The Jerry Springer Show

Season 16 Episode 13

Transsexuals Attack!

Aired Weekdays Oct 11, 2006 on
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Transsexuals Attack!
More tranny triangles! A man fights to keep his old lover while fending off the old one! Also a mother wants her son to stay a man while he wants to become a full blown woman. And lastly, one man doesn't want his old boyfriend dressed in drag? Check it out in today's episode of Transsexuals Attack! (from Love stories of transsexual relationships! Keon, a hay man, wants his old boyfriend, Lamar, back. However, Lamar is currently dating a transsexual man, Tyanni. Things heat up once Keon brings out Savannah, his current lover! Next, Erica was born a male, but now wants to get a full sex change operation to completely be a female. Lavetta, Eric's mother, wants Erica to stay a male, and wants to stop his operation! Can she stop him from getting the "snip-snip"? Lastly... Shane, a transsexual man who wants to be a woman, wants his old boyfriend back, Daniel. He says they broke up when Shane went to jail, but they really broke up after Sane started dressing in women's clothing! Now, Daniel argues that he won't take Shane back if he continues to dress like a woman! Watch as lovers collide!moreless
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