The Jersey - Season 3

Disney Channel (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • What's Gotten Into Elliot Rifkin?
    Elliot asks a geek to the school dance, Hilary babysits a monkey.
  • Skills
    Episode 25
  • Weight For Me
    Weight For Me
    Episode 24
  • Player Faker
    Player Faker
    Episode 23
    Morgan and Tamika compete for a spot on the basketball team.
  • The Polar Express
    The Polar Express
    Episode 22
    Nick views his father differently, Elliot & Coleman make a movie.
  • Owning Up
    Owning Up
    Episode 21
    When Coleman's birdhouse is poorly done, he sneaks in to school and tries to claim somebody else's birdhouse as his. Morgan detects he's hiding something, so the jersey jumps Morgan and Coleman into the middle of nowhere during a head to head motocross race.
  • The New Kid in Town
    The New Kid in Town
    Episode 20
    When Elliott jumps into BMX champion Ryan Nyquist, he ends up having to spend the afternoon with a new kid at school who has a chip on his shoulder. Larry becomes insufferable after losing a game of pool to Hilary.
  • Basketball Diaries
    Basketball Diaries
    Episode 19
    Coleman is reluctant to ask his father to join him in a father-son basketball game. Hilary tries to makeover Leo into a film star.
  • Origins (2)
    Origins (2)
    Episode 18
    As Blackstone reaches for the Jersey, it leaps Morgan and Nick into a football game. When Nick and Morgan jump back, Morgan escapes but the Jersey and Nick are captured. Hilary, Morgan and Willa attempt to rescue the guys and the Jersey as the evil Blackstone drains its powers. He plans to jump into the body of the president. When Morgan restores the powers of the Jersey with the solution Merlin told her how to make, it jumps her into Blackstone's body and she is able to take command and trick his people into a truck where they can be locked up. The Jersey is seemingly destroyed in an explosion but it is found in their yard and brought to them by Lee Thompson Young, whom Willa and Morgan have been trying to get an interview with.moreless
  • Origins (1)
    Origins (1)
    Episode 17
    Part 1 of two. A band of rogue government agents is tracking the Jersey when it jumps. Before they are captured, Morgan and Nick are transported back in time, where they meet Arthur and the wizard Merlin, and find the jersey was a cloak at that time. Merlin tells them the jersey is far older than he and legend says it came from ancient Egypt. He also tells them how to restore the powers of the jersey with a solution. Meanwhile, Coleman and Elliot are being held prisoner. When Morgan and Nick jump back, Blackstone demands that they turn over the Jersey. (to be continued)moreless
  • Fantasy Football
    Fantasy Football
    Episode 16
    Nick & Coleman's fantasy football teams get the best of them when Coleman jumps into the Bengals' coach & Nick jumps into Danny Farmer.
  • Riding the Bench
    Riding the Bench
    Episode 15
    Nick disappoints his football team when he skips out of a game to play in the real NFL as Eddie George. Coleman joins Hilary and Morgan in a girls' night out.
  • The Doghouse
    The Doghouse
    Episode 14
    The Jersey helps Leonardo to become a frisbee-catching dog. Morgan tries to keep her mother from finding out she's going on her first date.
  • Jersey Switch
    Jersey Switch
    Episode 13
    Elliot gives The Jersey new powers by mistake. Hillary & Morgan switch bodies.
  • Tomorrowland
    Episode 12
    The Jersey jumps Morgan into the future. Randy Johnson breaks his hand. It's up to the MNFC to prevent this from happening in the future.
  • Dueling Coaches
    Dueling Coaches
    Episode 11
    Nick has problems coaching his pee-wee football team.
  • Alley of Dreams
    Alley of Dreams
    Episode 10
    Nick participates in his dad's charity bowling tournament.
  • Cheers, Jeers and Tears
    Hillary's crying over her responsibilities as being cheerleader captain while Nick & Coleman fight for their rap song to be played on April's radio station.
  • Playbook
    Episode 8
    Nick leaves his team's playbook at Fat Mora's. His old rival steals the playbook while Elliot uses the jersey to jump into La'Roi Glover in order to be able to steal Danberry High's Goose statue.
  • NFL Virus
    NFL Virus
    Episode 7
    Elliot transports himself into the body of NFL player Jevon Kearse in order to combat a computer virus that threatens the Tennessee Titans; Morgan is disappointed when a guy she likes dumps her for another girl. Also, Morgan was going to perform a song at the school dance, but now she may back out.moreless
  • Coleman's Big Date
    Coleman's Big Date
    Episode 6
    Coleman reunites with a girl he had a crush on since he was little. Meanwhile, Nick & Hillary try to get their parents to spoil them rotten.
  • Halloween 2: The Legend of Henry
    A seance is conducted to contact a ghost named Henry who was shocked to death while going to see his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Hillary & Willa refuse to get into the spirit of Halloween because they think they're too mature.
  • Willa Jumps
    Willa Jumps
    Episode 4
    Willa sneaks through the house and tries the jersey on for size after pumping a mum Hilary for information about the shirt's powers. First she jumps into a football player, Amani Toomer (Himself). Willa as Toomer, tries to tell everyone that he really is a high school girl possessing Toomer on national TV! ("Watch the hands!" she tells someone after he tackles her as Toomer...) Luckily the female newscaster thinks it is a practical joke! Then Willa tries to exploit the jersey by exposing it to the whole school. She tries to sell rides into sports players bodies to others at school, and a male nerd winds up in the body of a little girl, "Princess", on a store rocking horse. After several unsatisfied customers mention a few hints at their jumps to the MNFC, Willa is transported by the Jersey into the body of a male dog headed to the veterinarian for shots!!!! She even has a dog collar and fleas now! Meanwhile, the MNFC gang and Hillary try to convince everyone that it was all a hypnosis experiment for Psychology class. After biting the vet to escape her doghood, Willa returns to normal and vows to give up trying to use the Jersey for her own fame and fortune (and yet another person now knows about the Jersey to the annoyance of the original four).moreless
  • Out on a Limb
    Out on a Limb
    Episode 3
    Morgan & the MNFC were playing kick ball with a huge beach ball in the park when they find this little boy's kite got stuck up in a tree. Morgan attempts to get the kite but th rest of the MNFC back out on her, so she climbs the tree to get the kite. She falls off but The Jersey saves her from getting killed. The Jersey jumps her into Donovan McNabb, but as soon as she jumps back, she will jump back in mid-air & she will fall & get killed. She calls the MNFC & Hillary to help her, so they set up a huge matress to catch her.moreless
  • It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Jersey
    Hillary must deal with the consequences of abusing the jersey's powers.
  • Bringing the Heat
    Bringing the Heat
    Episode 1
    Hillary puts on the jersey after getting wet; Morgan interviews David Wells.