The Joey Bishop Show

ABC (ended 1969)




  • Season 1 Episode 46: June 19, 1967

  • Jayne Mansfield read a poem about early death on this program which would become highly talked about and reviewed upon her death on June 29, 1967.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: April 24, 1967

  • Jack Paar was brilliant and helped Joey find his sea legs with the show, he was more at ease and comfortable than the first week. Jack advised Joey not to drink before the show and to save his money, just in case.

  • Johnny was away after a three week absence while his lawyers negotiated a lucrative new deal for him. Bob Newhart was to fill in as host because it was unknown at the time if Johnny would be back, it was rumored that Bob would replace Johnny if negotiations fell thru.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: April 18, 1967

  • When David Hemmings stole Buddy Greco's watch in a magic trick, the camera was so aloof that we couldn't tell what had happened. The director missed no opportunity to cut to awkward shots of guests changing chairs, and topped the job at the end of the show with shots of the audience getting up and walking out.

  • The writers who brief Joey on the guests left him stranded. When he asked Hemmings to tell a story about a cab-driver, Hemmings just stared. "You don't remember the cab story?" asked Bishop. "No," said Hemmings. "Well... uh ... I've heard you do magic tricks," prompted Bishop. "Now do you remember the cab story?" "No," said Hemmings. Finally Hemmings made up a cab story with no ending.

  • When Buddy Greco was announced, he didn't appear, and the camera remained mercilessly fixed on the empty stage. When Greco found his way onstage he forced Joey to sing, an ordeal that might have been spared him, and us. Sonny and Cher did a rock number, then Sonny talked about his dubious ambition to bring teenagers and adults back together. Joey referred to Cher as "the young lady," obviously unsure as to which was Sonny and which was Cher. But that's understandable.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: April 17, 1967

  • Debbie Reynolds was the star of the duller than dishwater premiere program. Debbie was teaching a group of Girl Scouts first-aid treatment about the correct procedure to administer when a persons clothes are afire. Regis Philbin, agreed to serve as a stand-in for demonstration purposes. Disregarding a lovely coiffure and striking evening gown, Debbie Reynolds executed a diving lunge mixed with the applicable nuances of post-graduate karate. Philbin was instantly prone on the studio floor with Debbie simulating the process of smothering the remaining flames with her matching jacket as she rolled the victim over. Debbie scraped her knee which bled slightly but she noted Philbin had been saved from serious burns.

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