The Jersey

Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Magic Jersey
      The Magic Jersey
      Episode 1
      After Nick's grandpa dies, a magical Jersey is left to him.
    • In Training
      In Training
      Episode 2
      Coleman tries to get in shape by using the Jersey.
    • Be True to You
      Be True to You
      Episode 3
      Morgan tries to get a guy on her soccer team to like her. Hillary, as usual, accuses her of being too much of a tomboy. All Morgan has been doing in this episode is playing soccer, which is why Hillary tells her that if she wants to date the player on the team, she needs to quit and get into more "girlish" things. Morgan starts to go through with it until the Jersey transforms her into Clint Mathis, former star of the Los Angeles Galaxy. From conversing with teammate Cobi Jones, Morgan realizes that she should just be like herself and not worry about what others think. Morgan rejoins the soccer team and the guy ends up wanting to date her.moreless
    • Heroes
      Episode 4
      Morgan, Elliott, and Nick are assigned individual projects. The theme for this project is to write about a hero. Nick wants to write about Rob Moore, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. To gain experience, he wants to jump into Moore, but the jersey puts him into Junior Seau, linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. After the game, Nick learns that Seau is a real hero because of his charity he runs. Morgan has trouble finding a hero, but after some thoughtful thinking and Uncle Larry's help for her mother, she picks Larry.moreless
    • Ouch
      Episode 5
      Morgan doesn't wanna be an alternate on the guys team. She declines the offer, thinking that she's better than them (and she proved it, too). So to get some "real" playing time, she jumps into Byron Dafoe, goalie for the Boston Bruins. When she gets hurt, she wants an alternate to replace her, but all of the other goalies were hurt. That's when she learned the importance of an alternate.

      Meanwhile, Nick, Coleman, and Elliott are playing in their tournament and Elliott gets hurt. Morgan is nowhere to be found, so Phoenix Coyotes' star player Jeremy Roenick subs for Elliott.moreless
    • Team Player
      Team Player
      Episode 6
      Elliot, Nick, and Morgan are assigned a project at school concerning the colonial period. After refusing Elliot's "special" idea and Morgan's numerous great ideas, Nick is not willing to accept either idea. They eventually fail the project. The group keeps arguing until the Jersey takes Morgan and Nick to an Atlanta Braves game. Nick is the pitcher, Kevin Milwood, and Morgan is the catcher, Eddie Perez. The opposing batter is Gary Sheffield, of the Los Angeles Dodgers (at the time). Morgan tries to give Nick good pitching types, but Nick just throws how he wants to. Well, Sheffield is definitely ready to hit a homerun, but Morgan knocks some sense into him and they get out of the jam. Finally, Nick learns his lesson and the three redo their project. The turn it in and get a. . .C+!moreless
    • Get Back on the Horse
      One day after school, Morgan is talking to one of her friends, and the subject of horseback riding comes up. Morgan has never done it before and thinks it's easy, so she decides to take some lessons. Simply put, she's horrible. Morgan quits, but the jersey won't let her do that. It transforms her into a gymnast. Domnique Dawes reminds her of how she never gives up after only one try at something. Morgan returns as a new person, and finds a little success the second time around. Meanwhile, Coleman, Nick, and Elliot all need a new pair of shoes, but have absolutely no money. Nick's father, Larry, offers them a job at his office, "Lighter than Air". While there, Coleman finds some really cool clothes, Elliot finds office supplies, and Nick builds an enormous sandwich. Obviously, they didn't do their job. However, they meet Jim Harbaugh, star quarterback for the San Diego Chargers (at the time) and Larry lets the three each get a pair of new shoes for no apparent reason.moreless
    • Fathers and Sons
      Fathers and Sons
      Episode 8
      Nick's dad gets mad at him when he gets a D on his history test. He jumps into a player on his grandfather's semi-pro team, and notices his dad (as a child) and his granddad, the player. Little Larry complains how he never gets to spend time with his dad, and how they don't have a good relationship. This lesson soon changes their relationship and Nick and Larry are talking to each other again.

      Hillary, Morgan, and their moms go out on a "girl's night out" to the karaoke bar and find Jamal Anderson there, running back for the Atlanta Falcons.moreless
    • Beauty and the Beast
      Coleman is turned down by a girl he likes, but ends up getting to skate with Michelle Kwan. Meanwhile, Elliot, with the aid of Morgan, tries to figure out what present to get for his mom. And with the aid of Morgan, he uses the jersey to jump into a football game, and ends up getting Kordell Stewart to say Happy Birthday.moreless
    • Nick's a Chick
      Nick's a Chick
      Episode 10
      Nick doesn't think that women's basketball is as important as men's basketball. When the jersey transforms Nick into Lisa Leslie, he soon finds out that it is just as important. After Nick comes back, he gives Morgan advice on how to just have fun when playing since she is going to prove to the coach that she is team material. (Contributor: Scary Boogeyman (a.k.a. Tha ReelKid))moreless
    • Election
      Episode 11
      Nick runs for student class president. But when the jersey jumps him into David Robinson, he learns it will take hard work to achieve it. Meanwhile, Morgan thinks she discovered the publisher of The Zine, Willa. While in reality, Hilary is the publisher of The Zine. But when Elliot and Morgan try getting Willa to endorse Nick as student class president, things turn for the worse when the computer, which has The Zine on it, gets destroyed.moreless
    • The Prize (a.k.a. Super Bowl Special)
      Morgan has a chance to win SuperBowl tickets but loses the last question. So all seems fair and well when they decide to watch it together at home. Until Nicks father wins Superbowl tickets and Nick decides to go and his friends are less than thrilled and decide to cancel this years MNFC. After realizing what Nick has done they all make up and Nick stays home with his friends. Then the Jersey transfers them in to Superbowl 34. Meanwhile Hillary and her dad are making the outfits for Superbowl 34 and t he jersey accidentally gets to the machine and now those are the uniforms.moreless
    • Speeding Bullet
      Speeding Bullet
      Episode 13
      Eliott use the Jersey in a track meet afterma secret about it is found. The Nick and the gang find something else about using the jersey that way the could put Eliott's life in Jeporady.
    • The Girlfriend
      The Girlfriend
      Episode 14
      Although it seems as if Coleman (Jermaine Williams) has found a new romantic prospect, Nick (Michael Galeota) has his doubts. He suspects that his friend might be the victim of a scam. Meanwhile, Elliott (Theo Greenly) gets a little too careless with his skateboard, landing him in some hot water.
    • Elliot and Goliath
      Elliot and Goliath
      Episode 15
      Elliot tries to stand up to Rory, the jersey jumps Elliot into Stephon Marbury.
    • Take Me Out to the Ball Game
      Nick is so caught up in meeting Nomar Garciaparra that he forgets to fit Kate's ring. Nick jumps into Nomar and starts panicking about getting the ring, even though the jersey won't let him leave yet. Willa catches Nick trying to escape Nomar's body, doing all these weird things. Willa finds Elliot and questions him about Nick and the jersey. Elliot gets so freaked out that he tells Willa and Hillary the truth. They find it so hard to believe that they dismiss all the "stupid" things Elliot said.moreless
    • Mother's Day
      Mother's Day
      Episode 17
      Morgan gets embarrassed when her mom starts to coach her swimming team.
    • Bat Girl
      Bat Girl
      Episode 18
      Morgan (Courtnee Draper) and Nick (Michael Galeota) get into a fight when Nick feels threatened by Morgan's athleticism. After he loses his temper and calls Morgan a tomboy, she turns to a female boxer, Laila Ali, to get a little more perspective and learn the true meaning of girl power.
    • Legacy
      Episode 19
      Nick jumps into the body of Olympic gold medal winner Jackie Joyner-Kersee and is coached by her husband on how to throw the shotput for a track and field competition. This isn't enough so he decides to cheat. He wears the jersey inside out, which imbues him with another athlete's powers. Meanwhile Elliott and Morgan learn that Nick and Morgan's grandfather was wearing the jersey inside out and the power was too great and it blew out his knee. They rush to tell Nick, who ignores them. He injures his shoulder but fortunately the injury is not permanent.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3