The Jerry Springer Show

Season 16 Episode 16

Wasting Technology!

Aired Weekdays Oct 16, 2006 on
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Wasting Technology!
(from Crys is on the show to tell her sister, Tory, to stop being a lesbian! She says it goes against everything they were taught growing up! Crys also wants to push 'Clyde' away - Tory's transsexual lover! But, when push comes to shove, the three women team up to defend each other - against the audience! Next...Angry giants! Shannon is a giant woman who married the love of her life, William. However, after recently finding out that he's been cheating on her with Robin, Shannon is crushed! The moral of the story - Never upset a giant! Later... Divine intervention! James had goetten into lots of trouble, but after finding a higher power, has changed his ways! He now sees religious symbols all around him, including scriptures, Lucifer, and angels - he even finds them in the audience! Now that Janes has been 'saved', he sees his friend Chris going down the wrong path and wants to push him in the right direction!moreless
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