The Jetsons - Season 3

ABC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Spacely for a Day
    Episode 10
    Spacely is forced to go on vacation and must find a substitute to run his company while he's away. He sabotages George's efforts while he's being tested, but Elroy is able to hack into the company computer as he, Judy, and even Astro raise his score. As a result, George is selected and becomes the boss. But being the boss goes to his head and affects his family as well as his decision making at the company. When Cogswell learns Spacely's away, he takes advangtage of the situation hoping Jetson will ruin his rival's company for him.moreless
  • Two Many Georges
    Episode 9
    Spacely's nephew Orwell is able to clone living beings and George asks him to create a clone of him so he can relax while the clone runs various family errands for him. But he decides to observe and sees the family is impressed with him, not realizing he's a clone. George decides to get rid of him, but will his efforts backfire?moreless
  • The Odd Pod
    Episode 8
    Jane enters a garden contest against Mrs. Spacely. But when Astro ruins her original plant, George gets a replacement known as a Martian Creeper with a mind of its own and goes out of control. It can only be soothed by George's singing as he's part of a barbershop quartet. However, Mr. Spacely wants him to get rid of the plant so his wife will win. But that's easier said than done.moreless
  • 10/6/87
    An old Bebop law is reinstated which puts Spacely's robots offline as they are now banned from operating, jeopardizing his changes of producing his one billionth sprocket before Cogswell is able to produce his billionth cog. Meanwhile, Henry Orbit's robot Mac is also affected by the Bebop law and will be put out of commission unless he marries a protected robot, particularly Rosey. Will she go through with the wedding to make Mac a legal robot?moreless
  • 9/29/87
    George learns his stress area is in this mouth and goes to the dentist to get a pair of microcomputer teeth to help him. But his dentist gives him those that are designed for dogs, which leads to all sorts of trouble.
  • 9/22/87
    The annual father/daughter dance means embarrassment for Judy, as from the previous year's contest, her father wasn't very good. Though she learns he's been taking dance lessons, little has changed when she and Elroy spy on him. Judy gets a lucky break when George has to work on the night of the dance and Grandpa Jetson is his substitue. But Judy's rival Marcia tricks him into going to "salvage" the situation. However, he has a trick up his sleeve (or around his waist) as Spacely's newest well-balanced sprocket is able to make him more coordinated and win the contest for father and daughter.moreless
  • 9/15/87
    Mr. Spacely's nephew Orwell is assigned to make some new formulas for the company and George is the test subject. When one of the solutions causes him to become invisible, he has to hide the truth from the family and Jane, who seems to be harboring a secret of her own. George uses his newfound invisibility to spy on her and thinks she's having an affair, believing his marriage is in jeopardy.moreless
  • 9 to 5 to 9
    Episode 3
    George inspires Judy to pay for a new car by seeking employment. But she overdoes it by taking three jobs; one as a dog walker, another in construction, and yet another at a chicken joint. They eventually take toll on her as she's exhausted and must sleep. The family help her as she needs to study and hook up with the new guy at school.moreless
  • ASTROnomical I.Q.
    Episode 2
    Elroy's evolution machine accidentally causes Astro to become a superintelligent dog. But this leads to problems for George at work, as well as home, as various opportunities to earn money with his newfound supersmart dog backfire, as the family is in danger of losing everything.
  • Crime Games
    Crime Games
    Episode 1
    Astro's remote-controlled ball when in proximity to the family's TV, causes it to pick up video communications of the Gridfather's plans to rob the Cogswell Cogs company. When George's appeals fail to convince him of the potential theft, he tries to stop the thugs himself, only to get thrown in jail instead. Jane learns Spacely's company is next on the mob's list and works with RUDI to stop the gang and clear George's name.moreless