The Jetsons

Season 2 Episode 3

Solar Snoops

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Sep 11, 1985 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goofs: Just before Elroy spots Galactney Sneak communicating with Cogswell, Sentro's collar is colored black before he closes its head as it returns to its normal gray metallic color

    • After "Georgina" finished dressing up,it showed "her" with two blue bracelets on each arm,but later the one on "her" right arm disappeared.

    • "Georgina's" face was somehow reliable on the wig. When the wig was taken off the earrings and fake long eyelashes disappeared

    • Georgina's voice recorder was under her skirt, but it's solar-powered.
      (NOTE: It's possible the device stores solar energy, so it's feasible it wouldn't have to be constantly exposed to sunlight.)

    • In this episode George puts on a dress with the 2 skirts, like Judy and Jane.It's a white dress with a blue skirt under it.When Georgina was standing,sitting on the car or the restaraunt chair,and dancing it shows the skirt like normally (white dress over blue skirt),but when it shows Georgina listening to the phone call or turning off the tape recorder, the camera zooms to the lowerbody of Georgina showing that the blue skirt is worn just like panties!!0o0

  • Quotes

    • Jane: We know how you feel, dear. It's strictly up to you.
      Judy: Right, you can always change your mind about this.
      Jane: Whatever you do, we're all on your side.
      (George is seen dressed as a woman and Astro bursts out in laughter)
      George: Except now it's an all-girls' eve (Astro continues laughing) If I don't get this job Astro, the first thing to go will be you! (Astro gulps)
      Jane: But like they say George, a woman is always entitled to change her mind.
      George: Whoever said that didn't know Mr.Spacely!!
      (Elroy enters)
      Elroy: Capital space game was something! Oh, pardon me mom, I didn't know you had visitors.
      Judy: It's no visitor Elroy, that's our father!
      George: All in a day's work, son!
      Elroy: Dad do me a favor, Dad?!
      George: Yeah?!
      Elroy: Don't come to parents' night!

    • (George undercover speaking to Mr. Spacely on watch phone after overhearing Cogswell's conversation with Galactney Sneak):
      George: But like I say Mr. Spacely, Galactney Sneak's bringing your chocolate chip to lunch.
      Spacely: Perfect! Now all you have to do is be there and grab it, understand?
      George: Yeah, but how do I get myself invited to lunch?
      Spacely: What's the matter with you Jetson? Haven't you ever been a beautiful girl before? Use your sex appeal!!
      George (holds up a mirror): I'll try sir, but remember it's only my first date!

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