The Jeselnik Offensive

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The Jeselnik Offensive

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Anthony Jeselnik, known for his biting wit, hosts "The Jeselnik Offensive" , a new weekly COMEDY CENTRAL series. Pulling "train wreck" stories from the lurid corners of the Internet, Jeselnik and two panelists pick apart the stories with their dark humor.

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AIRED ON 8/27/2013

Season 2 : Episode 8


    Does Anyone Care That The Jeselnik Offensive Is Canceled? (That's a Serious Question!)

    Anthony Jeselnik's controversial series says bye-bye, which should make some people happy and other people sad.


    Comedy Central Renews The Jeselnik Offensive and Nathan for You

    Two great newbies get a second season, but there's no word on The Ben Show.

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    • brilliant!

      Brilliant show! Just discover it recently. Too sad it got cancelled. But it's just great, nonetheless. Great humour, smart jokes.

      People who get offended by jokes are fuckin' stupid, never forget that. (c)

      .. couldn't agree more.

    • Not for everyone.

      I really like this show. I agree that it lacks a cohesiveness and the format needs to be polished a little bit, but I think to really "get" this show, you need to already be familiar with, and enjoy Anthony's stand-up. Part of his personality is his "awkward", slow, monotone delivery. It's what he is known for, and is not a result of being uncomfortable on screen, or a lack of talent. That being said, it's certainly not for everyone. If you like really dry, dark, almost uncomfortable humor, Anthony Jeselnik is definitely the best.moreless
    • Funny jokes suffer badly.

      I have no problem with his jokes on mass shootings, disasters, and etc. (even if they are just sick)

      My problem is with Anthony Jesselnk. His jokes are good, but after watching his show and his stand up, he's just a boring person. He shows no emotion, he just reads a script for 30 minutes, then leaves. He's boring, and he doesn't bring you into the show.
    • Clever, witty and quality comedy. No bullshit, and no time wasting skits that don't work. Just great jokes.

      People either love or hate this show because it's not for everybody. That's why so many people give it shit reviews it doesn't deserve. You have to be okay with laughing at what you think is funny and not just what society approves as comedy. You also have to be intelligent to get some of the jokes. It's "morally wrong" to laugh at death and other horrible things like that so people don't give it a chance. The reason it's hilarious isn't because it's shocking but because all of the jokes are very well thought out, well written and executed perfectly. Sure the content is awful tragedies but the fact that he can take something shocking and tell clever jokes in an endearing fashion is impressive and hilarious. It takes a lot of courage to do what he does and not care what others think. It's currently the best show on comedy central.moreless
    • One of Comedy Central's worst shows ever. Not funny at all.

      So Anthony Jeselnik is not funny at all. I thought he was kind of funny when he was a guest on Jeff Ross' show "The Burn" (which is also a pretty sad show), so I thought I would give The Jeselnik offensive a chance, I watched a few episodes and it was everything I could do to make it through the entire 22 minutes. He is simply not funny. He tries to shock his audience by saying what he supposes will be offensive and edgy but he just ends up making an ass out of himself. The show is terrible. It is not funny. I love Comedy Central, I'm a fan of Tosh.0 and Chapelle's show etc. but I can honestly say Anthony Jeselnik never made me laugh once through 3 episodes. This show needs to be canceled.moreless