The Jetsons

Season 1 Episode 20

Miss Solar System

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 1963 on ABC

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  • Jane Jetson proves that she has what it takes to shine as a star! :idea:

    This is a very good episode, proving that any woman, no matter who they are or what they do, can be beautiful in their very own way. Jane Jetson may be an average 24th century house-wife, but she still manages to make a stunning statement and looks just as perky as women half of her age! But lately, all George Jetson can keep his eyes on is that of his 3-D T.V., and seeing actress Gina LolloJupiter in action! Understandably angry that George is paying attention to an actress he's never even meant than to her, Jane secretly decides to enter the Miss Solar System Contest to prove to George that she's just as beautiful and maybe even more beautiful than any other women on T.V. But what Jane doesn't know is that George is actually paying attention to this women as research for his job of helping Cosmo Spacely sponsor/ judge the Miss Solar System Contest. But when Mr. Spacely of the Spacely Sprockets is unable to judge due to the insistence of his wife, it's up to George to do the judging alone. All of the women have their own pretty fashions and talents, but it's the mysterious Miss Western Hemisphere who Really stands out in his mind! And when Jane sings her rendition of "Bill Spacely, Won't You Please Fly Home?" It completely wows George and prompts him to call Miss Western Hemisphere the new Miss Solar System! But when Jane removes her mask, George's mask flies off, making the husband realized he picked his own wife to win! Jane is technically disqualified for being married to the judge, but George still thinks of his wife of being the True Miss Solar System, and even quits being a member of the Gina LolloJupiter fan club as a sign of his love to Jane, his wife! This is a really great episode for empowering women, plus, it's just plain fun to boot as well! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)