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Super Jetsons 1992 Pilot Unearthed!

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    In the never aired 1992 pilot episode for Super Jetsons entitled "The Chain Gang", four of the villains from the original series--Knuckles Nuclear, Mangler Mars, Skata Hara and Mugsy Megaton--escape from a prison asteroid and seek to take over the galaxy, thanks to a molecular disintegrator, a device which looks like a vacuum cleaner but which is capable of turning the members of the United Planets Security Council into space dust. The Jetsons get wind of this watching a news bulletin while being presented with a Super Thinko machine as a last parting gift from the successor to Nebulous Nifty. George and Elroy regain their identities as SuperGeorge and SpaceBoy Zoom from the original series while Jane and Judy become BatJane and Sparrow and Rosie becomes RoboBot, a male robot. Together, they become the Super Jetsons and become involved in a pair of Bat-fights--one of which happens at Spacely Sprockets--before ultimately triumphing. It also turns out that the molecular disintegrator self-destructs because 1. It was made by Nebulous Nifty; and 2. Its parts came from Cogswell Cogs. The Super Jetsons become honorary agents of the law and zoom away in the police vehicle the crooks had stolen but Henry Orbit had recovered and reconfigured so that it can now withstand everything, including SuperGeorge's enormous strength.

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