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    Just to give you an idea of how low the "low ratings" really were. (The show almost always finished among the bottom 5 shows among the Big 3 networks weekly, and sometimes at the bottom.)

    Each ratings point is equal to 904,000 households.

    These are only the episodes that aired on NBC.

    Episode 1: Science Fiction: 6.2 rating/13 share, (5,604,800 households) Weekly Rank: 69/at least 74

    Episode 2: Aquatic Life: Weekly Rank: 68/at least 74

    Episode 3: Monster Telethon: 5.8 rating (5,243,200 households) Weekly Rank: 75/at least 80 (3rd lowest among the Big 3)

    Episode 4: Dog City: 5.6 rating (5,062,400 households) Weekly Rank: 76/84 (4th lowest among the Big 3 (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks

    Episode 5: The Ratings Game: 5.2 rating (4,700,800 households)Weekly Rank: 72/77 (dead last among the major three neworks)

    Episode 6: Monster Maker: Weekly Rank: 75/79 (2nd or 3rd lowest among the Big 3)

    Episode 7: Health and Fitness: 3.9 rating (3,525,600 households) Weekly Rank: 77/77 (dead last among all four networks)

    Episode 8: Musicians:4.0 rating (3,616,000) Weekly Rank: 76/80 (dead last among the major three networks)

    Episode 9: Garbage: 4.6 rating (4,158,400 households) Weekly Rank: 72/78 (fourth lowest among the Big 3)

    Episodes 10 and 11 (Secrets of the Muppets and Living With Dinosaurs) later premiered on Nickelodeon, while Episode 12 (Food) never aired in the United States, so ratings data is not available for those episodes.

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