The Jetsons

Season 3 Episode 5

Father/Daughter Dance

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 22, 1987 on ABC

Episode Recap

Probably the most touching among all Jetsons episodes, it reaffirms the strong albeit subtle bond this family shares despite their seemingly varied worlds.

The annual father/daughter dance competition is imminent and Judy is dreading the moment. The year before was a major embarrassment for her as George was the worst in the lot. Upon voicing these concerns to her mom, she learns that George is extremely serious on them winning the competition this time. Without telling them, he was taking dance lessons. Judy decides to check on her dad and takes Elroy along to secretly view his dance lessons.

A glance confirms her worst predictions. There is absolutely no improvement in his dancing. It was a tale of blues and reds. Reds for the hassled robot repeatedly getting kicked in the name of dance steps and blues for his daughter. Back home, she prays for a miracle that her dad won't be her partner. Her prayers are soon answered.

Back at the office, George shares his woes with RUDI. Besides being empathizing, he is able to offer him proper advise and help. The solution lies in Spaceley's newest sprocket that if placed around the waist can lead to better coordination of his legs. This device may come to nothing because the very next moment Spacely assigns him work that would prevent him from attending the dance. Upon protesting, he is handed a standard Spacely threat- work late or get fired!

A morosed George calls Judy saying he can't come that evening. Though delighted at this, she disguises her emotions with trouble saying she is very disappointed he can't come. Grandpa Jetson is the substitute suggested. He is more than happy to dance with his granddaughter and takes her to the competition. However the magic and seriousness is clearly missing in them as a couple. They are subject to mocking.

Meanwhile George takes Judy's pretentious disappointment seriously and takes a bold decision to go to the dance defying Spacely. He is encouraged to do this by RUDI.

At the dance, Judy is surprised to see her father. She finds him talking to Spacely, who is furious at seeing him there. He says George is fired to which George firmly replies that his daughter and her happiness mean much more lot to him and was going to make it to the dance no matter what. A visibly emotional Judy has no shame in accepting her dad as her dance partner. She tells Geroge she is proud of him and embraces him. Much to the surprise of everybody and herself, George has a flawless dance with her and they end up winning the competition, courtesy of Spacely's newest well-balanced Sprocket that's stuck to his waist.

Thing turn great after that. Embarrassments turn into allocades and mockeries into praise. Spacely has a change of heart and he rehires George with a new spirit and one more satisfying day for the Jetson family comes to an end thanks to the brave spirit of George.