The Johnny Cash Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Series Premiere

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jun 07, 1969 on ABC

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  • The Premire Episode of "The Johnny Cash Show" was a summer replacement series that lasted for Two Seasons and Produced 58 Shows. It was a Unique show at the time for showcasing the Talents of Artists that otherwise wouldn't have appeared on Network TV.

    The premire episode of "The Johnny Cash Show" was aired on June 7, 1969. Johnny Cash was fresh off of his Concerts at San Quinten and had assembled one of the Best "House Bands" of all time. The Tennessee Three - Johnny's Original back-up band, The Carter Family with Mother(in-Law) Maybelle, June, Helen and Anita Carter, Carl Perkins, The Statler Brothers and the House Orhestra for the Grand Ole Opry where it was taped (Ryman Auditorium). From the very start it was clear that this was no regular Music/Varitey Shows. Johnny Cash gave the Show his distintive Trademark "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" introduction at the start of every show, and held the audience right away. He personally selected most of the talent featured on the show, and brought many of his personal friends in the Music Business onto the show. Bob Dylan makes one of his Rare Network appearences on this Premire Episode and is Young and Fresh Faced. Along with Joni Mitchell they joined Johnny Cash at the Ryman for this show. Dylan sang "I threw it all away" and Livin' the Blues" and was joined on "Girl from the North Country" by Johnny. Joni Mitchell sang "Both Sides Now". Johnny Cash was an excellent host and very generous to young talent his entire life. The entire series is available as a boxed set, of 30 DVD's containing all 58 episodes. The sound on the entire series set is Horrible, obviously in the original Mono format and not digitally Remastered like so many re-issues out now. I buy very few DVD's but wanted to have this set for the pure History that is captured by the performers on this show. The picture quality is Good and this great weekly show is regular viewing by my Family and I hope Yours will enjoy it also. There is also a recent "Best of Johnny Cash" DVD hosted by Kris Kristofferson. I haven't had a chance to watch my copy yet, but I hope the sound is better than the other set. It contains selected Performances over the run of the show. There is so much material there, I would Imagine that they may put out more "Best Of" DVD's if the demand is there. Johnny Cash was one of the Greatest Talents of the 20th Century. His Wife June Carter Cash, although not in the spotlight as much, is one of American Music's greatest 1st Ladys and a Legendary performer in her own right. Their Son: John Carter Cash was born during the run of this show, and has written a Fantastic Book about his Mother and Dad that tells the story where the Film "Walk the Line" leaves off. I highly recommend this Great Book written by the Son of Two of America's Greatest Musical Talents.