The Jimmy Dean Show - Season 1

ABC (ended 1966)


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Episode Guide

  • April 23, 1964
    April 23, 1964
    Episode 31
    Jimmy Dean's guests are Buck Owens, comic Don Adams, Molly Bee and Rowlf the Muppet Hound dog. Highlights: Molly performs "Pecos Bill". Don Adams does his wacky baseball umpire routine. Buck Owens sings "My Heart Skipped" and "Foolin' Around". Jimmy sings "To A Sleeping Beauty". Don Adams does a monolog about the Lost Children's Pavilion at the World's Fair. Rowlf the Muppet hound also reports on the Fair.moreless
  • April 16, 1964
    April 16, 1964
    Episode 30
    Jimmy Dean's guests are Vikki Carr, comic Milt Kamen and Country and Western singer Carl Smith. Also with Rowlf the Muppet hound dog. Highlights: Milt Kamen does one of his wild and witty movie of the Academy Award winning film review skits.
  • April 9, 1964
    April 9, 1964
    Episode 29
    Jimmy Dean's guests are Hank Thompson, Roy Clark, comics Eagle and Man and recurring guest Molly Bee. Plus Rowlf the Muppet hound dog. Highlights: The show opens to a rousing rendition with four live horses to the music of "The Yellow Rose of Texas". Jimmy sings "Sitting on Top of the World" and "Ridin' Down the Canyon". Hank Thompson performs to "Humpty Dumpty Heart" and "Green Light". Molly sings "El Sombero". Roy Clark performs two country songs. Rowlf the Muppet hound dog taxes Jimmy's patience. All join in for the closing number "Oklahoma Hills".moreless
  • April 2, 1964
    April 2, 1964
    Episode 28
    Jimmy Dean's guests are singers Eydie Gorme and Jim Reeves and his band the Blue Boys, Buck and Smitty and The Virginians, and comedian Don Adams. Highlights: The opening song was "Out On the Western Plains". Jimmy Dean sings "Alexander's Rag Time Band". Eydie sings "Make the World Go Away" and "I Walk the Line". Jimmy & Eydie duet on "Mississippi Mud". The Virginians perform "I'll Keep On Loving You". Jim Reeves sings "Welcome To My World". Jimmy & Jim duet on "Four Walls". Jimmy Dean sings "Shenandoah". Jim Reeves and the Blue Boys perform "Bimbo". Eydie sings "Oh, Lonesome Me". The Blue Boys perform "Last Date". All join in for "This Old House". Jimmy Dean closes with "Nobody".moreless
  • March 26, 1964
    March 26, 1964
    Episode 27
    Jimmy's guests are Hank Snow, Jack Jones, The Chuck Cassey Singers, Professor Backwards (Jimmy Edmundson) and Rowlf the Muppet Hound dog. Highlights: Jack Jones sings "I'm Old-Fashioned" and "It Only Takes a Moment" and "I Can't Help It". Jimmy sings "John Henry" and "Crawdad Hole". Jimmy duets with Jack for "Kansas City". And Rowlf joins them in "When You're Smiling". Hank Snow does a medley of his own songs. Rowlf is entrusted to Professor Backwards (Jimmy Edmundson) and the production numbers include "Dear Hears" and "Wait for the Wagon".moreless
  • March 19, 1964
    March 19, 1964
    Episode 26
    Jimmy's guests are Johnny Tillotson, Molly Bee, Norm Crosby and Homer and Jethro. Highlights: Norm Crosby does a comedy routing about a bachelor contemplating marriage. The four cuties from Hackensack (little girls aged eight to eleven) with their "barbershop" singing style perform.
  • March 5, 1964
    March 5, 1964
    Episode 25
    Jimmy Dean's guests are songstress Dorothy Collins, Jazz saxophonist Boots Randolph, comedian Charlie Manna and singer Hank Williams Jr. Also appearing The Chuck Cassey Singers, Doerr-Hutchinson Dancers and the Peter Matz Orchestra. Highlights: Rowlf the Muppet dog talks about George Washington. Rowlf breaks Jimmy's guitar and ends up with them dueting to "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie". Dorothy Collins sings "Accentuate the Positive" and "Jealous Heart". Jimmy sings "No Letter Today", "I Ain't Got Nobody" and "Moonlight Miss". Hank Williams Jr. chimes in with "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" and "Hey! Good Lookin'". A special segment features champion cornhuskers.moreless
  • February 27, 1964
    February 27, 1964
    Episode 24
    Jimmy's guests are Eddy Arnold, Corbett Monica, Molly Bee, The Virginians, Buck and Smitty and Rowlf the Muppet hound dog. Highlights: Eddy sings "Love Bug Itch". Jimmy sings "I'm an Old Cowhand". Jimmy & Eddy perform a Country & Western medley. Jimmy sings "Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone". Molly sings "Anytime" (in tribute to Eddy) The Virginians perform "Kansas Railroad Blues". Corbett discusses family life, his way. Rowlf threatens to leave Jimmy and star in his own show, by demonstrating his talent and gives imitations of Maurice Chevalier, TV's Dr. Zorba (from Ben Casey), Reggie Van Gleason, Frank Fontaine and Jimmy Dean.moreless
  • February 20, 1964
    February 20, 1964
    Episode 23
    Jimmy's guests are Skeeter Davis, Julius LaRosa, Don Gibson, George Kirby and Lassie. Also Rowlf the Muppet hound dog. Highlights: Jimmy, Skeeter and Julius perform "Detour". Jimmy sings "Near the Cross".
  • February 13, 1964
    February 13, 1964
    Episode 22
    Jimmy's guests are Eydie Gorme, George Jones, Don Adams and Rowlf the Muppet Hound dog. Highlights: Jimmy sings "Frankie and Johnny". Don Adams does his wacky interview routine. A surprise guest with a Beatle wig becomes a quartet.
  • January 30, 1964
    January 30, 1964
    Episode 20
    Jimmy's guests are Patti Page, Ferlin Husky and Norm Crosby. Highlights: Patti sings "I Adore You". Rowlf's bitter plea of "How Come There's No Dog Day". Ferlin Husky performs "Timber I'm Fallin'" and Grandpa Jones' return. Singing and dancing performance to "Black Hills of Dakota".
  • January 23, 1964
    January 23, 1964
    Episode 19
    Johnny Cash, the comedy team of Ford and Hines (Phil Ford and Mimi Hines), Molly Bee and Boots Randolph. Highlights: Johnny sings "Ring of Fire". Molly sings "Rock City" Boots Randolph performs "Yakety Yak". All join in for "Mexican Hat Dance".
  • January 16, 1964
    January 16, 1964
    Episode 18
    Jimmy's guests are Jane Morgan, George Kirby, Johnny Tillotson and Buck & Smitty. Highlights: Jane Morgan sings "Bless 'Em All". Jimmy sings "It's A Good Day" and "Sugar Foot Rag". The Duke of Paducah has some corny country comedy and country singers Buck and Smitty perform as an act with Jimmy. Johnny Tillotson does "Trembling Lips" and "Hurtin'". Jimmy closes the show with "Sleeping Beauty" a prose-poem tribute to his daughter.moreless
  • January 9, 1964
    January 9, 1964
    Episode 17
    Jimmy's guests are Chet Atkins, Molly Bee, Don Adams and Rowlf the Hound dog. Highlights: Don Adams does a rustic satire of Homer. Opening production number of "El Rancho Grande" complete with lariats. Jimmy sings "How Come You Do Me Like You Do Do" and "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands". All join in for "Does Anybody Here Play the Piano?"moreless
  • December 26, 1963
    December 26, 1963
    Episode 15
    Jimmy Dean's guests include actress Patty Duke, singer Tex Ritter, and the Jubilee Four. Also, Rowlf the Muppet Hound dog meets Lassie. Highlights: Tex Ritter sings "High Noon", "Jack of Diamonds" and recites "The Gettysburg Address".
  • December 19, 1963
    December 19, 1963
    Episode 14
    Jimmy's guests are George Gobel, Soprano Anna Moffo, Buck Owens, Lester and Lud(Roger Price and Mort Marshall) and the Jubilee Four. Highlights: Jubilee Four perform "Jesus Was Born". Anna Moffo sings "O Holy Night". George does a routine about expensive Christmas gifts. Buck Owens sings "Love Lives Here". Jimmy & Rowlf duet with "White Christmas". Anna & Jimmy duet with "Candy Kisses".moreless
  • December 12, 1963
    December 12, 1963
    Episode 13
    Jimmy Dean's guests are Jack Carter and singer/comedians Homer and Jethro. Also appearing are Rowlf the Dog and the Chuck Cassey Singers. Highlights: Jack reminiscences about Christmas today and yesteryear. Molly sings "The Deadwood Stage".
  • December 5, 1963
    December 5, 1963
    Episode 12
    Jimmy's guests are Eddy Arnold, Allan Sherman, Molly Bee, Roger Price, Mort Marshall and Rowlf the Hound dog. Highlights: Allan Sherman does his version of "The Twelves Days of Christmas". Lud and Lester (Roger Price and Mort Marshall) engage in some small town commentary. Jimmy sings "Don't Fence Me In", "Beautiful Brown Eyes" and "Basin Street Blues". Molly sings "Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes". Jimmy, Eddy and Molly perform "Columbus Stockade".moreless
  • November 28, 1963
    November 28, 1963
    Episode 11
    Jimmy's guests are The McGuire Sisters, Don Adams and the comedy team of Lester and Lud. Highlights: Jimmy sings "Walk Right In". Comic skit between Lester and Lud (Roger Price and Mort Marshall).
  • November 21, 1963
    November 21, 1963
    Episode 10
    Jimmy's guests are Maureen O'Hara and her daughter Bronwyn. Also on hand are Professor Backwards (Jimmy Edmundson) and the Crum Brothers. Highlights: Bronwyn makes her singing debut on the show joining her mother in "We Belong to a Mutual Admiration Society" and an Irish Folk Song. Bronwyn solos with "Five Pennies". Jimmy, Maureen and Bronwyn perform "Dear Old Donegal".moreless
  • November 14, 1963
    November 14, 1963
    Episode 9
    Jimmy's guests are Helen Traubel, Red Buttons, Jerry Vale and Molly Bee. Highlights: Red Buttons performs "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" Molly Bee sings "Bonaparte's Retreat". Jerry Vale does a medley. Rowlf the dog worries about Jimmy's cold. Ron Martin performs and the Crum Brothers perform on banjo and guitar.
  • November 7, 1963
    November 7, 1963
    Episode 8
    Jimmy's guests are Jo Stafford, Don Adams, Ron Martin and Tennessee's Governor Frank Clement visits. Highlights: Jo Stafford sings "Come Rain or Come Shine".
  • October 31, 1963
    October 31, 1963
    Episode 7
    Jimmy celebrates Halloween with guests Boris Karloff, Jackie Mason, Teresa Brewer and The Wills Sisters. Highlights: Jimmy sings "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie" (against a Western Ghost town). Jackie Mason's comic idea of Matt Dillon tracking down a villain. Jubilee Four sing "Ghost Riders in the Sky". Ron Martin performs "Night and Day". Teresa & Jimmy sing a medley of Country and Western numbers.moreless
  • October 24, 1963
    October 24, 1963
    Episode 6
    Jimmy's guests are Jane Morgan, the comedy team of Ford and Hines (Phil Ford and Mimi Hines), Gospel singing group Jubilee Four, singer Ron Martin and Rowlf the Hound dog. Highlights: Jane Morgan sings "Bless Them" Jubilee Four perform "Walk Together" Jimmy sings "Nine Pound Hammer".
  • October 17, 1963
    October 17, 1963
    Episode 5
    Jimmy's guests are Art Carney, opera singer Patrice Munsel and the Dukes of Dixieland.
  • October 10, 1963
    October 10, 1963
    Episode 4
    Jimmy's guests are Eddy Arnold, Corbett Monica, Molly Bee and The Virginians. Highlights: Corbett discusses family life and Rowlf the Muppet Hound gives imitations of Maurice Chevalier, TV's Dr. Zorba (from Ben Casey), Reggie Van Gleason, Frank Fontaine and Jimmy Dean.
  • October 3, 1963
    October 3, 1963
    Episode 3
    Jimmy's guests are Helen Traubel and Milt Kamen.
  • September 26, 1963
    September 26, 1963
    Episode 2
    Jimmy's guests are Rosemary Clooney, Al Hirt and Rowlf the Muppet.
  • September 19, 1963
    September 19, 1963
    Episode 1
    Jimmy Dean's first guest on his new television show is Dick Shawn and cartoon character Fred Flintstone. Also appearing are Molly Bee, Rowlf the Muppet Hound Dog and the Peter Matz Orchestra. Highlights: Dick Shawn conducts the sights of New York in the comedy segment. Jimmy sings "Big Bad John". Jimmy is joined by Buck and Smitty for a rendition of "Riding Down the Old Santa Fe". A special segment introducing cartoon character Fred Flintstone in an animated discussion with Jimmy.moreless