The Joe Schmo Show

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Sep 02, 2003 In Season


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  • It's a reality show that isn't a reality show at the same time. Plus it's very funny.

    First off, what is remarkable is that what these actors do and still make it believable. Both seasons were hilariously ridiculous.

    In season one they had challenges that were so close to too far, that I enjoyed every minute. Matt should've spotted the fake lawyer when the dog poo thing happened. He has been on TV before.

    In season two I was proud of Ingrid and how she figured it all out. How Tim did not figure it out, I will never know. Porked and Beans?! The host and his horrible English accent. Brice killing the owl. Brice being in love with Everett. Brice being in love with Piper. Brice stalking Piper. Brice and his ways. That is why this show is excellent. They torture people to the limit, and they still belive it is just another reality show.

    In the end the days of torture par off, because you cant lose on that show. Everyone is a winner.
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