatoes
    Episode 19
    A woman throws tomatoes at her future mother in law on the show. Also, there's a clown porn star, and two freak show guests.
  • A Sheepish Guy
    A Sheepish Guy
    Episode 16
    nothing yet.
  • Foot Boxin'
    Foot Boxin'
    Episode 20
    Nothing yet.
  • Dancin' With Gay Guys
    Dana comes to the show because her neighbors, Joseph and Richard, are gay and like to do things with their door wide open. They claim that Dana likes but both her and her roommate, Judy, want them to move out. The reverend then comes out to marry Joseph and Richard. Next... Monica's friend, Jessica, needed a place to stay. Monica took her into her home but then Jessica started sleeping with Paul, Monica's boyfriend. Monica then wants to get married on the show by Reverend Shnorr.moreless
  • Jerry Meets Mr. Vee
    Mr. Vee met Tracy online and hasn't been completely honest with her. It turns out that Mr. Vee is really a woman! Next...Norvalla wants her ex-boyfriend, Joseph, to stay away from her, but Joseph wants to help take care of his daughter.
  • Kung-Fu Hillbilly!
    Kung-Fu Hillbilly!
    Episode 26
    Sarah has come back to the show to get Jonathan. Lana, her friend, is the only thing that stands in her way since she's dating him! Sarah has previously tried to ruin Lana's life by stealing money from her and even sleeping with her son! Next... David wants his little brother, Lil Wayne, to know that he's been sleeping with and even pimping out his girlfriend Ashley. Ashley wants to tell Lil Wayne that she's happier with David and also might be carrying his child.moreless
  • Hillbilly Hullabaloo!
    Debbie's been sleeping with Justin, her friend Crystal's husband! Debbie is also married and has two kids but she wants to start over with Justin. Next... Mackie's in love with someone else other than his wife! He's leaving Mary for his mistress, Cindy, who is the wife of his cellmate.
  • Jerry and the "Whooars"!
    Renee was on the show before because her husband cheated on her and now she's back for the same thing! Her husband has been letting Krystal stay with them and when Renee goes to work, they start getting busy. Renee is going to confront both her and her husband. Next...Rain is obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Scott but he left her for Carrie. He says he doesn't want anything to do with Rain and he wants her to stop being obsessed.moreless
  • The Deer Hunter!
    The Deer Hunter!
    Episode 31
    C.W. loves to hunt and is in love with Mary Jane but she's living with her current boyfriend Bobby Joe. Also C.W.'s son, Charlie has been sleeping with Mary Jane! Charlie wants to be with Mary Jane but in the end she chooses C.W..
  • Classic Springer: I Want Your Lover!
    Heather wants to confront the woman who is stealing her fiance, Dan. Dan is engaged to Heather but will dumb her for his girlfriend! Next... David and Rhonda have been married for three years but Rhonda's been having an affair with her ex. The men are going to make her choose, but she doesn't want either of them! Last... Jeff has to decide between his current girlfriend and secret lover.moreless
  • Guests Collide
    Guests Collide
    Episode 29
    Akim had a baby with Princess but Princess' friend, Ingram, has also been sleeping with Akim. Akim claims he doesn't want either of them and they don't like that idea. Next... Clayton is married to Leanne but he's cheated on her many times. Leanne wants him to stop cheating on her.moreless
  • Jerry Springfield!
    Jerry Springfield!
    Episode 30
    Mosias came to America to learn English but he's learned a lot more from his teacher Jenypher! Now he's become her "Mexican Sex Machine" and she wants to leave her husband to be with him. Next... Scott wants to confront his brother Keith about sleeping with his wife Elizabeth. Keith claims he's getting payback for Scott turning him in to the police.moreless
  • Meat Me on Springer!
    Paige has been sleeping with her friend Brianna's boyfriend and she wants to convince him to be with her instead. Since he wants to be a chef, she thinks tying pieces of meat all over her body will help to convince him. Next...Crystal gets turned on by rolling around in the mud and wants her boyfriend, John, to make her squeal like a pig! Last! Lisa's brother doesn't approve of her being a stripper but the truth comes out when he reveals that he has stripped with her fiancé!moreless
  • Uncle Bob/Aunt Robin
    Carolyn is sleeping with her stepfather, Chuck, and thinks she's in love with him. Her step mom, Kelly, had no idea and is not happy at all with what's happening. In the end, Chuck doesn't want to be with either of them! Next...Robin was born a man and came wearing a wedding dress wanting to get married to Vincent. Amanda, her niece, doesn't like the idea of them getting married and tries to stop the Reverend from performing the ceremony.moreless
  • A Spin on Weddings!
    A Spin on Weddings!
    Episode 55
    Autumn has been with Josh for 4 years but she just found out he's been sleeping with Brandy! But when Jerry brings out Brandy so Autumn can confront Brandy, she comes out in a wedding dress and says she's going to marry Josh! Next... Oak and his son David both have feelings for Pearl! Now she has to choose between the two but Pearl wants Reverend Shnorr's advice. But everyone's shocked when Pearl's sister in the audience says she's been sleeping with David! Lastly, who's got a foot fetish? Zigg comes to the show looking for feet! He's been married to 24 sets of feet and now he's looking for his 25th in the Springer audience.moreless
  • Jerry and the Pope!
    Jerry and the Pope!
    Episode 32
    Jerry (not the host) is a pimp and also says he's the pope! His daughter, Selethia, doesn't like what he's doing and Reverend Shnorr tries to reason with him. Next... Cousin's love Summer! Don has been sleeping with his cousin's wife, Summer. She then says that she wants to be with Don instead!moreless
  • Crossdressing Caper!
    Joe likes being a little kinky; using handcuffs, S and M, wearing women's underwear and sleeping with his brother's girlfriend Tina. He comes to the show to let everyone know what he's been up to. Next... Deshawn doesn't like how his brother John's girlfriend is ruining his life.
  • Itchin' for Love!
    Itchin' for Love!
    Episode 24
    Jimmy used to date Rhonda for thirteen years until she left him for Jason. Jimmy still loves her and even tells her a poem. Rhonda claims she only loves Jason but Jimmy's sister Kim says that Rhonda still leads him on. Next... Justin never had a father and now wants his mom's boyfriend to fill that void.moreless
  • Livid Lesbians!
    Livid Lesbians!
    Episode 3
    Vicky is upset because she thinks Priscilla is turning her daughter, Kendra, into a lesbian! It turns out the Priscilla wants to be with Kendra even though she cheats on her! Next...Carol isn't happy with her mom because she set her up with her friend Dr. Chocolate for $200! Lastly! Jenny has been sleeping with her mom's fiancé, Jerry, and Jerry wants to be with Jenny instead of her mother, Theresa!moreless
  • Rockin' Reverend 2
    Rockin' Reverend 2
    Episode 25
    Teddy has recently found out that his cousin Nathan has been sleeping with his wife Melissa. Nathan says that she treats him well and makes him happy but Melissa says she'd rather be with Teddy. Teddy sings a song he wrote and wants to renew their vows. The Reverend comes out to help them with that. Next... Jessie wears a dress because he likes the feel of it. His girlfriend Marisol doesn't like how he dresses and won't accept him like that. Marisol's uncle is also a cross dresser and wants Jessie to be with him instead! Jessie says that he'll give up the dresses if she'll marry him.moreless
  • Gator Skinner Love
    Gator Skinner Love
    Episode 42
    The show gets a guest security guard, Toney Freeman who is a professional body builder and from the IFBB!
    First we have Charlotte who likes to wrestle alligators with her boyfriend, Lee, to help pay the bills. Lee's sister doesn't like Charlotte but Lee loves her and wants to marry her.
    Next, Harvey's fiance's brother, Jay, won't stay out of his relationship.
    Lastly, Will comes to the show because his cousin, James, got a girlfriend and now things have changed.moreless
  • Jason's Thanksgiving!
    It's Thanksgiving Day again on Jerry Springer and Jason doesn't like his sister's boyfriend!
    Next...Eddie brings his girlfriend along with his wife, Latasha! He still wants to be with his wife, but she doesn't want anything to do with him.
    Lastly, Jen's niece, Kimmy, has been sleeping with her boyfriend and Jen claims that Kimmy's been around the block.moreless
  • Cousins and Breakdancers
    Janine has always been there for her cousin Britini but now she's gone too far by sleeping with her boyfriend, Toris! Toris claims it was just a fling and he really wants to be with Janine but Britini says she's in love with him!
    Next, Billy's been sleeping with his next door neighbor, Christine, and she's now pregnant! The only problem is, her boyfriend Jake didn't know about it! She wants to stay with Jake but he's not so sure.
    Lastly, Heather has been sleeping with her sister's boyfriend Joe and now that Tiffany, her sister, and Brittney, Heather's girlfriend, have found out, they aren't happy at all.moreless
  • Show 3357!
    Show 3357!
    Episode 56
    Dave's got a secret he needs to get off his chest. He's been cheating on his girlfriend Alicia with Choquita and comes to the show to tell Alicia that he's leaving with Choquita! Next, Adam was cheating on his girlfriend Amy with Kadi. Amy has forgiven Adam but now Kadi won't leave them alone and claims Adam is really in love with her!moreless
  • Spinning Tales on Springer!
    Envy holds the championship belt in pro-wrestling and has a great trainer. But now Priscilla who is also a pro-wrestler wants Envy's belt and her trainer! They both decide to wrestle in a tub of jello to see who will be victorious. Kristi and Brad have been dating for 4 years and have a kid but Brad's stepmom, Brenda, wants Kristi to stop dating him. Lastly, Gina dresses up as a raccoon in bed with her girlfriend Nicole but she comes to the show to reveal she's sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, Trey, who is engaged to Jessica!moreless
  • Springer Fiasco!
    Springer Fiasco!
    Episode 53
    Deandre has been sleeping with his neighbor, Showanda, and is here to tell his secret to his wife! Next... Melissa is getting married to John but Brandon claims he is in love with her. Can he win her back? Lastly, Carla is 50 years old and wants to tell her daughter, Jennifer, that she won't stop stripping just because of her age.moreless