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  • Awesome.

    The Jetsons is about a family who lives in the future. The characters are George, Jane, Judy, Elro, and a dog named Astro. This show was the best in humor. I loved how George would go "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!". That phrase has gone global and is used frequently. This is a kick ass show.
  • The Jetsons is a show that will be remembered as a classic, like the Flintstones.

    This show depicted life in the future, like the opposite of The Flintstones. It was based around one family, The Jetsons. George Jetson, the man that works for Spacely Sprockets. Jane is his wife that does work around the house. Elroy is their son, and Judy is their daughter. Rosie is the robot that helps Jane around the house, and Astro is the Jetsons family dog.

    This was and is still a great show, but The Flintstones is better, IMO. It is a funny show, too. The plot is very great and original, and I think this show helped to influence Futurama, another show based in the future. They had some good voice actors and characters, too. The storyline kept developing too, which was also great. Overall, a great show.

  • One of the best!

    The Jetsons were supposed to be the futuristic answer to The Flintstones.

    I know many kinds in the 60s had to of thought that the future was going to be like this show, because I know my brother and I sure did (we grew up in the 80s)!

    It's an overall wonderful series. It's funny, very well made, and it for the entire family. Who could ask for more?
  • The jetsons!

    This was a great show it has been years since I have watched it, but it was a great show, I like all of the characters but the main ones I liked where Judy, she was pretty but also funny, elroy, he was just plain funny Rosey, the robot that always had to have everything clean and the dog cant remember his name. I always wondered what the future might look like and the jetsons gave a good perpective on it.
  • Ha Ha get it? before my time!

    Well I like the Jetsons but let me tell you, the music in the show besides the theme song sucks. seriously I can't stand it! it's like the most annoying stuff on earth! furthermore this over the Flintstones? WHAT!? The Flintstones was much better than this! I think that it was funny and had a good perspective on making fun of the challenges that we have in modern times and makin them better for the future.
  • Anyone noticed how many things they actually got accurate?

    I first discovered The Jetsons when I was 7, and remember how much I loved it then, how funny I thought it was, and how clever all the gadgets were. Then, rediscovering it 10 years later, late night on a cartoons channel has brought about the same things as it had done before - laughter. This says to me that the show is hilarious for any age. Younger children can feel with Elroy's trials of school, and teenage girls can laugh and cry with Judy's boy troubles.

    Also, so many of the things that they featured are used - one thing that comes to mind was video phones - does it remind anyone of video conferencing? Not only that, but also things such as robots are becoming more and more common in helping us with our everyday lives.

    I think the scripts were wrote brilliantly, and had a brilliant cast to voice the lines. I'd love to see The Jetsons brought back, because I think that even now - it'd be a big hit.
  • Who else thought this would be the future?

    Okay, so when I watched this show when I was little, I totally believed that I would one day live in a future very, very similar to the Jetsons' life.

    Everything seemed so advanced and super high-tech that I didn't realize how, well, dated the show actually was. The whole futuristic family was really--as is completely obvious now--the family of the 1960s. Despite the gizmos, they were completely quaint and nuclear. And even the gizmos were usually clunky industrial-style products; the Jetsons lived largely without computers, aside from the massive RUDI mainframe above George's desk at work. Very intriguing, in retrospect.
  • Classic cartoon I would like my kids to watch.

    I grew up watching this classic show and wanting one of the cars!
    I love the older cartoons rather than the ones that are around today. They seem so innocent and simple but still highly entertaining.
    Jane, Elroy, Astro and George Jetson were my favorites.
    Hanna-Barbera cartoons stand out from the rest!
  • I grew up watching this show and I love and miss this show.

    I grew up watching the Jetsons and I love and miss this show. I wish it would come on nick, disney channel, cartoonnetwork or abc family. I want kids now days to love the show just like i do. I hope it and The Flintstones come on one of the channels I listed above.
  • I love this cartoon then, now and forever.

    I'll admit that the episodes from the 60's were OK, but I'd take Flintstones from the 60's over the Jetsons from the 60's. But when they resurrected The Jetsons in 1985, they were much better. Better story lines, and tighter animation. The characters all remained the same except for George Jetson, who seemed more of a doofus than from in the 60's. His computer at work, Rudy, developed at face and emotions. And the Jetsons welcomed Orbity (a cute little fuzzy alien with coily spring-like legs)asan addition to the family. The Jetsons of the 80's also introduced Georges' father Montahue or Montahugh Jetson. One of Hanna-Barbera's best cartoons. Perfect score!
  • Bring It Back!

    This show was so good, that they brought back it again in the 80s. I liked it then, since the '62 one was old and boring.

    This show was just like a Family Show. They had Family Show-like music playing sometimes. And not only did the show get better, they also had more characters. RUDI was Spacely Sprocket's Computer, and there was Henry, Rosie, DI-DI, The Reminder, The Cogswell Cogs Robot, Henry's Robot (I forgot his name.) and Orbitey, and Rosey.

    They even made "Jetsons The Movie", and "The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones". And appeared in a number of commercials, and in commercials such as Radio Shack, and in Electrosol commercials, where people competed to find Rosie.
  • I really want one of those cars!

    The Jetsons, what is not to love? I did not get into this one until I was a little older! I would watch and think how cool it would be to have all that neat stuff. A truly great show and I do believe it was ahead of its time.

    A catchy theme song and I always thought the animation was great! Do you ever think we will have cars that fly? And where can I pick up a Rosie, one of those would be great.

    Overall I liked this cartoon! I can’t seem to find it anymore, but I will keep looking
  • One of the best Cartoon sitcoms I have every seen. It is kind of too bad there is none as great as this show. Maybe there should be a great remake of this show.

    This show was really good to watch. I really wish that CN would put this back on air. There is so many crappy shows on the channel these days. This classic would be good to reair or remake to get more of the audience back. I hope I can see the show again someday in the future.
  • Any fan of animation will love The Jetsons.

    Hanna Barbara has made many classic shows and The Jetsons is one of their best. After the The Flintstones became a hit show the Jetsons popped up on screen. The formula for the Jestsons is quite similar to the Fintstones. There is a family unit with the comic father who has a hard time at work. In many ways though The Jetsons were ahead of their time and they did not know it. The animators place giant flat screen televisions in their home and large speaker systems. When they first did this it seemed futuristic and far away. Thirty years later this fantasy idea became reality. You will have fun though watching George,Jane, Elroy, Judy, and Astro on their fun adventures.
  • wehen i wsa about 5 or 6 years old i seen this show >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    wehen i wsa about 5 or 6 years old i seen this show about 3 times before i seen the movie i seen the movie about 5 times then i had hated the movie then when i was thinkin i said i remanber the jetsons why don't they put them back on the tv then about a week later it was on teletoon and i give this a 8.7 cuz of how good the show gose and sometimes i get a bit bornd of the show that is why it dose not get the other 1.3 but that is good a 8.7 so see this show about 3 times then give your make go to teletoon to see it
  • The Jetsons have come a long way in cartoon history especially when hanna-barbera decided to have them collide with the flintstones! althogh, i find the jetsons and the flintstones quite equal in my opinion.

    my favorite part is when they in a movie together with the flintstones! it shows how the future learns about the past and it also shows how the past learns about the future. i sure wish hanna-barbera would bring this back, atleast the re-runs so everyone can have their memory refreshed.
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