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Season 3 : Episode 10

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Welcome to The Joe Schmo Show guide. Season Two: Two people, looking for love in all the wrong places. But nothing could be more wrong than this. Meet Tim Walsh and Amanda Naughton. Two real people, in search of romance on a reality show that they don't know is fake. In a parody of reality-romance programs, the two new marks believe they are on a program called Last Chance for Love. What they don't know is that they have actually been cast and Joe and Jane Schmo and they are the only real people on program filled with actors and actresses. They're once again playing reality-show stereotypes, such as the Gotta-Be Gay Guy and The Weeper. Familiar parody-elements return including ridiculous competitions and over-dramatized eviction ceremonies - the "Pearl Necklace" and "Flame of Love" ceremonies. And given the type of show, it wouldn't be complete without "shocking" twists - this time in the form of the Falcon Twist, perhaps a parody of the apple of Eden. Also present is host Ralph Garman, returning in disguise as Derek Newcastle, the "pompous but randy British host." In the fourth episode, things took a twist when the producers revealed to the original Jane Schmo, Ingrid, what she had suspected all along: the program was fake and the only other real person on it was Joe Schmo, Tim Walsh. She was then asked to join the show as one of the actresses in exchange for $100,000. Following another Falcon Twist, Amanda was added as the new Jane Schmo. The second season of The Joe Schmo Show has come to an end. Tim and Amanda learned the truth about their experience and seemed to take it in good spirits. It seems that the crew of the show has moved on to other things, including the 2005 SpikeTV "reality miniseries" Invasion Iowa. Season One: How will it end? When will he know? They're all actors working from a script, but he thinks it's real. Matt Kennedy Gould signed up for what he thought was a reality show called Lap of Luxury. This program has all the trappings of a reality show, from challenges such as "Pampering Competitions" (reward challenges) to an "eviction ceremony" and reality-show stereotypes such as "The Grizzled Veteran" and "The Gay Guy." It's set in a luxurious mansion and seems like it should be a great time, but there's something important that Matt doesn't know... he's the only real competitor and the others are all paid actors striving to make him crazy. The prize is $100,000, but can Matt, or rather "Joe Schmo," survive long enough to cash in without losing his mind? In the stunning finale, Joe learned that the program was a fake and he was the winner of all the prizes on the show, including the $100,000 grand prize. An attempt was made to revive these episodes in repeats as Mo' Joe Schmo Show, but this flopped and was pulled from the airwaves. The entire first season is now available, uncensored and with many special features, on DVD.

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  • Chase Rogan

    Chase Rogan

    Himself, the Schmo

    Ralph Garman

    Ralph Garman

    The Smarmy Host (Season 1), Derek Newcastle (Season 2), Jake Montrose (Season 3)/Jake Montrose, the Host (season 3)

    Lorenzo Lamas

    Lorenzo Lamas


    Michael Weaver

    Michael Weaver

    Randy, the Asshole

    Nikki McKenzie

    Nikki McKenzie

    Allison, the Over-Achieving Asian

    Lombardo Boyar

    Lombardo Boyar

    Chico, the Ex-Con

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    • LOVE IT

      Just watch the final episode of this show, and i love this show. I was lookin forward to every tuesday night to watch it. but now that its over when will the new season start??????
    • deaf and smokin hot

      if youre at all like me and think karlee is smokin hot you should see her lying next to laura prepon(that 70s show) both topless sunbathing in a new indi flick. what a delicious sight it makes.
    • Bring it back

      I love this show. Genius idea if you ask me. I've never watched any of the reality shows...I've seen bits and pieces, and to me- that has to be the dumbest stuff on tv ever. This makes fun of all of that stuff, so I enjoyed it a lot. Even if it wasn't making fun of "reality" shows, it would be entertaining. Matt is clearly a really nice guy, and that helps the show a lot. He's so cool in general, you can't help but like the guy and want to see what happens. The actors do a fantastic job, all playing over-the-top stereotypes of reality show contestant personalities. The gay guy, the jerk, the rich snotty girl, the old guy, etc.

      In Matt's defense...I'm not sure why some call him dumb. I don't think ANY of us would ever think that we were being set up on a fake show and the rest of the contestants were actors. Why would that thought even come to mind if you were on a show like this? You're just thinking you're on a show with some normal people and some not so normal people...none of our reactions would be- "wait, are all you guys actors?" He surely wouldn't have recognized any of the other actors from previous work, since none of them have had any leading roles in a thing- I looked at all the actors pages on this site, and the hutch has done some work, but not much, and not too many people would recognize him from his past work.

      Very nice idea, well played out so far...but you can't help feel bad for good ol' matt who is being duped. Then again, he's on tv, he's going thru this adventure, and I'm sure they paid him in the end- so I guess it's not TOO bad of a deal for him.

    • It's a reality show that isn't a reality show at the same time. Plus it's very funny.

      First off, what is remarkable is that what these actors do and still make it believable. Both seasons were hilariously ridiculous.

      In season one they had challenges that were so close to too far, that I enjoyed every minute. Matt should've spotted the fake lawyer when the dog poo thing happened. He has been on TV before.

      In season two I was proud of Ingrid and how she figured it all out. How Tim did not figure it out, I will never know. Porked and Beans?! The host and his horrible English accent. Brice killing the owl. Brice being in love with Everett. Brice being in love with Piper. Brice stalking Piper. Brice and his ways. That is why this show is excellent. They torture people to the limit, and they still belive it is just another reality show.

      In the end the days of torture par off, because you cant lose on that show. Everyone is a winner.moreless
    • In a parody of reality shows, actors work from a script to get reactions from the one guy who thinks it's real.

      I am not a big fan of reality TV, and I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! The first season was incredible. The actors were amazing, the story lines devised were ingenius, and Matt (aka Joe Schmo) was very likeable. The second season wasn't quite as good, but was still very enjoyable. The actors in season two we also very talented, and some of the "twists" that they created were great. All in all, I was a very big fan, and I'd love to see Joe Schmo back on Spike.moreless

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