The Jerry Springer Show

Season 14 Episode 145


Aired Weekdays Jul 21, 2006 on

Episode Recap

Who's Rodney going to walk down the catwalk with? Next...With Jerry on a break from the madness, Steve takes over! John doesn't think April appreciates him, and he can prove it! They've been together for a year and have never slept together! He claims he wants to be a gentleman and wait until April is ready, but she's left him multiple times to sleep with so-called 'bad boys!' John's been trying to show he can be bad too - he's going to admit he cheated on April with her sister, Candis! Watch as this family feud explodes! Later...Tim is trying to turn his life around after being in trouble with the law. While dating Britteny, a nice, church going, southern girl who's saving herself for marriage, he went to jail - and he never had the decency to tell her where he was! Thirteen months later, Brittney forgave Tim and they re-kindled the relationship - he even asked her to marry him! But, he's got a secret - since getting out of jail, he's been cheating on her with Amy! Will Brittney forgive him again?

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