The Jetsons

Season 1 Episode 18

Jane's Driving Lesson

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Jan 20, 1963 on ABC

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  • Hilarity ensues as Jane literally "drives" both her driving instructor and a supercriminal "batty" in this episode from "The Jetsons", which predates the Adam West "Batman" series by a few years...

    Jane Jetson must have seen the 1966-68 "Batman" TV show a few times in her futuristic life...she, like her apparent idol, Batman, has such uncanny regard for the law that it warrants more than a casual snicker. She also has amazing maneuvers that she does with the space car, such as squeezing through a building sideways! It's too bad "The Jetsons" could not have been continued with the family fighting crime as costumed superheroes--Jane would probably have been the super team's best asset. Knuckles Nuclear, on the other hand, had the capability of being the Jetsons' top foil, a la The Joker. His uniform is notably different from the one he wore in "The Space Car" (his other appearance). In that episode, he employed his signature weapon--a baby gas gun--as well as a lady accomplice. These two elements, even more so than the plot of the episode in of itself, make this a standout.