The Jetsons

Season 2 Episode 14

Astro's Big Moment

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 05, 1985 on ABC

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  • The last of the Jetsons' major villains, Mangler Mars, is featured in this episode, with Knuckles Nuclear and Mugsy Megaton having appeared in the original 1960s series.

    George is faced with a dilemma--especially with that of mobster Mangler Mars, who tells him that Star Bite must win--or George will lose his life. Mangler Mars is an even more foreboding enemy for the Jetsons than either Knuckles or Mugsy not only because of Star Bite's presence, but because of Mangler's threatening demeanor, since he is from the space mob. Imagine a future "Jetsons" episode if these three goons escaped from prison together and formed a chain gang...the Jetson family would need to have superpowers to stop the mob then...overall, a very compelling episode because of the element of suspense involved.
  • Even as a kid I noticed something was amiss to another wise decent episode.

    As the summary says, George becomes the reluctant judge of a dog show with his wife, a thug, and his boss breathing down his neck to choose their dog as the winner. While it's understandable for the thug and Mr. Spacely (I enjoyed the dream sequence where he was chasing George in a devil outfit) to make threats to George, even at eight-years-old (when I first saw this episode) it seemed really out of character for Jane to resort to manipulating George with the threat that "Elroy will lose all respect for him" if he didn't vote for Astro. Jane is normally a fair woman who doesn't spoil her kids so why would she be demanding her husband bend-over backwards to give Elroy special treatment? Lucky for George the other dogs get into some accidents that cause them to be disqualified, making Astro the winner and one starving stray happy. Overall, it's a fairly enjoyable episode, but it's Jane's uncharacteristic attitude that kinda ruined it for me when I was little and costed me some respect for Jane herself.
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