The Jersey

Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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The Jersey

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The Jersey was a television series that Premiered on Disney Channel in 1999. It was based on the Monday Night Football Club book series by Gordon Korman. The Jersey is about Nick Lighter, Morgan Hudson, Coleman Galloway, and Elliot Riffkin who discover the magic of the Jersey. The Jersey transforms kids into sports athletes. There is a different sport athlete on every show. The Jersey is on Disney Channel.
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  • really cool show!

    The Jersey is a very old Disney Channel show but it was very good. the story is there is this magical jersey that allows the kids to transform into athletes. It was a cool show that kept you watching it wasn't the best disney channel show but it was pretty interesting. The magical jersey basically let kids see what it was like to be a professinal athelete and since its disney there was a lesson learned everytime too. This show deserves more credit I think it got over-shadowed by Lizzie McGuire, but still it was a neat show. Overall I give it 3 thumbs up.moreless
  • My favorite Disney Channel show

    Why did this show have to end? I remember watching it over and over again, even when the reruns were on. They don't have reruns on anymore though. I haven't seen this show in ages (obviously that's an exaderagion) but it will always be my favorite show. I don't even know how I got into it. I was chanel surfing on my TV one day, and then I just discovered it. I started watching it and never missed an episode. Too bad they took it off! It had potential. I was upset when they took that, and the reruns, off the show. Does anyone know where I can get DVDs of this show? Or if they have any reruns of it? Please help!moreless
  • I thought this was a great show.

    I loved all the characters and all the sports people that came into the show i loved how they made the characters learn something everytime they put the jersey on i thought that was a great ideal. This was a really good show i loved all the ep's. It should come back for at least a movie cause allo the actors were really good.
  • A good show that was probably misplaced on Disney.

    I enjoyed the Jersey immensely. Every episode featured a different athlete, and the Jersey would transport Morgan, Coleman, Elliot and Nick into a different athletes body. I knew the end was coming when the show was nearing 65 episodes. Sadly, there were a few episodes that never aired, and I wasn't sure why. I believe the last one debuted the same day that Full Court Miracle debuted. It was dissapointing when they took it off the air, but this was a great show!moreless
  • Great SHow

    Great show i dont know why it isnt on there putting bad shows on disney this was one of there good ones. I loved this show and so did many of my friends im very upset they took this off the air. They should think about taking it back. MJC
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