The Jetsons

ABC (ended 1987)





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  • 21st Century:)So classy:)

    Gosh...The Jetsons...When it first released in one of our TV channel my mom told me that i have to watch it...Well i was just 8-9 maybe-not sure about that one-And when i first watched it...i was OBSESSED:)It was so funny and the funniest thing was it was telling a story about a family who lives in the 21st century...Well wait a minute don't we live in that century?

    Well i was clever enough to think about it...=)In the show it was all telling about the machines and robots which decides the direction of our lifes but it is not the same down here...-i remember i thought like this maybe the words were not like that but im sure they were similar=)

    Then my little brother started to watch it and we-whole family-watched that show al together when we were having breakfast=)(im not sure which time did it revealed in U.S.A but in turkey it was the time of breakfast or it was at 5.00pm)And now i understand that The JETSONS are a show that noone can forget and CAN't have fun=)