The Jetsons - Season 1

ABC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Elroy's Mob
    Episode 24

    Elroy is looking forward to the evening when his parents will hear about the high grades he's gotten in school. But underachieving classmate Kenny Countdown switches report tapes on him, leaving George angry with his son after accidentally hearing the wrong one. Fearing his father's wrath, Elroy runs away from home with Astro. Along the way, he encounters criminal Mugsy Megaton and his gang, which includes a gorilla for extra muscle. Mugsy tricks Elroy into breaking into a jewelry shop, then takes him back home so they can hide out from the police. After the mob captures George and Jane as well, it's up to Astro to break free and get the police back to help save the family.

  • Dude Planet
    Episode 23

    After seeing a doctor for an examination, Jane is recommended for rest and relaxation and goes to the planet Beta 3 for a Western-themed vacation at the Beta Bar Ranch. Meanwhile, George and the kids try to run the household the best they can, but various mishaps call for Henry Orbit to help them out. But after a few days, George and Jane miss each other, but deny it so Jane doesn't have to return home quickly. Thinking George has done nothing but throw parties in her absence, Jane decides to return home anyway, believing her husband's been with other women. The friction between them upon reuniting calls for Henry to help them out again as he makes the couple bear their true feelings toward each other.

  • Private Property
    Episode 22
    Spacely Sprockets is in for greater competition when his rival Cogswell builds a new plant right next to his. Mr. Spacely assigns George to find a way to bring Cogswell down and he does so by reviewing the blueprints of the property. He discovers that Cogswell's building is 6 inches over Spacely's property line, which leads to George being promoted to vice-president. However, when Cogswell reviews the blueprints, it turns out George read them upside down and it's really Spacely's plant that's over the property line. After George is disgraced by Spacely yet again, will he be able to get his job back?moreless
  • TV or Not TV
    Episode 21

    While out on an errand, George and Astro witness an armored car robbery. But it was actually a scene that was being filmed as part of a movie. Because they were caught on the video, the movie director sends his assistant Nimbly, so they can sign a release form. However, George and Astro fear the worst, believing criminals are after them. Initially, they hide out at a cabin away from town, but with no food, they return home and go into a panic, thinking a crook is after the family. But once the misunderstanding is cleared up, George gets his opportunity to be on TV.

  • Miss Solar System
    Episode 20

    When she notices George being captivated by the celebrities and contestants of the upcoming Miss Solar System beauty contest, Jane feels unappreciated and decides to secretly enter herself to prove she can measure up to them. The contest is being sponsored by Spacely Sprockets and Spacely himself will have a close and personal view of the women by being the Mystery Judge. However, he's denied his chance when Mrs. Spacely removes him from the scene. George takes his place as judge and is quickly wowed by the contestants, especially Miss Western Hemisphere, who's really Jane in disguise and puts on a show that's grand enough to make her the winner. But things really go amok when Miss Western Hemisphere and the Mystery Judge remove their masks!

  • G.I. Jetson
    Episode 19

    George Jetson and Henry Orbit are drafted for reserve training in the U.S. Space Guard at Camp Nebula. Initially, George is delighted he won't be working at Spacely Sprockets for the next 2 weeks, but is surprised when "Major" Spacely is his commanding officer. Things get worse when he appoints Uniblab as Sargeant of George's unit, putting Privates Jetson and Orbit on KP duty, then getting George in trouble with Spacely, who quickly demotes him to sub-private, placing him on permanent guard duty. Henry helps George get revenge on his superiors by switching batteries on Uniblab at the robot recharging station. The following morning, Uniblab puts on a show with booming results that leads to embarrassment for the superiors.

  • 1/20/63

    Jane tires of slow and overcrowded public transportation and decides she wants a second car for the family. Of course, she needs to take driving lessons, much to George's dismay, as this will add another female driver in the skies. The following day, Jane is paired with her driving instructor Mr. Tweeter, who becomes quickly unnerved during her first lesson. When they stop at the local bank, Mr. Tweeter walks in on a robbery and is himself mugged by criminal Knuckles Nuclear, who makes off with Jane as his getaway driver. But Knuckles soon regrets his decision as he is put in a panic as well when flying in the skies with Jane Jetson!

  • Las Venus
    Episode 17

    George and Jane go to Las Venus for a romantic getaway, but it's not far enough as Mr. Spacely assigns George the task of landing a contract from General Rotors for his company. George quickly discovers the head of that company is Gigi Galaxy, an attractive woman who decides to meet with him over dinner, which is at the same time he and Jane are dining at another hotel. During a dance contest, George splits his time between the two women. Then when Spacely arrives, George is in real hot water and needs to explain his way out of a jam before his marriage and chances of vice-presidency are put in jeopardy.

  • The Little Man
    Episode 16

    Spacely hopes to put Cogswell out of business by utilizing his company's latest invention--the Minavac--which will help him distribute more of his products at a time in fewer shipments, which will help reduce delivery costs. But when George gets caught in it, he shrinks down to a mere 6 inches (15 centimeters) and can't enlarge as the malfunctioning unit needs a Cogswell cog in order for him to return to normal size. After a trying evening of being the little man of the household, George sneaks into Cogswell's the following day to steal the cog, then have the Minavac repaired in order to be properly restored. When Cogswell, in turn, sneaks into Spacely's to steal the cog back, the two businessmen's latest big battle is literally shortened when George accidentally shrinks them down as well!

  • Millionaire Astro
    Episode 15

    The Jetsons learn that Astro was previously owned by a tycoon who wants him back. Eventually, the situation leads to a custody battle in court. Initially, results aren't in the family's favor as the tycoon wins custody of Astro. Will the Jetsons lose their faithful dog for good?

  • Test Pilot
    Episode 14

    When George goes for his annual company physical, he gets the bad news he won't be around for much longer. This gives him the chance to stand up to Mr. Spacely, who's looking for someone to test his company's latest invention, the indestructible life jacket. He agrees on conditions that his family will be provided for once he goes through the rigorous tests. He fearlessly goes through them one by one without breaking a sweat, until of course his doctor notifies him his test results were wrong. George survives the explosive last test, which will make him a top man at Spacely Sprockets. But the only thing that prevents his new fame and fortune is the fact the jacket isn't machine washable!

  • Elroy's Pal
    Episode 13

    George is concerned when Elroy seems overly obsessed with his favorite TV space hero Nimbus the Great. He eventually wins a cereal contest where Nimbus will visit the home for Elroy to meet personally. But George and Jane get word that he'll be unable to show, which is certain to disappoint their son. George discovers the reason with the fact that the actor portraying Nimbus has a bad cold. Not wanting Elroy to lose out on his contest win, George disguises himself as Nimbus, taking his place even though the actor decided to make the visit despite his illness. Realizing his father went out of the way to make him happy, Elroy affirms that George is his true hero in life.

  • Astro's Top Secret
    Episode 12

    During a less-than-friendly game of golf, business rivals Spacely and Cogswell vow to put each other out of business. Spacely assigns George with the task of getting an idea that'll put his company on top of Cogswell's, while Cogswell has Harlan spy on George. To Harlan's surprise, he sees Astro flying on his own and brings the dog back to his boss to discover his secret. But when he's unable to do so, Cogswell is just about to concede victory to Spacely until Astro's secret is discovered--the fact he swallowed Elroy's flying toy space car!

  • 12/2/62

    The Jetsons have enough difficulty dealing with George's hyperactive 110-year-old grandfather as they have trouble keeping up with him on various activities they've planned while he visits. Along the way, Grandpa encounters a couple of women, one who's grateful to him for fixing her car, and another who's looking for a babysitter while she goes away on her honeymoon. These lead to further confusion for the family when Jane and Judy think he's in a romantic relationship with each woman. Things get worse when Grandpa takes the second woman's baby not realizing she was going to take her daughter with her on the honeymoon after all. When a police officer arrives to arrest Grandpa, he has to get matters cleared before he gets booked for kidnapping.

  • Uniblab
    Episode 10
    George is expecting a big promotion at work only to see firsthand that Spacely has hired Uniblab, a new brainiac robot he's purchased to be his new office supervisor. He quickly becomes a thorn to George's side to the point of even getting him fired by Spacely. Henry Orbit is able to offer George a solution to his problem by mixing some liquor into Uniblab's lubrication fluid, resulting in his getting drunk when Spacely introduces him to the company CEO's, helping to restore the status quo between George and Mr. Spacely.moreless
  • Elroy's TV Show
    Episode 9
    Asteroid TV Productions head Mr. Transistor is looking for a new kind of series other than the usual cowboy and doctor shows. During a lunch meeting with some writers, he sees Elroy playing in the park with Astro and figures he can make a superhero series starring the two as Spaceboy Zoom and His Dog Astro. As a result, George quits his job at Spacely Sprockets in order to manage his son's budding TV career. But will Elroy's show be a success?moreless
  • Rosey's Boyfriend
    Episode 8
    While Judy is up in the clouds with her new boyfriend, Rosey doesn't believe in love until Henry Orbit builds a new assistant robot, Mac, whom she falls head over wheels with when he visits the Jetsons' apartment to make repairs. Mac himself is so infatuated with Rosey, he begins messing up his duties, forcing Henry to deactivate him. This makes Rosey sad to the point she messes up her duties as well. The Jetsons are baffled by Rosey's problems even though there's no physical trouble until Elroy reactivates Mac and learns he's in love with Rosey, as the family figures out Rosey feels the same way about him. Once they open a line of communication each morning, the two are happy and normally resume their regular duties.moreless
  • The Flying Suit
    Episode 7
    Mr. Spacely's main rival W.C. Cogswell threatens to put him out of business when his company produces a flying suit. Meanwhile, Elroy thinks he's invented a pill that can make anyone fly. But a mix-up at the dry cleaners leads to high hopes for both sides being dashed when demonstration of both inventions don't work as well as expected, leaving George, Cogswell, and Spacely all humiliated.moreless
  • 10/28/62
    The only way George can get vacation time from Mr. Spacely is to accompany Space Cub Troop #54's camping trip on the Moon. Spacely's son, Arthur is part of the troop and is assigned as George's buddy during the hike, but the boy proceeds to get separated from the group and George gets lost on the Moon after finding him. He fears the worst from Mr. Spacely once he hears about the bad job he did on the trip.moreless
  • Jetson's Nite Out
    Episode 5
    George and Mr. Spacely plan to attend a big robot football game. To do so, they lie to their wives to get out of plans they had for them. George tells Jane he's working late to get out of a PTA meeting and Mr. Spacely tells his wife he's caring for a sick employee--which is George! When the wives meet, they learn the truth and vow to get them good unless the guys can think their way out of their predicament.moreless
  • 10/21/62
    Elroy brings a dog home and wants him to join the family. Jane and Judy take an immediate liking to Astro, but the three have to convince George that he'd be a worthy addition to the household. But unaware they already have the dog, George opts for a more efficient robot dog named 'Lectronimo. After the confusion, George won't have two dogs in the house, so he conducts a series to tests to determine which one will stay. Initially, things aren't in Astro's favor, but the real test comes when a cat burglar breaks into the home and 'Lectronimo doesn't work as well as expected, giving Astro the opportunity to prove himself to be the real dog worthy to stay with the family.moreless
  • The Space Car
    Episode 3
    On the weekend, George and Jane plan to shop for a new space car. Meanwhile, escaped convict Knuckles Nuclear robs a bank and hides out at the garage of the Skypad Apartments. George and Jane mistakenly fly off with his getaway car on their way to Molecular Motors as they look at the latest models. The police are hot on the trail of Knuckles Nuclear and the Jetsons as well since they have his car with the stolen bank money.moreless
  • 9/30/62
    George thinks Judy is too obsessed with her favorite rock star Jet Screamer, especially when she enters a song writing contest in which the winner will go on a date with him. George's efforts to sabotage his daughter's entry backfires as Judy wins the contest after all. On the night of the big date, George decides to be a secret chaperone, following Judy and Jet everywhere they go.moreless
  • Rosey the Robot
    Episode 1
    A typical morning starts with Jane having trouble with the Food-a-Rac-a-Cycle when preparing breakfast for the family. She asks George to inquire about getting a raise from his boss Mr. Spacely, which leads to an argument. Later, under her mother's suggestion, Jane goes to a robot maid center and selects Rosey for a free one day trial. George does go to his boss intending to ask for a raise, but Mr. Spacely, who hasn't had a home-cooked meal in a while, invites himself to dinner at the Jetsons. But the timing is bad since Rosey is there and George tries to hide the fact he has a maid in hopes he can get a raise. Can he pull off his scheme or will George be fired and the family loses Rosey?moreless
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